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  1. Well, I finished up my last exam (Electrical Engineering) for my third semester of university today. And KSP decided to give me a nice present... Mün Castle! First time i've seen it for myself in my 4-6 years of playing KSP.
  2. I like this idea on the basis that it gives the player something to do. But I also agree with Incarnation of Chaos that it would make it too much like the Contract System. One of the great things about KSP is the freedom you have over your own progression through the game. I think a better idea is, instead of making the conditions requirements, we make them incentives. ie. for every conditional you achieve, you get a slight discount, eg 5-10% off of the science/fund cost for the node. It is an extra challenge for those who want it, but the cost of not doing these challenges is not too much
  3. I graduated today two days ago, bittersweet if you ask me. Oh, In KSP, I've been playing around with using the Baguette tanks non-radially. Surprisingly very efficient and economic for small sats Only need two external tanks to take 0.6t to the mun with nearly a km of dv to spare. Currently trying to push this to the limit and see how much I can lift while still retaining the economic benefits, so i'll put some heavier payloads on it later. I've been waiting for this day for nearly two years, and then I go and forget to do it on the actual day
  4. Whoo hoo! I fixed the highlighting, texture and shader issues. the problem was that i just put the 1.1 part tools in without installing the asset bundles. so the issue was one of my own and now i hopefully won't make this same mistake again. so thanks cxg2827 for helping me with my own silliness which neither of us realized.
  5. 1) ok cool, just tried it and it seemed to remove the outer layer. had to change the angle limit on smart uv to avoid mesh overlay but looks good. I will need to recreate the uv map but that should not be too hard 2) i havent made all the changes to the model yet and ill be away from the computer over the next two days so i cant send the stuff right now. 3) sure
  6. 1) ok i just played with the mesh in blender and even though it does not show up in the hierarchy, the model seems to have the qualities of a boiled egg, a mesh on the outside and when you peel it away, an inner mesh. I don't think i can delete the inner layer so I'll just select all the polys that make the outer layer and use that as the basis for the uv map. 2) no, i just have the latest version of the 1.1 tools. i'll put in the old part tools package as well and see what happens. 3) sure, both the image of the mesh and the png that was used should be in the album. not sure if this
  7. 1) I tried to remove the shader in unity by clicking on the little gear icon but there was no option to remove it. Should i try to open the mesh in blender and look through the hierarchy there? 2) i looked through the shader options, no folder for ksp with the new part tools. should i use the legacy version or the one in the mobile folder? 3) just changed that into a normal map but now the impression makes a square, not the panel shape i was aiming for (see the gallery if confused). i'm going to test it and see what happens. ok so I used the mobile bumped specular shader, fixed the n
  8. Ok so I'm a bit new to the whole modding thing with the new unity 5 engine and I need a bit of help. I'm having a few issues with the texture of my part, it's normal/bump/depth map thingy and how the game won't highlight the part in the editor and in flight. Here is a rundown of how I created the part. I created the original model in google sketchup, exported the dae file into Blender, exported the Blender dae and uv map, put the dae and part tools into unity, opened the uv map in photoshop, created both the texture and normal map and put them into unity, created new game object and
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