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  1. I'm playing with KSP-IE 1.17.4, which I realize may not be fully supported at this time. But I'm having a game-breaking bug that has ground my current save to a halt, and I was hoping for some help. The problem is simple: if I right click on a Solid Core Nuclear Engine and click Swap Fuel (as I accidentally did), the context menu spawns an infinite number of "Plutonium Fuel" resource indicators, which quickly crash the context menu, making it unavailable until I load a different craft. It seems like this might be a craft-specific issue, as I can make a new vessel with usable context menus, then reproduce this issue, then I can't use the context menu for that craft anymore. I'm not sure it's save-specific (thank goodness), because if I load a broken craft in a brand new save, the problem recurs. Whatever I did seems to be persisting in the craft file. And therein lies my hope, that perhaps I can fix this by editing the craft file, rather than the code itself needing a change. Does anyone know what change the "swap fuel" button does to the craft file, and how to reverse it, if possible? If it's helpful, this development comment seems to refer to the bug I'm working with (although, in my case, everything most certainly does not look ok when reopening the context menu, as it cannot be reopened ever again after swapping fuels). Thanks in advance!