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  1. I tried putting something in orbit around Karkua via cheats/Hyperedit and no matter where I place, It just blows up as if I went too deep on Jool, and my altitude shows -1273Mm, Wow. I'm afraid that Kopernicus doesn't work that way. There is only one universe, and Sun ("The All" in this mod) is hard-coded as the center of the universe. We could try creating "miniverses," where they orbit the Sun and make a teleporter mod that will teleport the vessel into another "miniverse" when they are at certain altitude at certain planet.
  2. I keep getting errors like this filling the Alt+F12 console. What does this mean?
  3. I presume that firing an array of laser does not cost anything? I think it could use funds to charge the laser.
  4. Is it required to get to the orbit in the first place? Or just Hyperedit to place it in the orbit first?
  5. Underrated mod. Perfect for science 'money sinks.' You only need like 1/10th of all the sciences in the stock kerbol system to unlock all the stock tech tree. Now I can spend the 9/10th of the science! The 1.14 version for KSP 1.3.0 will probably work on 1.3.1 too. Try them.
  6. The nuclear pulse magazine gives negative funds when I empty all the NPU in the VAB.
  7. Does EL 6.1.0 work in 1.4.5, or should I wait an update for more stability?
  8. Turn off lossless physics warp, then exit to main menu. Does anyone think the magical dV increasing is caused by the time running too fast in lossless physics warp?
  9. Provided that I use the correct version, is it okay to use this mod in my previous saves (the saves without this mod)?
  10. ...Yes! You are cheating! Because you said so, cheater!
  11. Turf


  12. Oh, one might experience the KSC messed up when you go back in KSC from a very far distance from Kerbin.
  13. Yay for a star system that is 1 light-year away! (even in non-RSS, it's still 1 light-year) Speaking for the video to the Valentine system...it's not surprising that kerbals never ages any slight different after 750 000 years. Even Gene and Wernher is still working on KSC.