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  1. My experience is that you need to "retrofit" Computer Core using a Kerbal for it to become self-aware. I don't know if it's a feature or a bug though. Perhaps it's not needed in Sandbox mode.
  2. If anyone is interested I have added Kopernicus support to ShipManifest (related to Solar Panels). Already tested and works ok. Once previous Pull Request will be accepted, I'll make another one, although I plan to also fix issue with RT antennas not showing at all.
  3. Use Free Electron Laser (the big one). It can produce Positrons. But Antimatter can also be used in positron reactor, and it can be collected without gigantic energy spending. @celestis I have found an a root cause of your issue with Solar Power Generation (Microwave Power Receivers) - when all generated power is consumed by "DC Electrical System". To work around the issue please: - make EC storage LARGE (like at least 10 times the amount of energy generated. 1 MW = 1000 EC. So at least 10k EC for the craft you presented, but possibly like 100k+. - use capacitor to convert EC to MJ (set to -100). It should work (perhaps not for 100% capacity, but it should). Overall, one should always make EC storage quite large, with low EC storage, certain things will not work correctly - that's why currently MJ/EC storage is scaled during TimeWarp. I'll need to contact @FreeThinker to discuss the issue with him, and find appropriate fix (well... it's not trivial...).
  4. Community Resource Pack probably. It's a dependency.
  5. Give me few hours and I'll upload dll and I'll drop a link in this post. MD5 checksum: 635022804AE7FB17FCC34F8454EB2E53 Interstellar.dll Will be available for 4 weeks. This is 1.16.7 with Kerbalism fix. Just replace dll and it should work (but keep the old dll just to be safe).
  6. Managed to fix the issue myself. Will create a pull request. The problem was in: double toPartAvgAmt = cycleAmount/ToParts.Count; if no parts have had less resource/space in subsequent (not first) pass, then this value was added/removed from tanks, which could cause cycleBalance to be negative. When someone (like me) had other processes running (like refrigerating/gassifying processes) transfers would never finish in a single pass, so the subsequent passes would always remove or add invalid amount of resource. Other method of reproduction would be to have one of the from tanks empty, or one of the to tanks full, and more than 2 from/to tanks.
  7. My problems with Solar Panels not generating power, or generating negative power were related to Kerbalism, and are already fixed for upcoming version. However Extremely High DC consumption wasn't investigated by me - yet - although it is present in my GIT project as a backlog item. Although I already noticed that High DC consumption may be phantom, it dissipates once stock EC is full - it might just visualize EC needed to refill EC storage - at least it is in my case. This one is a little different.
  8. No other idea that a bug. I'll try to reproduce the issue, and debug it.
  9. That's still very strange. I used ISRU refrigerator few days ago and I haven't had such a problem. Perhaps a conflict with other mod?
  10. I'm having a problem with ShipManifest. Depending on the situation when I transfer resources for some reason I can generate or dump resources. This is related to multiple containers to multiple containers transfers. @Papa_Joe could you help me with that problem (or should I start downloading newest VSExpress)?
  11. Perhaps too little Radiators? Those I can see are almost burning up...
  12. I'll add it to my backlog
  13. There shouldn't be any problem. Could you make a screenshot? Craft file would also be nice... ISRU is meant to be slow. LiquidWater is meant to be clean water, while Water is just plain water from the ocean. Electrolyzer storing Water seems to be a mistake - I'll correct it. No idea why overflow isn't working...
  14. There definitely is an issue with Solar Panels: 8 * 75kW panels only give 8.6kW (probably since KSPI-E told them to only generate that little). There seems to be several issues to Solar Panels. I'll try to investigate those: - minimal EC generated from Solar Panels. - EC consumption when Solar Panel is perpendicular to Sun, or occluded by vessel, or occluded by celestial body. - strange (extremely large) DC Electrical System component demand for MW (sometimes >25GW) Let me know if there are any other issues, so I could also fix them.
  15. You can use Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing (either on Sci Lab, or using ISRU), that will clear up neutron poisons and create Uranium/DepletedFuel. However for refuelling Kerbal is needed IMHO.