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  1. US$100? Some developers are putting up the price a bit but that's way too high. I am in New Zealand where the standard price for a new standard PC game is usually up to NZ$100 (US$60 currently = NZ$103.2 according to google) So if KSP2 was US$100 then that would currently make it NZ$172 here. There is no standard game that is that high in this country. Not even console games
  2. I was talking about the ones that are in KSP1 not colony parts. I don't think we will see the ones you have shown for quite a while.
  3. I bet KSP2 early access will have way less bugs but $50 is for early access anyway. A real comparison of KSP1 to KSP2 probably wont be right until KSP2 hits 1.0 which has a price tag of $60. Though that might change who knows I am not sure if KSP2 will even have drills and ISRUs to start with based on what the roadmap talks about.
  4. Lets see. What other bugs are still in KSP1 that makes KSP2 a better option: EVA construction problems when trying to move a wheel where the wheel will sink into the ground A Kerbal when using its parachute but is in a command chair will flip the craft around and around Rover fixing contracts with wheels tilted out in a way that they don't work at all (they need to be orientated up and down for them to work correctly) Some parts in symmetry not changing their settings together in scene when they should Intercepts changing when under timewarp Finishing a maneuver that doesn't actually end up in the same place as the maneuver node (like a course correction from solar orbit to a planetary encounter) Ground Anchor doesn't actually work. A crash to desktop when in an orbit outside the Jool planets (but still in Jool orbit) Losing intercepts with crafts when trying to rendezvous with a craft in solar orbit Losing intercepts with asteroids when trying to rendezvous Intercepts flickering all over the place or giving a false intercept all together Tutorial that doesn't work correctly after one of the engines was revamped Flags that aren't supposed to have colliders do have colliders A weird bug that causes parts to disappear in the editor (SPH/VAB) Permanently lowered performance after launching into space for the first time. (might apply to any planet but I noticed and retested it multiple times from Kerbin to Kerbin Orbit) Kerbals who go on EVA on the side of a capsule (or ladder) who are in contact with a part of the craft cause the craft to start spinning. (phantom force) Physwarp causes gravity to increase. Ore Drilling/Processing crafts exploding when they lose power while the craft is in the dark and loses electrical charge when using timewarp (due to a heat problem) Pistons losing EC will unlock even when they were supposed to lock at times and will just move freely even when EC is reestablished until they are forcefully adjusted As of 1.8 if KSP is a clean install there will Shadow banding across the ground (its really obvious when moving around the KSC in scene) The spherical tanks fuel vs the oscar tanks is wrong vs the volume Duplication bug with EVA construction containers Multiple Kerbals in a scene together will cause performance to tank. sometimes fuel transfer doesn't work (though it isn't quite as bad as it used to be) Robotic drift causing pristine part locations to change on timewarp and saving the game warping crafts (partial fix in 1.12.3 with locking) The MK2 lander can sometimes evaing the kerbal with the wrong hatch is blocked sending the kerbal flying into the air EVA construction with click through issues from one part to another
  5. KSP1 is a mess. It has the following issues at the minimum Badly Optimized (look at large explosions. the game pausing to consider what just happened before explosions happen) Kraken Strikes which is when the game blows up a craft in weird ways for no reason (as well as other spectacular glitches) A really REALLY bad memory leak that gets worse and worse each time the game loads the known universe which happens a lot like the following: when launching, when loading a scene, when reverting to launch, when going to KSC screen etc etc etc. Above memory leak makes the game take longer and longer to load the bigger the save file is There's a memory leak when more complicated crafts explode. On undocking from a craft to launch straight up from the ground the game sometimes will stay in a landed state which really screws up the game A lot of the free updates have bugs that were never fixed especially the maneuver mode function that is riddled with them that were never fixed (look at phase angle which never worked) 1.12 introduced a friction problem with wheels and landing legs, so landing legs will slide when there's no obvious way to stop them. I would have to go look at the bug tracker for others but there are LOTS of bugs in KSP1. TONS of them. The main pressure on Intercept Games is for high quality. A relatively bug free KSP is what I care about and I think a lot of other people want the same thing. For me the success of KSP2 depends on it being a high quality product with few bugs before anything else.
  6. As @Deddly stated it is already in KSP and has been in KSP since at least 1.2.2. NathanKell probably put it into KSP a very long time ago when he was still working for Squad. To get to the point of the screenshot I have shown do the following: Alt F12 to get up the debug menu or cheat menu (if that doesnt work use Ctrl Alt F12 as nvidia's app called Geforce Experience changes it to this) Click on Physics on the left Click on Aero Tick Display Aero Data GUI
  7. Wow. Interesting to see the origin of something that in my mind has always been in the game. Good that aeroGUI was added. It still comes in useful at times. NathanKell must have put it into stock. I miss him being on the main KSP team.
  8. I don't think the management (or whatever the company that owned Squad) expected to ever do DLCs. T2 bought the KSP IP and they got the DLCs created, probably as a probe to see what the current KSP player base interest and numbers was.
