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  1. Near Future Spacecraft Parts; by Nertea_01. Great mod - I haven't updated in forever, but it still works great.
  2. Er...good question. If it wasn't in the Making History expansion, then it's likely Near Future Spacecraft. That particular one is the "Nereid" and it's a terrific little capsule with a ton of adjustables. The reason I can't tell you exactly at the moment (I'm looking!) is because of my basic approach to adding mods in KSP. First, I play the game entirely stock, to really appreciate all the quality the devs put into the game. I will, in time, add DLC's and appreciate those as well. Next, I may add a graphics mod or two; to add to the visual flavour of the game. I may add a utility app like KER and decide if I like it. ...At which point, I generally go WHOOOPEEEEE!!!!!!!! and dive into the mods like Dudley Dursley in a cake shop. Me adding mods looks quite a bit like this: It can get ugly. Edit: It's definitely "Near Future Spacecraft". Get it. I mean seriously - it's an awesome mod.
  3. Mission: Kermini IV Vessel: Minmus Explorer II Crew: CDR:Valentina SCI: Gemlie Task: Orbital Science and ground survey Mission Notes: With research from two successful landings on the Mun opening up new technologies to draw upon, it was time for the girls to show their square-headed brethren how it's done. After having successfully thumb-wrestled Jebediah for the first Munar landing, Valentina graciously agreed to fly the orbital survey mission, preparing the way for his Minmus landing. The two weeks away would be, she felt, a suitable vacation from having to listen to Bob going on and on about his sticker collection...again. Val was quite happy to have Gemlie along with her in the tight confines of the Nereid pod; partly because the young Kerbonaut was a brilliant scientist and friendly companion, but mostly she was also half the size of one of the boys and couldn't win a game of "Eye Spy" to save her life; no matter how many times Val used the letter "S". So - plusses all 'round, really. Minmus Explorer II lifted off the pad early in the morning, performing flawlessly for nearly three minutes before the first typically Kerbal problem was encountered. "Well, there goes Phase Three," Gemlie sighed as the rocket shook under heavy acceleration. "What's up?" Val shouted over the roaring of the motors. "Well, you know how Weiner put the contract instruments right up close to the ladder for easy reach?" "Don't be rude - Werner's a sweetie, and yes. Why?" Gemlie rolled her eyes - an expression Kerbals were uniquely skilled at. "Well, the thermometer and the MSIP just fell off when the SM's panels blew off!" Val looked shocked. "But we need those for the contract data!" The Scientist nodded. "Yep - so Gene either gets to plan another launch or explain to the DMag reps why they didn't get their data." Val nodded. "Oh...swell." Picture caption: 2 SM side-panels and 2 experiments breaking free of ME2. The rest of the flight went more or less routine. With Phase Three - the temperature and spectrum readings for an outside research company - now tanked, due to the fact the instruments needed were now several thousand kilometers behind the ship, ME2 now had more than enough fuel to complete her mission, so the experimental Chickadee engines (whose fuel took up far too much of the already cramped pod's space) would never be used. The vessel burned into a perfect 100KM orbit over the Mint Frosted Moon, and while Val snacked, Gemlie set about her work collecting valuable high-altitude data. After two orbits and receiving nothing from Kerbnet, Val brought the craft into a low orbit, repeating the process and completing the Phase One science collection. Phase Two - the Direct Observation of ground features - came next, and as Val called out biomes as they passed over, Gemlie climbed out of the capsule to take a shot with the telescope and report her own observations. Gemlie collects her data. The two Kerbonauts briefly discussed the possibility of changing orbits to get data from the remaining biomes. Gemlie was all for it, but Val demurred, saying the "boys" would need to be able to bring back some hard science on the next mission along with the contract data - which KASA wouldn't receive. Gemlie agreed - reluctantly - and after receiving clearance from Ground, Val aligned the ship for a return to Kerbin. MEII entering recovery orbit. After aerobraking eight days later to shed some of the insane speed they'd picked up, Val expertly aligned with the Mun to bring the craft into approach orbit over KSC. Minmus Explorer II had plenty of fuel to burn into an easy 100km recovery orbit, and retro-burn over the Dune Peninsula for a -144.5 entry Periapsis. A perfect entry, and nearly perfect targeting on Val's part brought the chutes open directly over the Space Center. Val used up the remaining fuel, burning the Chickadees to slow their lateral speed further, dropping the ship into the drink just West of the complex. Val: "Wheeeeee!!!" Gemlie:"AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" "That's MY armrest!" "Well, move your foot!" Results: Mission Successful. Mostly. Data collected: 1189.
