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  1. Hey , I was wondering where do people learn to make mods for KSP? all tutorials are very out dated
  2. 1-i didn't realize someone already did this to Duna . 2-yes it is bundled and it's the latest relase .
  3. For The Longest Time , I've Always Thought That Ike Has Been Too Unrealistic , Because The Size And That Its The Only Moon , So I Moved It To Eve , And Moved Bop And Gilly To Orbit Duna . Images: Imgur Download: SpaceDock To Save You Time , I Included All The Needed Files In The Zip File. Installation: Drag All The Inculded Files Into Your GameDataFolder, Of You Already Have Kopernicus Installed , Replace It. That's It!
  4. One Thing That I Would Really Like Is A Scale Slider For The Wing Pieces. Other Wise Grate Mod
  5. Its not working for me Never mind, forgot to download Kopernicus
  6. Who is BDW? Are you talking About Me? Well I would love to be in the Title of the versions! BTW, If You want Me To make some scaled up parts i Totally would BUT! they will be the same model And texture As the Stock Parts it's onlythe scale and Properties would change. might have to experiment A bit with the mode when it gets updated to get the good preformens so it won't be Over-powered or under-powered
  7. This mod is going to be on a different copy than my normal KSP like what i do with RSS And SSRSS so it needs to update to KSP 1.2!
  8. When i click the docking ports it says undock but when i press it it disappears
  9. If you stop this project, i'll kill you on site! Yo this is the BEST Probepack! i always get bored by stock probes!
  10. Space Shuttle SRB's is More Of a Misc Parts Pack Mostly Going to Be Engines, And Engines Require Fuel So there Will Be Some Fuel tanks Radial Specifically. (2 Parts Now) Parts: Plasma Engines 1.25 M That Use LF And xenon Gas witch Makes them the Best Prop Tech With There High ISP and The 100 KN of THRUST Big STS 1.85 M Space Shuttle SRB: Comes With 8000 Solid Fuel of 9000 Witch Makes it Perfect For Space Shuttles. Known Bugs : 1. The STS Booster Isn't 1.85 M but 1.5 M 2.The Plasma Engine Is OP Future Futures : Radially Mounted Fuel Tanks-WIP Ore Engine For 1.25-Added! Fuel Tanks for Plasma Engines And The Ore Engines-WIP Download On http://spacedock.info/mod/549/Space%20shuttle%20SRB?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E
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