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  1. Anyone else have this bug: When quickload to situation in atmospheric fligth, the vesel speed increasing by planet surface rotation speed. eg. flight 100m/s, quicksave....qiuckload.. now your speed is 300m/s. You can repeat this until you reach extreeme speed. KSP 1.2.2, Principia Catalan, clean install
  2. First of all I just want to tell you guys that this is THE BEST KSP mod ever made. I was looking for something like this since KSP 0.23. I know that this is against the rules, but I want to start new career in KSP 1.2.2 and I have to ask: How much time do you approximately need for make this mod compatible with 1.2.2 ? I know that it is sometimes hard to tell, but if you say it is more than couple months, it will be easier for me to handle it ( I check this thread everyday hoping for miracle )
  3. Mod is probably not fully compatible with FAR ;/ When periapsis is set higher than 60km calculated trajectory is completely wrong ( landing place mark change its position more than 1000km during flight in upper atmo ). When I set lower periapsis, landing place mark also change its position but only a little ( max 50km). Probably calculated trajectory is missing some drag in upper atmo (maybe added by FAR ?) Anyone else have this problem?
  4. 115 part rover next to 691 part ship, and i got 20 FPS Rocket is from older KSP and is not fully compatible so may lower the framereate but the same situation in 1.0.5 gave me 6 FPS so huuugeeeee optimalization was done Squad, you did something amazing
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