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  1. I couldn't get that patch to work I've placed it in GameData/CustomConfigs/RealChute.cfg Does that seem like it should work? Or is there some funiness with names and the order in which configs load with MM or something? EDIT: Disregard, I'm a windows noob and my file was hiding it's .txt extension. Changed to .cfg and all good now
  2. Ahhh good find. That was it. Probably should have clued on that it was something like that from the two KCT icons I was getting in the toolbar . Could have sworn I'd clean installed after it broke, but evidently not. Thanks heaps for having a look!
  3. Something seems to be seriously borked with the latest dev build of KCT for me. Strange as it seems others have it working fine.. Broken on existing playthrough as well as fresh careers. On Win64 KSP 1.2.2 and KCT dev build #25. Output Log. Any clues?
  4. That looks so good. I managed to get the rings to cast shadow, but for some reason the modified kopernicus won't get bodies to cast shadows on the rings. Ah well, still amazing.
  5. Fair call. New stuff looks great regardless, and looking forward to when those scatterer configs become stable!
  6. This update wouldn't happen to include all the new scatterer/kopernicus ring shader stuff would it?
  7. This would be a really good feature. I have the opposite problem when attaching the Skipper to a 1.25 fuel tank as well. For now I just ditch the shrouds and make my own using fairings. Less than ideal but works okay.
  8. Yep as starwaster said, by default staging will deploy instead of arm. There's an option in the KSC real chutes menu to make staging arm the chute instead. In my experience the 'must go down' option doesn't interfere with this behaviour.
  9. Still seems a bit suss that it lags so much. I've got a 2014 intel integrated GPU which handles fine. Like has been said, volumetric clouds and the ocean shader will jank your fps pretty bad, but the scatterer shader itself is pretty low-intensity. If your computer can't handle that alone, I suspect there isn't much you really could improve without hurting FPS
  10. If you search for "Halo" you might find some stuff about it . There's a toggle in the main menu UI that'll fix the issue. You might have to turn it on *or* off depending on your graphics set up. http://i.imgur.com/Mrhcnpp.png
  11. Not sure if this is related but Ven's Stock Revamp "Bollard" engine has this same issue.
  12. Ah sorry I misunderstood the question. Does it still happen when you disable the second attachment point on the engines?