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  1. Thank you so much for this game. It was the first PC game that I really liked enough to buy, such an amazing game. I have kept every release of the game since .90 when I first started playing it (Demo doesn't count). Such a great window to another world which mirrors our own in many ways, a window I often gaze through for many hours. Thank you for sticking with the game through thick and thin, especially as of late. I wish you success in your further endeavors, Skybird0
  2. Ahhh shoot... Fixed.:) Sorry guys, did not know I did that. @regex yes, YES, that is exactly what this is! Fyi, this is an article about squad devs.
  3. Sorry about the vague name but, what is going on here? Someone with a grudge, or is this just bogus? I'm sorry but this seems a little too unbelievable to me.
  4. @sal_vager Cool. I have slow internet so I did not want to download till I had confirmation on x64 exe being included.(I said binary in my last post, I meant the executable:) )
  5. So we need to wait on the x64 binary to be included in the file?
  6. Ah ok, I must be thinking about the unzipped game...
  7. So ksp went from a ~2.5Gb file download size to ~ 798Mb file download size?
  8. I knew it wouldn't work for your missile @Geschosskopf, I thought it was worth a try. @swjr-swis I like it! Idk how Hilzy survived that, but anyways awsome craft and great narrative.
  9. Wow cool... I need to give this a shot.(Pun not intended.) Just need some kerbals in a command seat, geronimo!
  10. What did it look like? Cartoony like KSP? Or an attempt on realism like Orbiter?
  11. So make it query whether or not it is touching the ground and if so, change the impact tolerance. Otherwise the impact tolerance (Hereby structural tolerance.) stays the same. This should be something you can change in a setting, for instance, you would not want this system to be in effect for new players.