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  1. Does this work for 1.5.1? Hopefully, as I am new to the life support scene, and hope to do well!
  2. Trying now. Will get back once it is done. Edit: Now it works. Thanks.
  3. 1: Yes. The expansion is in my install folder. Under Squad. 2: C:\Kerbal Space Program It keeps telling me I am running a version of KSP that is not compatible with the Making History Expansion, that I need to download Ver. 1.5.0 which I already have. Does it not work to install over old installations?
  4. Every time I try to install the MHX (Making History Expansion for 1.5), it does not want to load in the 1.5 directory. In my C drive, where it has always been installed. Just tried a fresh install and it still does not seem to work. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Wonderful work. By far, this is one of my top 3 favorite mods for KSP.
  6. Y'know the OP says 1.4.3, yet it is not compatible. In CKAN it isn't updated, yet it says it supports 1.4.3, I cannot install it. Do you think you could update soon?
  7. Okay. I've always heard how Intel is the best graphics and stuff. I am thinking of getting myself an actual gaming computer, as I am just running a laptop, and should really get a computing unit, rather than just the crappy laptop one.... I usually use an 8GB Stick with ReadyBoost on Win. It helps somewhat on minimum graphics, but I'll try x32 and see if that works better.
  8. Hello, Just downloaded 1.1 hot off the presses, and could anyone tell me why I am lagging worse in this release than in 1.0.5? Computer specs: Windows 10 64-bit, 1900x1080 TV monitor. Intel graphics. I am getting worse fps in this version. My load times are somehow worse in 1.1.0 than 1.0.5 with mods. The 1.1 is a clean install. I have no idea, but even with all graphics turned to minimum, I still get less FPS than previous. Please if you could help shed some light? I'm sorry, SQUAD, the game is now unplayable. -joespeed52