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  1. hello, is their a config file I can edit to change the number of parts you can use in the vab for the different levels? I looked around and couldn't find one
  2. I'm having an issue with this mod, when I first start a new game with this mod installed, I can choose to spend my upgrade points fine, then after that if I try to click the gui icon nothing comes up, and a empty gui interface comes up when I go into the vab, and I cannot launch a vessel, it gives option, build or cancel, and build doesn't work Installed via Spacedock KSP version 1.1.1228 ModuleManager 2.6.23 EDIT: Sorry, I realized I was using the pre-release version, I turned it back to stable and that fixed it
  3. Thanks, ill have to use that dll, and ill have to do that to rescue him
  4. Hello, after doing a few lko rescue missions, one of them seems to have used the malemute crew cabin, and the kerbal inside cannot EVA, is there a way I can stop the rescue missions from using the crew cabin?
  5. Hello, I cant find a docking port for the 5m parts, does one exist? I'm not sure how I could build a big starlifter ship without assembling it in orbit
  6. Thanks, I did that and its working perfect now
  7. Hello, I've tried to create a simple mod just to figure out how it works, but the collision for this truck bed has it above the sides, so when I try to place a object on it within KSP it wont go onto the actual bed, just floating in the air on the collision mesh, is there anyway I can make a more precise collision model? thanks here is a picture of the collision model in unity
  8. Thanks Probus, I downloaded module manager 2.6.21 and that fixed the issue, it now works
  9. Hello, I cannot load this tree in 1.1, It gives me no option to choose, I installed with ckan and have module manager 2.6.18, I also manually changed the techtree URL in my save and it still didnt work, I have tried with multiple new career games