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  1. Please report an issue in bug tracker: It's easier to synchronize our work, and as you yourself see, it easy to miss bug reports on forum
  2. Actually there's someone who DID that thing already A year ago or so (check Kerbalism) I'll do it in a similar manner, but I'll build upon existing resource manager in KSPI-E.
  3. It's great to read such praise. Sadly I'm a recent addition to this mod and I haven't earned my merits yet Thank you for power boost - I'll be starting to work on centralized resource management (consumption/production) which will allow us to remove variable buffers completely.
  4. I have found the issue. Pre-Cooler was the problem, and because of exception in OnStart. Regression was introduced when MM scripts were created for AtmosphericIntakes. ModuleResourceIntake module is specifically removed for Pre-Cooler. I'll add some null guards for now, but most likely it should be fixed with some MM script magic.
  5. It will be fixed in next release. I have changed buffers for Solar Panels, NFE Generator and Stock Generator into unified implementation of what was not that long time ago. But we are working with @FreeThinker on removing variable EC/MJ/ThermalPower/ChargedPower/WasteHeat buffers altogether.
  6. That was pretty obvious (really just a single line in there). I'm looking into WHY it's not initialized. I can't reproduce the issue. @Blackline Could you tell me which Intake are you using?
  7. Pretty much ALL electric engines (like MPD, Atilla, Vasimir).
  8. Probably you're missing an intake pre-cooler.
  9. My experience was that when not on 100%, thermal engines don't use all waste heat and radiators are needed always. Once again, screenshot will help.
  10. Screenshot would be useful. But remember that thermal receiver WILL receive power (and generate heat). You need to have fixed non deployable radiators that can function in atmo.
  11. Swap Fuel problem is just a GUI problem. Once you click on the different part, once you get back it should be ok once again. If it's not going back to normal then it's good that the bug is already fixed on development. Please check issue on github: Fix will be included in new version. If you want to have it now, let me know and I'll publish a dll with the fix for you.
  12. Hydrogen does have VERY low density. If you'd count propellant MASS that would be quite different. You're comparing volume.
  13. Near Future Electrical WILL finally play nicely with KSPI-E. But we need to wait for a new release Overall NearFuture Electrical/Propulsion do work together to some extend, however I personally don't use NFE. In the near future NearFutureElectrical parts will be used as a crude/low power/low tech Fission Generators, and @FreeThinker is trying to make it happen (with some of my help).
  14. Then perhaps first we need 3/4 technologies that can be considered as Near Future technologies: Flow Batteries ( Regenerative Fuel Cells ( which are what you're talking about, those could be self-contained but lower peak power. Non Stock Fuel Cells (those can even have power on the scale of 100MW, and there are already some mods with those). Correctly implemented Super Capacitors/MJ Batteries (see MJ management below). IMHO it would be quite difficult to "store" high temperature exhaust gas generated from combustion engine (since as you say temperatures can be as high as 8000K, and even MHD generator would need to expel that heat after converting heat to electric energy). Also we would probably need to implement some EC/MJ management (like in Near Future Electrical, that limits EC/MJ discharge per second, from such sources).
  15. As auxiliary energy source, sure, it can be a good idea to have a fuel cell using a different fuel than currently exists. Actually does have a nice table. Although I'm still quite sceptically looking at crude combustion generator. Diesel energy density 48 MJ/kg Li-Po battery energy density 1.8MJ/kg The question would be what efficiency is attainable (perhaps quoted above)... and mass... I know I probably won't use such mass ineffective ideas
  16. Once you'll do the research, you'll notice that energy density of chemical reaction is way to small for such an idea to be feasible. Even if you could transfer energy efficiently from combustion products - what you can't do efficiently, and using Termal Power Generator wouldn't be that great - we already done it - read "steam powered engines". Modern combustion engines convert chemical power into mechanical power at a a lower efficiency compared to Rocket Engines from Fuel cells are more efficient (up to 80-90%) ( , but practical efficiency in automotive sector is at 30-40%, while practical efficiency for diesel engines is at ~25%. While conversion of chemical energy into electricity in hybrid cars is essentially done in the similar manner as in coal/oil power plants, and it's efficiency is higher than practical efficiency for diesel engines, it's still not that great at around 40%. We already have fuel cells in stock KSP - but RTGs are still more efficient. Also this post should be posted in Development thread
  17. As for area - Thermal Helper lists Effective Radiator Area, not surface area. Changes to adapt Near Future Electrical to KSPI-E decreases effective area by 250 times. So it's about right. As for Thermal Helper results. It seems that analytical solution gives different results than simulation. I'll try to understand those calculations, since they're incorrect.
  18. Regardless of KSP version and KSPI-E version this bug is present (it's VERY old). I'll add it to my backlog.
  19. That indeed was my coding mistake when implementing RTGs functionality for KSPI-E. I humbly apologize. @FreeThinker have correctly identified the issue and introduced a proper solution.
  20. I'd also add: * Fixed Large ISRU description and fixed Large ISRU output for Hydrates Processor. (by Arivald Ha'gel) * Changed Electrolyzer storage to LqdWater (by Arivald Ha'gel) but those are indeed minor.
  21. @Crimp Issue with Solar Panels was fixed a release ago. Please update your mod. @celestis your issue will be solved in next release. @FreeThinker is currently testing my solution.