  4. Starting anew...again...because reasons. Following the usual progress; ignoring the usual "conduct a focused ground survey" missions, because I hate them. I like money; so the moment I can poop off a rocket with an untrained rich dude in it, off I go! Problem: launching VIPs one-by-one takes time, so I decided to shorten things up a little. I'd managed to upgrade both the VAB and the Pad one level each, and had obtained a couple of four-Kerbal VIP suborbital sightseeing flights. Now - as I said, shooting them off one by one would be boring, so I did it the Kerbal way. So: from the "Shut up, it works!" file I give you... Octo-Kerbie! ('Kerbie' is the name I give to all my first solid-fuel ships.) Giggle - I can't believe it actually worked, but it did. Remarkably stable as well. And - to my delight - it made a lovely picture following separation: Hehe - kewl!
  5. That... is awesome! Way too cool, dude! Hallo - I'm just catching up after a few weeks away, but I just love that aerospacecraft. I must be dense though - I've been trying to figure this out for forever, and haven't managed it. I'm therefore just asking: how on earth (or rather Kerbin) do you manage to make fully-reversible nacelles with stock parts?! I'm trying to deduce it from your pic, but I'm still scratching my head here. Thanks - and great pics!
  6. Another start recently; I've reached the latest Milestone: Dock two ships in LKO. Went easy; Jeb went first in RV1, and established a parking orbit at 100km. Val lifted off an orbit later, boosted to 150km and carried out a picture-perfect rendezvous.Post docking, she re-entered first and landed in the Kindian Ocean. Jeb returned an orbit later, with a bit more fuel he was able to burn for a drop right onto KSC: I just thought it was a cool pic.
  7. My own first attempts to land on the Mun were pretty rocky - pun intended. I was poor; had indeed just made the step up from homelessness and alcoholism, was in rehab and was beginning to rebuild my life after a horrible few years. But with the help of friends I got a place and good job in my field. I managed to get a small PC - an Acer Aspire (this was in 2015) and downloaded an old friend: the KSP demo. The demo alone is fun enough to keep a player going indefinitely but finally - now with internet - I was able to afford the full game. That little Acer wasn't much help though - even with a video card it shouldn't have been able to run (took some tinkering lol) which sped it up significantly top speed for all but a small craft of perhaps a dozen parts was about 3 real seconds to one game second. Attempting to land on the Mun was a study in lithobraking at varying degrees of angle and velocity. Then in 2016 I'd saved up enough for a new computer and it was a REAL monster of a gaming rig. Big, powerful and stupid-fast it could - and still does - run KSP with fully maxed out settings and glorious frame-rates, even with add-ons up to the eyeballs. I figure my first successful career landing on the Mun happened close after - in fact, I'm sure I made a post about my attempts, trying to find it. Oh - here it is: Cheers!
  8. I first got the demo - I can't recall the version - and played it for about three years until I could afford both the Internet and the game. My most common activity was carpet-bombing KSC with fuel tanks when my wobbly assemblage ripped itself apart 10 kms up.
  9. I LOVE the Rhino as a transfer stage. Part of my gameplay is to build the most efficient rockets possible, but looks are an important consideration. I like using the thing as a transfer stage to the Mun with a 3-Kerb orbiter/lander stack, it just looks so cool when it separates and burns. I can't show a pic; I'm doing a new career and haven't reached that stage yet, but I do use it a lot, and quite enjoy it.
  10. LOL that is freakin' hilarious. Thanks, folks!
  11. So... Here I am with my extra-large coffee plus double-espresso shot; 5 in the morning and sleep-deprived synapses sizzling like Rice Krispies. I click my KSP icon for a little relaxation before bed and WHUUUUT?! OK - DOODS! Dev dudes - that's funny as all get-out but MAN that freaked me out!