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  1. Ok, last two questions . 1)I have heard about something called DelaV. Does anyone know what does it mean? 2)I have misson to put some kind of satelite on orbit: but i dont understand longtitude of Ascending node. What is An i know from before, but i dont know, how to get it into this place (btw, how can I insert image here?)
  2. Thx a lot guys, before saving, I have maked Intersect points distance 1,1km, so it was easy. Kerbal was succesfuly loaded in "KSC", and I had very lucky landing too i have landed on end of runway :D. Again thx a lot.
  3. I will ask you one more time :), before I'll do something wrong, i have Intersect points 3,3Km far from each other. What i have to do than? Should I leave the cabin and just go ahead to "KSC(Kerbal-Saving-Craft)" or is it better to do this with "KSC"(I dont have RCS on it)? If is my "Burn directly to target" realy wrong pls tell me better, I'm too noby in it :D. Thx
  4. So, if I understand it right, i need first to make my orbit same as target, then if target is in front of me, i need to make my Ap lower than target, if is it behind me, i need to make it higher. If is targets orbit degree higher then my , i have to burn normal or antionormal on AN or DN. But when I want to get close to target, and i have selected "Target" on Navball, should i have burn prograde or at target? Also, does exist any trick, to know when to put Ap back in normal position?, becouse when I see next Intersect point, its too late to edit it. Anyway thx, Martafix
  5. Hi, I've accepted a contract to save a kerbal from vessel on orbit. I've upgraded tracking station and mission control, so I can do maneuvers, but i don't understadn logic of getting close to target when on orbit. There are some A,D nodes and some Intersect points, but i don't know how to use them :(. Pls help, Martafix
  6. thx a lot, i have mixed my design with your, so it now works well, maybe i dont even need 2nd stage. Anyway , can you give me advice, what i should research next? i have researched 90cost electric, but I'm not sure what next..
  7. I dont have any 2,25m parts:( This is my actual design, but it works only if you are very lucky in orbiting. Second problem of this design are taifins, witch are required when SRBs burs, but at end of SRBs burn they causes big jiggeling and unstability
  8. all to 45sience(with), I havent unlock only flight control from these, from 90sience and more I dont have unlocket any.
  9. I have: Pods: Mk1 Command Pod, Mk1 Cocpit, Stayputnik, Mk1 Crew Cabin Engines: Swivel, Rentail, Terrier, Thud, Juno (D-25 Radial Engine, A7 Areosport Engine, these are from KAX) SRBs Hammer, Flea, Thumper Fins: Basic Fin, AV-T1 Winglet, Tail Fin, some wing stuff, Fuel Tanks: FL-T100, FL-T200, FL-T400 Chutes: mk16 , mk2-r radial and some radiators, battery,struts , service bay and Micro Landing Strut I Hope it's enught, if not tell me pls what i need to unlock
  10. Hi, i want to ask rocket-pro, who know how to build low tier rockets. I'm trying to invent rocket with can get 5 kerbals(1Pilot+4passaners) to orbit around Kerbin and safely land back, but it usually ends catastrophicaly on start, or if it is good enought to make orbit, I dont have fuel to deorbit. Thanks Martafix