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  1. Not sure, I myself don't have much knowledge of modelling/texturing parts but if anyone wants to continue then they're more than welcome to. (I have had some ideas for more cockpits, but lack the skills to make proper parts out of them).
  2. The new version of Airplane Plus has the full set of Hercules landing gear (front and back). They look brilliant and work like a charm.
  3. Are part requests/ideas still being taken for this mod? How about an early MIG jet cockpit to match the intake in AP+?
  4. Well, here she is. My attempt at an Mi-8 replica. My only issue is the controllability of the aircraft with the rotors from this mod. Whilst the aircraft is in flight, the controls feel quite sluggish and unresponsive. I have taken to using the rotors from KRX, as they have just the right amount of power (I know .cfg files can be changed, having made a few changes to the thrust of the AP+ rotors). Apologies if this seems overly negative, 'tis my honest review of the rotors in this mod. Keep up the great work!
  5. @Shadowmage I don't know much about coding/animation, and am assuming what you are proposing is going to be tough to implement. However, if the resulting system is both more stable and better looking (in terms of aesthetics), go for it. Even if it doesn't quite work the way you hoped it would have, who knows, it might provide the basis for another part of modding for KSP. Keep up the fantastic work!
  6. WooHoo!!!!! Finally I can give my Mi-8 the cockpit and rotors she deserves!!
  7. Ive tried (and failed) to get the symmetry setup working. Ive looked in other cfgs for other parts and cannot find the above text. I assume I must be doing something wrong. Cheers.
  8. Here is the the Imgur album for the cosmetic exhaust piece. I'm currently having a fair few issues with the symmetry settings in Unity, so once I've sorted that out (any help would be greatly appreciated), I will release it into the wild.
  9. Correctamundo. Not sure if 8 Kerbals will fit, so t might have to be 4 with an extra fuel tank in the back.
  10. Okayyyyy....... Here is the current WIP for the crew bay (with upper/lower doors). ^Closed. ^Open. Any suggestions/feedback is welcome. Cockpits/variants will take longer, as I've only been using Blender for a short while (and detailed stuff like that is a pain in the cheeks).
  11. I will be working on making variations of the standard Hind cockpit, however they will not include FLIR or other weaponry. BD armoury already covers this (but I might consider it in the future.). The development of this mod will be slow and steady, so please bear with.
  12. Looks great! Fair point, although I can imagine the part count on your creation is quite high.
  13. The ones used in the screen shots are from Kerbal Rotor Expansion by @Eskandare Forum Link: