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  1. okay, I've rechecked everything is level with the develop and altered a couple of files, I've released a patch (0.8.1) for the mod to fix the system population. This works for me but let me know if you continue to encounter errors
  2. Hmm. Anything in your debug menu? I'll take look once my ISP fixes my internet tomorrow. In the meantime I would revert to the old 0.1.1 release, you should be able to get that through Spacedock under "Changelog".
  3. Hey there, I've been working on an update to add biomes to all my planets, the biome applies just fine, but all my experiments report they are being taken from whatever biome is listed first, in the case I have here, the North Pole. Would you happen to know where I've gone wrong?
  4. Thanks for pointing that out! I must of missed it in my sub box
  5. I've updated the album to include the names, however it doesn't seem to be showing on this page, feel free to click on the album to view the images on Imgur, where the titles will be present. If you have any idea how to make them show on here that would be helpful.
  6. It is definitely something I want to take a look at.
  7. !!! damn that looks awesome, mine just adds in the system alongside the stock system. I can't wait to see that release!
  8. Awesome, thank you very much, I also released the pack, thanks so much for your tutorials and all your help. It helped me go from zero understanding having never messed with Kopernicus before to being able to release the mod requested. Extra internet points sir. A screenshot may be helpful, you could also post your config in a spoiler.
  9. Pictures are up! That would be awesome, I'll have to take a look for it.
  10. No problem. Im the same way. Pics will be up in a few hours. Just one real life thing Ive got to do first
  11. Last updated 7 August 2016 - v.0.8.1 for KSP 1.1.3 The Lylat Planet Pack adds in all core planets of the Lylat system from the Starfox game series, it includes 12 planets 2 suns Custom Biomes DOE, Planetshine, and ResearchBodies compatibility Science opportunities! Nostalgia This pack is Kopernicus dependent! Download the latest version of Kopernicus here!(Github) The screenshots have disappeared! Maybe an effect of the forum break. Never Fear though! While I work on getting them back here, you can
  12. Alright, if you would permit me to ask, I tried the config " @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { !Body[Eve]{}} " but Eve is still there, am I missing something? Is it possible to rename Kerbin? "@Koperniucus:AFTER[Kopernicus]{ @Body[Kerbin] { name = Example } } doesn't work
  13. Thanks for the info, sorry for all the silly questions but your guidance is much appreciated
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