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  1. Nice. Thanks. I forgot about this. Consider this answered. Thanks @TheOrbitalMechanic
  2. @KSPStar I am curious, if the player can get from the Kerbol system to another star system then what kind of bit (64bit = Double Precision) calculations are we talking about? Or is it going to fudge the numbers to some degree?
  3. An alternative to that is memtest86 which will probably be more thorough
  4. My guess is that your RAM is faulty. I recommend using the built in memory test for Windows 10. To launch the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, open the Start menu, type “Windows Memory Diagnostic”, and press Enter.
  5. Here's what I have found in your video using a time watch: First Launch in real time in the video takes 16s - 18s to get to 100m/s (400m-430m) Second Launch in real time in the video takes 16s-18s to get to 100m/s (400m-430m) Third Launch in real time in the video takes 6 seconds to get to 100m/s (400m-430m) How the Time Counter works: In the screenshot (from my computer) below the time counter is green. In KSP that counter changes colours according to if the computer is processing the scene well or not. Green: The CPU/GPU is currently fast enough to process the scene in real time. i.e. 6 seconds = 6 seconds. Yellow/Red: The CPU/GPU hasn't the ability to process the scene in real time so 1 second in game takes longer than 1 second. Your Launches: First Launch: Yellow 16s-18s to 100m/s (400m-430m) Second Launch: Yellow 16s-18s to 100m/s (400m-430m) Third Launch: Green 6s to 100m/s (400m-430m) Your third launch is actually working correctly and the other two aren't. Possible Reason: Might be related to your graphical mods. I would remove them and then retest. The third launch was done after the second launch got the rocket into orbit. I personally have had changes with performance after returning but not with a simple rocket like yours. TWR Rules I Follow: Also 1.4 to 1.5 TWR in my experience is the best. 2.47 is actually pretty high. This can be changed with the thrust limiter for the engine or use another engine/combination. This way the rocket won't be traveling too fast off the pad.
  6. The torture for this video was sublime. I would love to see more gameplay Great to see the VAB and the new VAB music. Those look like modified R-12 Baguette tanks. To be able to connect them in that way is cool. I saw what look like R-4 Dumpling tanks in the parts menu with the same ability. Excellent video!
  7. Agreed. We need more information. Are both rockets identical? Is the payload identical? The problem you are having I have never heard of unless the rockets or payload is different
  8. Sure some games end up in development and then die in development. KSP2 isn't one of those games. They are advertising for jobs here: https://careers.take2games.com/jobs/department/69706 I applied for one of those jobs and got a response. Didn't get it but it shows they are still alive and kicking. Also the following Developer Insight was released last month: Its still in development. I have no doubt of that.
  9. @JPLRepoDoes this system also govern heat levels of parts or is that handled by something different?
  10. i mean like look this im using my plane its still like that https://imgur.com/a/6EKr0kw Do you have the craft file for the craft?
  11. That's what I count as normal for KSP. Also the lift is wrong in the VAB. Basically its the SPH pointing up. The rocket you have there has no lift in that configuration
  12. There is a transfer window planner in 1.12 but if you didn't use it then it wouldn't have caused your issue. Sorry for the extremely long response.
  13. I remember reporting a bug about rcs that wouldn't work if the mouse was over the tutorial window Or reporting an error in gramma in one of the tutorials Or creating an excel sheet for a bug report that had an issue with longer and longer loading problems the more crafts that existed in a save Or creating a group of 55 tasks (launching/loading/landing/going to tracking station/going to KSC screen/saving) that I repeated exactly the same 10-20 times for a set of graphs to show how the main memory leak is affected by scene changes over multiple versions (a lot of scene changes involves loading the entire universe each time from the persistent file causes it) Or creating a mod that shows parts coordinates to show how exactly robotic drift was affecting crafts (and docking port drift after 1.12.0 was released) Or confirming someone else's bug report by planting lots of flags along biome boundaries to indicate that the biome and the terrain weren't quite right (1.2 prerelease) One I don't remember reporting is how textboxes seem to need the mouse to stay inside of the text box or when typing the text box can act weird. Game testing isn't all about just playing the game like a normal person does. A lot of testing is the small nitty gritty stuff. Then there's the process of figuring out how to replicate a bug consistently Then there's the process of honing in on the root cause of a bug so that the person fixing it doesn't have to waste time doing part of digging it out. I wouldn't call it playing. Its fun for me, but its not playing in the sense a lot of people would think.
  14. I would attempt to do it with a combination of kraken tech (undocking to create two vehicles) and pistons that are physically strutted together which can help reenforce and combine their strength. But yeah robotics aren't fantastic so I am not sure if its actually able to be done easily or at all
  15. I have a small SSTO. I will remake it to compare KSP1 to KSP2. Its the bug hunter in me probably. Just want to see the difference between the two games to start with.
  16. Below is a quote from above forum post. @linuxgurugamerwas one of group of people that was invited to see Star Theory to discuss the development of KSP2. Even though Star Theory is no longer part of the development, the major players like @Nate Simpson went to Intercept Games so I think the information will still be current.
  17. I am pretty sure that KSP2 will be released on PC and console at the same time so hopefully that means that whatever updates afterwards will be consistently matched.
  18. Yeah I think they were already 2 years into development before they went public with it
  19. Its a joke. There's a joke going on the reddit KSP discord about it.
  20. The game was designed to save the crafts original part coordinates only. That is evident from the persistent/save file. If the game was supposed to remember the in real time stress of an attachment point location of each part of a craft then the game would need to save the following: The amount of force that is being applied to any given part at the time the game is saved (which KSP1 doesnt) The zero point where the attachment point is at rest. (KSP1 actually does save this) The twisted position of the part at the time the game was saved (knowing that this is NOT the zero point) KSP 1 knows/assumes only the following from the save file: All parts are NOT under any force at all All parts are at rest when loaded into a scene (then physics is applied afterwards) All parts are in their original positions as they were in the editor What happens with drift issues: The stressed position is recorded into the persistent file or save file The zero point of where the attachment point is at rest is moved to the stressed position that is recorded in the persistent file or save file Then on reloading/revisiting the same craft that happens again and again, causing the craft to warp further each time. The main cause of robotic drift has nothing to do with math errors at all. Why do people keep saying it is?
  21. The only time KSP adds an automatic alarm is when the new planner adds a maneuver I think.
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