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  1. CKAN shows the Max KSP version but I did check the github and it clearly says 1.7.x.
  2. Is anyone else finding MKS incompatible with 1.8? USI Life Support works, but I just wanted to confirm if anyone else is having issues with MKS? It gets to the end of the loading screen, say's "Loading Breaking Ground", then goes to "Verifying Breaking Ground" and that's as far as it'll load. The max KSP version though says 1.8.9.
  3. Just making a correction here. SQUAD was NOT sold to 2K, only the rights to KSP were sold. SQUAD is still a completely independent studio that has no relationship anymore to KSP, except for any work that 2K decides to contract to them. Also while SQUAD did an amazing job with KSP, having purchased the game way back when it was in it's early Alpha stage, it was later contractors to be honest that SQUAD contracted with that truly brought the game up to speed. With great respect for SQUAD's vision, I hate to say that I don't think SQUAD would have been able to take KSP any further, e
  4. Boy I hope you're right, but just wait until Epic sends their attorneys with buckets of cash to Private Division to persuade them to sign an exclusivity deal. We've seen games on the Steam store right up until a few days before launch go "poof", we're moving to Epic only.
  5. It's not just the PEM. It's anything that uses the quad core higher than single (double, triple, quad). If you place struts from the fairing to above the core (granted it's a bit difficult) then it doesn't shake your craft apart.
  6. I haven't been able to get EVE to work since 1.4. Neither installing via CKAN or via GITHUB works any longer. There don't seem to be any config files anymore.
  7. Ok thanks. And I did a search after I left the message and definitely Colony Supplies aren't new. Other question. Where does KSP get the cost of resources (gypsum for example)? Where does it know how much to add to the cost of a launch if we include resources in Kontainers?
  8. Is "Colony Supplies" something new? What's the difference between those and regular supplies?
  9. Ambient Light Adjustment using Blizzy Toolbar also stops working when CC is installed.
  10. One-way to Minmus trip is 8 days in itself, so yes your crew will turn to Tourist before ever getting to Minmus. I have found that I need to add an MK2 Lander Can and reduce my 3 kerbal crew to 2 and that doubles my hab. Still can't do a round-trip though but at least my tourist return to duty at 25K.
  11. This is not a mod issue as there is a thread in unmodded section opened by Tr1gg3r called "The Ui Flicker Bug - In stock". EDIT: to be more precise, it's not a "specific" mod issue. It appears to clearly only happen in modded KSP installs, but no one specific mod seems to be the culprit.
  12. Thanks @RoverDude but I have the CommunitCategoryKit in the Game Directory folder, but I still don't have a lifesupport cateogry or Nom-a-matics.
  13. Am I blind or did the Life Support Category disappear with the 0.5.1 update? Also I can no longer find the Nom 2500 or greenhouses?
  14. Can anyone confirm this is happening when Interstellar Fuelswitch or Interstellar Fuelswitch core is not installed. When I remove that the flicker stops, but when I do I also have to remove a parts mod that is dependent on IFS so I can't confirm if it's the lack of IFS or the fact of a smaller parts count.
  15. I have a few mods installed like UKS and all my rescue missions in career mode keep grabbing containers without a hatch and therefore none of the kerbals can eva to get rescued. There was a mod for 1.1.3 that fixed that but is there any other work around for those that have mod's installed? EDIT: Can a mod please move this to the "Add On Discussion" forum. Sorry I posted in the wrong forum.
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