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  1. More great work Nertea, thanks for your efforts
  2. Many thanks for this "must have" planet pack, been enjoying this for years
  3. Thanks for all the hard work put in to this great mod
  4. Many thanks for the whole suite of mods you spent so much time on
  5. Hey Beale, thanks for all the work you've put into this great mod
  6. Thought I would just drop by and say thanks for all the work you have put in to this mod, fantastic work
  7. Is it possible to use the rescale command in a craft file, instead of changing each of the crafts parts individually and if it is where would you insert it in the craft file? Im trying to upscale a rocket without changing the parts that are used on other craft. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Pap, when loading the game module manager is throwing up and error, I checked the output log and found it was in the HPTechTree.cfg its to do with the section @PART[Vega_Propellant_A|Vega_Propellant_B|Alnair_LK_Service_A|Alnair_Mono_A|Alnair_Mono_B|Alnair_Mono_C|Alnair_MonoSolar_A:AFTER[Tantares]:FOR[zzzzHPTechTree] After the section "Alnair_MonoSolar_A" there is no closing square bracket ( ] ) before the ":AFTER[Tantares]:FOR[zzzzHPTechTree]" section Thanks for the work that you've done on this
  9. Hi Story, thanks for replying much appreciated, I will go ahead and adjust the prices as I come across them.
  10. Hi Raidernick, Really enjoying your range of mods and until now I have only used them in sandbox. I have now started a career mode historical progression with the HP tech tree and am finding the cost of some parts quite high, In that contract pack the first contract is "Sputnik" so I assembled the sputnik probe on the correct R7 variant but the cost of the rocket far exceeds my initial kerbucks balance, an example is the R7 winglet cost is 43500 each, is that an oversight or an intended price? I can easily adjust the configs myself but I was wondering if you were trying to force a certain order to the gameplay? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the help everybody, I do have a couple of part mods and it is from one of them, its a Mk3 Crew Saddletank which I think is a part of the mod "Mk3 Stockalike Expansion" So if I build something with the claw on it I can either transfer the kerbal "through" the claw and leave the hulk in orbit or will I have to deorbit both while the claw is attached
  12. I have a rescue contract that has a kerbal in low orbit around minmus needing to be rescued, I rendezvous with the craft and swap to the trapped kerbal and he cant EVA due to the craft having no hatch. Is there away around this that Im missing or is it possible to edit a file and hack the contract to place the kerbal in another pod that does have a escape hatch Thanks for any help
  13. Just a follow up, I rebuilt the booster but ended up with the same issue, removed and reinstalled the v1.11.2 mod still the same. I had a backup of the complete KSP folder from the start of the month (backup, backup, backup, really cant say it enough) so I reverted back to that and it fixed my issue. Reinstalled the your mod and, guess what...........yep..................its still working. Who knows what went wrong, but thanks for the help anyway
  14. Thanks for answering I do re-use the same first and second stage stack and just adjust the 3rd stage and payload to suit the mission, I will rebuild the stack and see what happens. I don't have many parts mods and haven't had to update any of them between the stack working ok and this issue other than the recent updates for the space y pack. Maybe the craft file got corrupted somehow. Thanks for the help
  15. Hi Necrobones, have really enjoyed this mod however after installing your latest update V1.11.2 i have a problem with "Thermal control system medium" radiator panels staying attached to the F51 5m fuel tanks. They are attached in 4 time symmetry and in the past have worked without fault on about 50 launches, now after the last update they disappear soon after launching. As soon as they disappear the rocket drifts up as though the view point changes and is focused below the rocket If this works images should appear below http://imgur.com/a/iRRFD Any suggestions would be appreciated
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