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  1. The Trajectories mod does this, though it's not that mod's primary purpose.
  2. Wish I had screenshots (didn't take them at all locations, lost those being a little hasty with a Windows reinstall), but most ambitious (successful) mission was to plant a flag on every body in the game and return the Kerbals safely. Currently working on another repeat of that task with USI life support active. If all goes well I may try again in a no save/no revert game. Eve itself was the lion's share of that mission. Walked around grinning for the rest of the day after successfully re orbiting Eve. Also needed a Moho rescue mission and Tylo was dicey enough I'm not sure I could take the same ships and repeat the accomplishment.
  3. Yup. Got a piece of paper taped to the monitor so I don't forget. Backspace: 1) toggle ISP engines 2) toggle TWR engines 3) toggle all engines 4) deploy comms and/or ladders 5) Kerbnet 6) Activate life support (for USI LS mod) 7) Mission specific 1 8) Mission specific 2 9) toggle thermal radiators 0) toggle solar panels
  4. I usually name with <destination> <role> and go from there with a series of applicable suffixes. Manned crafts may be Orbiter, Transport (Kerbal capacity), Refinery, Launcher (usually cargo of some sort), Miner, Rover, Explorer (full sci array), Lander, Hopper (lander designed for multiple landings on same low-gravity body), SSTO, etc. Probes are usually 1 way named for their destination and Comsat (signal relays), Survey, or Surface Probe. Suffixes I may add are (LR) Long Range, or an extended dV version of another ship, (NS) for non-solar electrical generation, (At) for having components requiring an atmosphere to work, (Vac) for landers designed for vacuum worlds, or (LFO) for liquid fuel only: no need for oxidizer. I also have some ships that include the word Double or Triple to denote multiple probes built into a single launcher. Usually a surface probe with detachable Survey or Comsats. So I end up with crafts like my "Explorer Lander (NS)(ISRU)" that can gather sci data from every moon of Jool, "Ike Survey Comsat", and "Pol Refinery (NS)"
  5. Crud, that's what I missed. Electric charge I have, and there was still an issue with the first rover I sent since that craft had good comms, but the test craft I rebuilt from the ground up for troubleshooting has no comms and adding a dish fixed the problem. Thanks for your input, folks.
  6. Nope, I was hyperediting above the surface to test 'chutes as well.
  7. Would like to run an issue by the forum because I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what I'm missing. I am attempting to build a large rover I can land on Eve to support crewed missions there, but I'm getting no response out of my rover wheels once I land test rovers. I have a lighter rover that functions fine. Problem Rover Older design that works fine. Essentially, I'm building a large rover which originally had 2 pair of RoveMax XL3s. Rover drove fine on Kerbin, so I hyperedited it onto the surface of Eve and have no indication that the wheels are even registering my keystrokes. Here's the problems I've noticed: No directional keys seem to have any effect, though I can apply and remove the brakes with effect on downhill rolling. With wheel menu open, 'Motor' readout always reads 0 regardless of directional keystrokes, whereas on Kerbin this is not the case. Vernor RCS engines didn't seem to activate, having no visible plume during attempted use. Unsure if that's a factor of Eve's atmosphere, never noticed it before. Things I've done to troubleshoot: Tried with another lighter rover design I've used before built on 3 sets of TR-2L Ruggedized wheels. Works fine. Tried hacking gravity on Kerbin to see if wheels just aren't strong enough. I can break the wheels but cannot replicate the problem on Kerbin. Tried hacking gravity on Eve to no effect, even when floating away the wheels didn't appear to turn. Tried increasing to 6 pair of XL3 wheels to no effect on Kerbin or Eve. Tried replacing with 6 pair of TR-2L wheels just to see if I could see the wheel turn animation (since the XL3s don't ever do that), and they visually turn on Kerbin but won't move on Eve. Tried hyperediting back to Kerbin in case hyperediting was breaking the wheels, but rover worked fine as soon as I returned to Kerbin. Ensured wheels were powered and brakes off during every attempt. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. I am wondering if a mod exists or could exist that would let me experiment with redesigning the career mode tech tree. I've seen the mods that redesign it, but I'd like to play around with different ways to progress through the tech.
  9. A recent tourist wanted to pay me to make him pass out from a high G adventure. His name was Barfrid.
  10. I used to use Minmus for my refueling needs, with the refinery and fuel storage in orbit and the miner and ore storage on a lander. It worked and was the most resource efficient option. However, in more recent games I've switched to the Mun for a few reasons: 1) Much easier to hit transfer windows from Mun orbit when doing interplanetary missions after refueling. This was my main reason to switch. 2) Less in-game time for when said transfer window sorta snuck up on me. 3) Mun generally has better ore concentrations, so less in-game time mining. 4) Started using a fuel depot in low Kerbin orbit when getting into reusable space planes, The mining lander I'd designed had a hard time achieving a 100k orbit over Kerbin when I chose to deliver ore from Minmus to the fuel depot there, it just didn't have the delta-V. Worked fine from the Mun, though. 5) Routine landings on the Mun prepared my "flying insticts" for interplanetary visits better than Minmus. I'd gotten to accustom to Minmus' "barely there" gravity and low delta-V landings and was getting into trouble during other landings when I stopped paying attention. Either way works, but in the end, Minmus was better because it saved resources; but those resources were free anyway, so... I prefer the Mun.
  11. Early on, multiple tourists with a single launch. Then, rescues (until roster is where I want it). Moving on in the game, placing a probe in orbit of and on the surface of every planet/moon I encounter for "collect science from" contracts. Not a lot of cash, but super quick to complete. Major cash cow is planting a probe with an ore drill and ore storage on the Mun and Minmus. They just live there. I can immediately complete any "collect X ore from Mun/Minmus" contract and they pay well. After completing a contract, jettison the ore and leave the probe mining away: when a contact drops, I visit my "Contract Miner" and get immediate credit for all the ore it's mined. Easy money.
  12. Educating myself on KerbNet features. So far I've gotten achievements after tracking down anomalies except for one that SEEMS to refer to communication dish. Now I'm suspicious about checking out anomolies that seem to be near a dish, but I can't shake the feeling I missed something near the dish that would have been cool to find. Does KerbNet register comm dishes as anomalies? Sorry if this has been mentioned, I searched and found a lot of talk about easter eggs but didn't pay much attention because I kinda want to find stuff on my own.
  13. Is the Central Hub part supposed to function as a science lab just like the dedicated units offered by this mod and the stock game? I thought it was, but I don't see many of the options needed to function in that role. No "review data" option or progress meters in the R click menu. The KPBS standalone lab functions as expected. Using current versions (KSP Steam 1.1.3 and KPBS 1.1.1 file on Curseforge). If this seems odd to others I will post more data for troubleshooting.
  14. Not sure what exactly tripped the rescue contracts, but I am getting them after a Mun flyby. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Started a new hard career with 1.1. Typically I end up grinding LKO rescue contracts to fill out my roster before advancing farther in the game, but for the life of me can't figure out why I'm not seeing any offered by Mission Control. Just went through 10 pages of contract offers without seeing one. Progress so far: 1) Researched through Tier 3 R&D (the ones that cost 45 sci each). 2) Upgraded Astronaut Complex to enable EVA (and have tested same in LKO). 3) Unlocked maneuver nodes. 4) Completed many orbital tourist contracts. 5) Rendezvous achievement (not docking, just passed within 2 km) 6) Mods: Kerbal Engineer Reduex for 1.1, Alarm clock, Field Experience. Also have Science Alert loaded into Game Data, but it isn't doing anything in 1.1. Any suggestions before I start troubleshooting by fiddling with installs and mods?