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  1. I am not using Planetshine and also still getting this square
  2. Hellloooo I've been using KJR for years and have always enjoyed the utter elimination of judder, slip and bang. I never could get it to overcome the issues with Infernal Robotics though. I just renewed both KJR and IR to see if they were now working together but still not. When I actually launch a ship with robotic parts, the moving bits strain and barely move and sometimes spin themselves free. I am using: KSP v1.3 IR v3.0.0 KJR v3.3.3 Sorry if this has already been answered. I have a long-running game which has some ships using this version of IR so I am reluctant to change to the new version of IR. Thanks for any help available.
  3. Turned out it was the update. I reverted to the previous version and the XL appeared. I removed any other recently installed add-ons to see if there were any clashes but that didn't seem to do anything.
  4. It might be just me but does this updated descriptions change the name of the BOMP-XL as it is no longer visible in my parts list, nor in R&D? This has made several of my ships disappear of course.
  5. Yay, thank you HebaruSan for the amazingly quick response.
  6. Sorry to be a dunce, how does one install this (without removing all the previously installed add-ons). I tried looking for ckan.exe in the downloadable zip file but to no avail.
  7. Hah! Kopernicus removal fixed it!!! Many thanks Shadowmage, AngrybobH and DoctorDavinci!
  8. Just linking this to my OP so it can be answered in one thread (if that's okay)... Thanks DoctorDavinci, will follow this on my OP. Sorry for being dim about posting issues but much appreciated feedback.
  9. I also have the same problem and posted this, still no response.
  10. So, I have just gone back after a couple of mod updates (automatically on CKAN) and now the sun isn't illuminating the craft or the light side of the planets properly. It seems to create the right haze at the edge of the planet but it is all dark including my ships and my buildings. Can anyone help please. I have removed graphic mods such as EVE, Distant Object Enhancement.
  11. Gaarst - thanks for the research on this. I actually tried this but I suspected that it wasn't about station science as originally I didn't have that mod installed. I only installed it after arriving once on Minmus and finding that the scientist wouldn't just do it themselves. So I downloaded station science, used the lab as you indicated and ran the experiment (successfully) but this didn't achieve the requirement. Draalo - now I did have PBS installed so I shall try that. Thanks for the help. Thanks to both of you.
  12. So, I accepted a mission called "Help a scientist perform experiments at Minmus's Lesser Flats" involving taking a scientist to a marked position and then doing certain science experiments. One of the experiments is "Experiment: Plant growth study" but I have no idea how to run this experiment. There are no science parts in the VAB which allows this kind of science. I downloaded the Station Science add on and tried taking the plant study module to the site along with a lab and accumulating Eurekas and all that stuff to run the experiment. Still it doesn't work. Can anyone help please.
  13. Ah sorry, newbie error, can you steer me to the right one please. Ah, I think I found it...