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  1. @Raptor831 i have been using ckan versions of RF/RP and i tried fiddling with the configs on and off, also with the standalone pkgs, with mixed results. the dependency/install system of ckan does not like it and has a hard time getting its head around these two(four) packs living next to each other with RF/SA + RP only, i was getting 3 phantoms, but after the RFSA 3.2.3 update, only the RT-5 Flea remains problematic in stock. good
  2. this happens with realfuel 12.0(SA 3.2.2) and RP 10.5.1(SC 0.11.2): phantom plumes on (clockwise) swivel, spark, Dawn, LVN trimodal, twitch, ant, skipper
  3. if you are interested in an apollo type fuel cell, i made one as a MM
  4. Line-of-Sight being a strong contender
  5. FOD - Foreign Object Damage RT - Remote Tech (mod) F5 - ... F5 (for safety) MAL - Minimum Ambient Lighting (mod) ALA - Ambient Lighting Adjustment (mod) CTT - Community Tech Tree (mod) DRE - Deadly Re-entry (mod) FF - Final Frontier (mod) KJR - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (mod) dCoM - dry CoM fpm - feet per minute DOA - Dead on Arrival SECO - Second-stage Engine Cut-Off sep - Separation
  6. what would it require for this mod to be able to switch reference to things like the celestial plane or equatorials of focused/other bodies? (that would really help in map view)
  7. This applies if you are using RealFuels mod. And only when without RealismOverhaul mod. In that case, the file is located in kspdir/GameData/RealFuels/ Any other extension than .cfg is going to be ignored by KSP/ModuleManager on load.
  8. they are massively overfueled by RealFuels. it's done in a global RF patch RealFuels/zSolidFuelMult.cfg you can rename that file and RSB will be back to normal. The fuel "number" still changes, because RF modifies the resource stats, but the weight and burn time are right. RF Stockalike then takes care for other supported parts. Unsupported solidfuel parts may loose their performance, though. RealFuels still breaks some RSB parts (like the Common Centaur Stage), by ripping out the tanks and not placing right modular volumes back in. This might be fixed in RO, but I'm not currently running that though.
  9. adapter parts for connecting other tank types would really help so far I managed to cheat it with a radial attachment point, that makes an additional bottom node on the tank but it needs alignment/positioning and looks a bit strange like this on the rockomax tank with RL10 and the delta II interstage:
  10. the spacedock 1.0.10-2467 link/file is broken. well, may be the spacedock CDN being itchy. it needs a while for different locations to settle i guess.
  11. The Undervalued "Root Mode" in RemoteTech Are you confused that a ground dish of the size of a whole rocket cannot communicate with the nearest moon? Do you find standard Remote Tech too challenging, but like the line-of-sight logic? Looking for a gameplay twist? Want bragging rights to claim playing KSP w/RT? Welcome to Root Mode. In essence, it calculates antenna ranges based on their combined performance (optionally their count). A stronger antenna on one end will "boost" (gain) the range of the weaker one. It's details and calculations with the base RangeMultiplier are well documented, I'll try to show you what else it enables you to do for your gameplay. With the exposure of the RT configs in the UI, it is now easier to activate and offers a whole range of difficulty scaling. And if you are playing a RSS or any other scale mode, you will love it. Example 1. Stock RT with lower RangeMultiplier (0.333) What this does, it "opens" up the hard cap of the standard mode, but in a more stricter way than the 0.5 modifier, while two identical antennas still maintain 90% of their "nominal" range. You can kick off your Keosynchronous satellite network (~3.0Mm) up with the VR-2 omni, a single 88 dish can put omnis on Mun and KSC can almost reach to a medium dish around Duna (10-20Gm). Also more antenna/relay combos are possible for other planets. Circles designate LKO/KSO/Munar/Gigameter ranges. A green value means the gain is hard capped by the "root flat max" limit. Example 2. RSS RSS is big. So big, that you need a lot of ground stations beyond KSC just to start, and still be out of touch almost half the time. Root mode really comes into play as it gives the 'deep space' a meaning again. The recommended multiplier (0.5) is too much here, considering the massive range of real dishes - the small 500km reflectron could be picked up at GPS orbit by the DSN Note: RT in RSS doesn't seem to change ground station range when rm is used. Values between 0.1-0.333 start to make sense, depending on decisions like if you want to reach the Moon with omnis or not. Let's take rm=0.15 Here circles go LEO+/GSO/Moon/Mars. Jupiter would be 800+Gm. Numerous, but short range yellow stations now greatly expand ground contact coverage for big antennas up to the Moon. Green stations can lock omnis at synchronous orbits and narrow-beam dishes can, at moments, easily call home from the inner planets. There is an additional config value allowing combined effect of multiple omnis, but its implementation seems to be a little unclear github #594. But that would be really helpful in spacecraft pairing at these lower rm values, as 2 antennas only reach a performance of ~54%. But you win some, you loose some. It takes a bit of tweaking to find what suits you, but all in all, it makes RT to be much more than it seemed to be. I went from RT to AntennaRange, but with Root Mode, back to RT. Take a look at it P.S. the spreadsheet is based on a very useful one I grabbed once from RT or RO posts, but don't remember where, anymore.
  12. RSS ground station colors (supplied by Real Solar System mod): Yellow - Mm range (106, high orbit) Red - Gm range (109, avg. Venus, partial inner solar system coverage) Green - Gm/low Tm range (1012, avg. Jupiter coverage, partial outer solar system coverage) Blue - high Tm range - (1014, full solar system coverage - DeepSpace Network) Note: actually there are 3 blue nodes, but the "DSS 63 Madrid" node is masked by adjacent/higher up green "DSA 2 - Cebreros" station
  13. well the idea was sorting and filtering what's really available
  14. RO/RF engine data info? I parsed this engine sheet (google docs) out of my MM cache, but it's polluted and dirty, so before wasting more effort on it... Can I find a better (and/or curated) list of the engine numbers which come with RO?
  15. that "input-field-onchange-auto-sort" thing needs to get addressed when updating starts again ;P unless you paste the whole value, each digit typed shuffles the row order - but cursor doesn't follow the edited field, it stays on the same row (which is a different value by that time). also x-axis dashes would be appreciated... but it's already a great help for modding w/o unity.