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  1. It's not related just to Malemute rovers, as I have the same issue with stock-built rovers and BonVoyage. So it seems the culprit is BonVoyage...
  2. I must apologize, it's just the NTS-003 that's off, the NTS-001 and NTS-002 are consistent with the radial tanks.
  3. @Nertea: Congrats for the release, I was waiting for it, a very welcome Christmas present. Anyway: these may or may not be bugs, but: - the NTR-002 Radial Fissionables Tank attaches a little off-center, even if its center of mass seems perfectly centered: just a cosmetic thing, as the other radial fissionables tanks attach 'correctly'. - the radial fissionables tanks (NTR-002 and NTR-001) have a lot better fuel/mass ratio than the in-line ones; for example the NTR-002 weights full loaded (4000 NSW units) 6,3 tons, empty mass 2,1 tons: the NTS-003 inline weights full loaded
  4. Not only that, but it seems that also the command pod has a limited (200 liters, perhaps?) storage capacity.
  5. Can we detach parts too? For example detaching some parts to gain a little delta-V? And then, will, from now on, kerbal's weight be taken into account for calculating delta-V? That is, if I stuff a ship with 20 Kerbals, will it have less delta-V than if only one kerbal is on that same ship?
  6. It's a bug introduced in 1.10: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25881 Possible temporary fixes: timewarp or switch to another vessel, then back.
  7. It's strange, I'm still using MJ 2.8.4 for KSP 1.7+ on KSP 1.8, but for me this situation fixed it by itself once I opted out from Unity Analytics...
  8. @TriggerAu: thank you for the update! Any chance we can see something like KAC, even simplified, for example just for maneuver nodes and SOI, in KSP 1.8 ? Playing career without KAC is almost impossible for me when I have more than two ships flying around.
  9. Neither, it's radioisotOpe. It's spelled correctly above that picture. Sorry for being a smartass...
  10. Lupi : can you give us more hints about all the robotic stuff works, i.e. can you say what kind of menus are used to make the parts move, if you have to set them in the vab, etc ? Can you eventually post some screenshots?
  11. It seems that some of the habitation modules like the pxl-2 shelter (SSPR version don't 'record' kerbal experience: I had a bunch of tourism contracts in career that had to be flown again in different habitats because of this. I mean, for example, if a tourist had to land on Minmus and was seated on the pxl-2 it was as he had never landed there, even if the ship as a whole, of course, had. The same happens for KSC crew (engineers, pilots and scientists). I opened up the pxl-2 config and noticed that the entry 'vesselType = ship' is missing. Adding this seems to solve the issue: I just
  12. I checked and found out that WildBlueTools were updated as well. Reverting back to the previous version of WildBlueTools too and reloading an old save seems to have fixed it. Note that if your current game was saved with Pathfinder 1.28, then you reverted to 1.27.4 and didn't first re-inflate the modules, it won't work. You have to reload an old (1.27.4) save.
  13. Same here. I tried to revert back to 1.27, reloading an older save, but it didn't work.
  14. It's a feature introduced in 6.0.0 : 6.0.0 release notes
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