  9. Now that we know that Early Access is coming up it feels a bit limiting on what will be shown before release. Personally I want/need the debug menu for testing KSP2. I don't want to have to go all the way to Eve to test a craft each time. A debug menu like KSP1 would allow us to help with the early access phase so I am assuming it already exists. Transporting to eve instantly using something like Set Position (or even better a craft loader directly from the debug menu would be great) so we can test water, wheels on eve vs Kerbin vs other planets etc would be a huge help.
  10. The parts/bases examples that they have shown us so far look to be pretty amazing but yeah there's nothing about the game play except for Kerbal reproduction and that a VAB can be created and different sized buildings for resource production. It will be interesting how it all works. But it will be more interesting how they keep us having fun using the colony system.
  11. It is no longer coming out on the PS4. Its coming out on the PS5
  12. If I send a probe to eeloo and its engine randomly fails...then its a feature I am not interested in. If it runs out of EC because the solar panel isnt facing the sun, thats my fault but it failing randomly would just irritate me.
  13. New Game Plus with the ability to increase gravity would make for an interesting challenge. Steam achievements. I definitely want that Food and Water might be interesting but random failures probably isn't something I would want to happen. Failures should be from my own stupidity
  14. I do use mods but mostly I use ones that dont break a stock game, though I did add KAS so I could use hoses for fuellines. never used Kerbalism. I know. I am just stating what would keep me playing KSP2 for 1000s of hours. The lack of robotics in KSP2 wont stop me from getting at least a 1000 hours out of KSP2 probably. But Robotics really opened up a lot of possibilities in KSP1
  15. Its a good question. I have over 7000 hours in KSP. What kept me playing in KSP1? Bug Hunting. Engineering Challenges I made for myself which involved robotics. Paddle Boat for Eve, Totally reusable Forklift/Dropship/Shipping Container Base assembling mission, and a crane for rocket integration (outside the VAB/SPH) were my main ones. But also what reduced my motivation to play? Kerbin SOI is all that is needed to unlock the tech tree. I lost a lot of my motivation after that. Barren nature of the planets. Everything looks similar. What could keep me playing for 1000s of hours in KSP2? Robotics with more advanced KAL controllers, logic gates etc. Robotics that actually work well. (eliminate drift entirely and robotics acting more like they would in real life e.g. There's too much spring to the pistons ) KSP2 being reliable and robust in a way that I don't have to find so many workarounds for complicated crafts to work. KSP1 is OK for simple crafts but the more complicated they get the more bugs/issues arise. More interesting places to visit. Techtree still unlocking when well past Kerbin SOI. Don't hurt me please on this one...perhaps a story line of some sort. Well thought out DLCs and updates of varying value. Cheaper ones might be just parts. More expensive might be Robotics for example. A entirely new system with a similar amount of planets to KSP but heavier might be something too. KSP1 was missing surface base parts. Imagine what surface base parts would have looked like in KSP1. Not talking about colony parts (Runway parts for KSP2 look amazing but not what I mean) Colliders that better support Kraken Tech (this is the undocking of a craft into 2 crafts that interact in a way that can make hinges/rotating parts with colliders rubbing against each other to keep them together) Oh. EVA Construction. Please have this in KSP2. It was a massive addition to KSP1 Additional Thought on Multiplayer: The Mission Builder (Making History) wasn't adopted by the KSP1 community. But could something like that be used in KSP2 multiplayer somehow which the community might find compelling? Just throwing it out there.
  16. https://www.interceptgames.com/#jobs There's been quite the increase in available job positions for Intercept Games over the last few months. They have mentioned a new project but I get the feeling a lot of the new positions might be specifically for the early access phase?
  17. Not enough. I am hoping to see a disappointing amount of bugs in KSP2 early access. But I do know where to look to find them if they are there based on my experience with bug hunting in KSP1.
  18. Early Access for me will be comparing past issues with KSP1 and seeing if they exist in KSP2, unless Intercept Games have any suggestions on where to look for possible issues they are having maybe. Bug hunting is fun. But I do hope to be disappointed in how many I find.
  19. @linuxgurugamerDid not make Parallax 1 or 2 @Gameslinxdid Not to take from @linuxgurugamer's contribution to KSP1 which is huge
  20. Why abuse Intercept Games now? They have 4 months to tease us with more things in KSP2 before releasing EA. Of course they aren't going to show us everything. KSP2 EA Launch on the 24th of February 2023 is the time to give feedback. Not right now.
  21. Will there still be a bug tracker? To play for thousands of hours? Robotics.
  22. Hopefully how KSP1 development was handled wont be how KSP2 development is handled so we wont have the same issues. Also remember that the features in the roadmap aren't being developed from scratch. I think they have them working in some way already
  23. T2/DP/Intercept games need our money. Absolutely. You got it in one. If there was no money in making KSP2 then it would never have been made. The KSP community want a high quality KSP2. Nate Simpson said he can deliver but that puts a lot of pressure on him and the Intercept Games employees. Early Access means that KSP2 doesn't need to be perfect on its first release. This is the right choice regardless of if money is the main reason for the Early Access or not.
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