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  1. Bradley Whistance managed to orbit in 0.874 tonnes.
  2. what do you mean by "create your creation"? Do i give you some ideas, and you make it?
  3. basicly, this challenge is where you try to do incredible things, with limited parts. (the kerbals were to lazy to do much science to unlock parts.) you need to start a new science mode game. you can edit your save file to get as much science as you need then unlock some parts with as little science as possible, get into orbit, go to the mun, or another planet the less science used unlocking parts to build a rocket (or space plane) get to orbit, mun,or another planet, the better rules: No cheats (alt + f12 or hyperedit) stock parts only have fun no (part-adding) mods scoring: amount of science used to get to orbit, mun, or another planet, the less science used, the better (These are examples) to another planet 1.) 846 science 2.) 1,034 science 3.) 1,398 science (These are examples) to the mun 1.) 568 science 2.) ect. 3.) ect. (These are examples) to orbit 1.) ect. 2.) ect 3.) ect scoreboard: planet 1.) 2.) 3.) mun 1.) 2.) 3.) orbit 1.) 2.) 3.)
  4. Thats what I thought too, but I think theguynammedAlan says that it is, so mabey they have changed the demo.
  5. I made a challenge similar to this, it is called: moon hopping
  6. i made a challenge exactly kinda like this a while ago, its called moon hopping
  7. amazing! wow! incredible! also your rocket has to be a rocket, not a piece of steel sitting on a launch pad
  8. yikes... this challenge is going down hill, oops.
  9. the weight is in pounds, so your going to have to convert it from tons to pounds. and I changed the point values, Thanks for the input!
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