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  1. I remember this post but must have completely missed the simulation part of it. I am playing a no revert save for the first time in 7000+ hours of KSP. I could use another save for simulation mode but it would make the no revert save too easy.
  2. Right there are inventory slots for the pod/cockpit. I will have to see how much weight I can add there. Thanks.
  3. So what you are saying is that they might have experiments built in for the KSP2 version.
  4. The weight of a human also equals a reduction in overall deltav available. It also equals a different center of mass.
  5. Can they be added to a pod/cockpit though? Yeah I added 0.5 tons to the craft that would amount to the weight of the Kerbals, but I really shouldnt have to, in comparison what happens in real life.
  6. I am trying to make an SSTO in KSP1 (non revert save) and am using a probe core for testing. Lack of Kerbals is throwing off my testing. Flight Test Dummy Kerbals could be quite useful now that their weight is accounted for in KSP (which I assume is how it will be in KSP2)
  7. science based adventure game is not how I would describe KSP or KSP2, so its doubtful that KSP3 will an adventure game.
  8. Well they have added a Designer to their job vacancies. And that appears to be specifically for KSP2 so that would be a good guess. However stylized does throw me off that at the same time
  9. Better that we get little teasers, so they can cram a lot of KSP2 in the final push in my opinion
  10. Thanks. I made a comment over on that post. Parallax 2.0 definitely worried me for a fun experience in KSP2
  11. After seeing Parallax 2.0 and the youtuber's issues with lots of rocks I have to say this is a relief
  12. Yeah, but its not like a player is going to be limited to the colony bases, they will still use rovers on the normal terrain.
  13. I was watching youtube videos with people using rovers and trying to navigate terrain with Parallax 2.0 with colliders on. That was problematic Will we need Bulldozers or/and Engineers to be able to clear areas?
  14. I am using KAS for the first time. Out of curiosity did the KAS parts have to be made compatible with the stock eva construction? It's working wonderfully so far in my testing.
  15. Not really. Recent job openings show that the development of the new game was more recent, which makes more sense to me at least. People who were working on KSP2 which certain aspects are complete can move onto something new without losing their jobs.
  16. oh. weird. Yeah I agree that it wouldn't appeal to current players of KSP in regards to having stories for the Kerbals with the lacking the rocket science part of it.
  17. They have a certain type of fan base right now. It would be smart to keep that fan base interested.
  18. That is entirely possible Does "Stylized" mean cartoon type environments?
  19. Maybe, but it doesn't come off like that to me' Senior Environment Artist is the position. I am thinking its different from planetary environments.
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