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  1. I'm having the same issue as @*MajorTom*. An infinite black screen upon loading a save game, that disappears when I remove the updated version of Kopernicus. I can see Kerbal Alarm Clock, Toolbar and any mod buttons on it, but nothing else appears. The issue is not exclusive to that one save and persists across multiple different saves. The only mod I'm using that relies upon Kopernicus is Outer Planets. Let me know if there's any more info I can give.
  2. I have a craft in about a 25km orbit around Bop right now, and it appears to be completely bugged out (note that only this ship is experiencing this bug, as far as I know). The orbit is changing completely on its own (it's burning radial out): with a dropping periapsis and increasing apoapsis very rapidly (a kilometer every 10-15 seconds). I've shut off all reaction wheels, RCS thrusters and engines and it it still occurs. The orbit doesn't change when the ship is out of focus, but if I try to dock with it, I find the ship moving on its own as well. Furthermore, while I can still control
  3. I'm a little confused as to how your mod works. I've installed it and while the fuel switch feature works brilliantly when it comes to other modded parts like from Fuel Tanks Plus or Modular Rocket Systems, it doesn't seem to work on any of the stock tanks. My first guess was that it must have been something with the ModuleManager configuration (maybe you have to tell the game which tanks are allowed to have the fuel switch feature?), but I've tried a handful of MM files from other mods (Fuel Tanks Plus, Firespitter and the one you linked above, namely) to no avail: the stock rocket tanks
  4. I'm having this issue as well. It only seems to crop up when I load my rocket with tanks that have the option to switch fuels (i.e. it doesn't happen with the orange toroidal tanks or the big Mk3 tanks), which makes me think that it's IFS. I only have the core installed, but the issue persists. Any ideas what to do?
  5. IFS doesn't seem to be working for me in KSP 1.1. I've tried installing it both via CKAN and manually, and AVS tells me that it recognizes it on the main menu and that it's properly updated. But I still don't see the multiple fuel tank loadouts when I right-click any of the stock tanks. Is there dependency on another mod besides Community Resource? What am I missing?
  6. I seem to be getting a bug with the new 1.1 pre-release version (note that I have MechJeb and Protractor installed, and those are the only two that MM affects): when I'm in the VAB or SPH, any part that uses particle effects (engines, decouplers, RCS, etc.) will play its effect ad infinitum, and I won't be able to stage any part at all, nor lift off from the launchpad. Someone on Reddit also has the same bug, and it stopped for both of us when we re-installed the 1.0.5 version of MM. Any ideas on what's wrong?
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