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  1. Please report an issue in bug tracker: It's easier to synchronize our work, and as you yourself see, it easy to miss bug reports on forum
  2. Actually there's someone who DID that thing already A year ago or so (check Kerbalism) I'll do it in a similar manner, but I'll build upon existing resource manager in KSPI-E.
  3. It's great to read such praise. Sadly I'm a recent addition to this mod and I haven't earned my merits yet Thank you for power boost - I'll be starting to work on centralized resource management (consumption/production) which will allow us to remove variable buffers completely.
  4. I have found the issue. Pre-Cooler was the problem, and because of exception in OnStart. Regression was introduced when MM scripts were created for AtmosphericIntakes. ModuleResourceIntake module is specifically removed for Pre-Cooler. I'll add some null guards for now, but most likely it should be fixed with some MM script magic.
  5. It will be fixed in next release. I have changed buffers for Solar Panels, NFE Generator and Stock Generator into unified implementation of what was not that long time ago. But we are working with @FreeThinker on removing variable EC/MJ/ThermalPower/ChargedPower/WasteHeat buffers altogether.
  6. That was pretty obvious (really just a single line in there). I'm looking into WHY it's not initialized. I can't reproduce the issue. @Blackline Could you tell me which Intake are you using?
  7. Pretty much ALL electric engines (like MPD, Atilla, Vasimir).
  8. Probably you're missing an intake pre-cooler.
  9. My experience was that when not on 100%, thermal engines don't use all waste heat and radiators are needed always. Once again, screenshot will help.
  10. Screenshot would be useful. But remember that thermal receiver WILL receive power (and generate heat). You need to have fixed non deployable radiators that can function in atmo.
  11. Swap Fuel problem is just a GUI problem. Once you click on the different part, once you get back it should be ok once again. If it's not going back to normal then it's good that the bug is already fixed on development. Please check issue on github: Fix will be included in new version. If you want to have it now, let me know and I'll publish a dll with the fix for you.
  12. Hydrogen does have VERY low density. If you'd count propellant MASS that would be quite different. You're comparing volume.