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  1. It also produces recoil! The larger the velocity, the stronger the recoil! The velocity can also be overclocked using KAL! BRB orbiting Kerbin in 16 firework shots.
  2. Are you controlling a vessel? You don't access them in the KSC. While you're piloting a vessel, open map view (press M by default) and then click the toolbar icon that shaped like a maneuver node.
  3. (I have Leadership Initiative strategy active at 100% commitment, so that reduces my reputation gained from contracts by 75%) So I completed a contract that were supposed to reward me 3 (-10) reputation. Before contract completion, I have exactly 532.65 reputation. After contract completion, I have exactly 528.43 reputation. Where does my 4.22 reputation go‽ Looking at the output log, it's clear that I was supposed to gain some reputation: [LOG 01:11:40.696] Awarding 63368.5304172696 funds to player for contract completion [LOG 01:11:40.696] Awarding 13.62797 reputation to player for contract completion [LOG 01:11:40.696] Added 8.854749 (13.62797) reputation: 'ContractReward'. [LOG 01:11:40.698] Contract (Recover Module JBJD0 from orbit of Kerbin.): Good job! Module JBJD0 has been recovered in one piece and is being analyzed as we speak. <b><color=#8BED8B>Completion Rewards:</color></b> <color=#B4D455><sprite="CurrencySpriteAsset" name="Funds" tint=1> 15,842 <color=#feb200>(-47,526)</color> </color> <color=#E0D503><sprite="CurrencySpriteAsset" name="Reputation" tint=1> 3 <color=#feb200>(-10)</color> </color> [LOG 01:11:40.700] [VesselRecovery]: Dekesslerizer Mini recovered 1089.2Km from KSC. Recovery Value: 47.1% [LOG 01:11:40.700] [Research & Development]: +1 data on Recovery of a vessel returned from Kerbin orbit.. Subject value is 0.00 It seems that the game doesn't give you the deducted reputation. Rather, it gives you the full reputation, then it deducts your reputation. And since the game also reduces your reputation gain/loss the closer you're to the reputation limit (and vice versa), it decreases my reputation gained, but it also increases my reputation lost! So instead of me gaining 3 reputation, I gained 13 reputation and lost 10 reputation. Which translates to 8.85 reputation gain and some amounts of reputation lost, resulting in a net loss of 4.22 reputation! Yes, this thing still happens in the 1.12 update I just downloaded and played. Squad. Pls fix.
  4. Why is the sky in the last picture colored pink? Are you sure that's Kerbin you're landing? Also, nice use of the cheap Baguette tanks and booster-only first stage. Great for when you're trying to conserve funds in Career mode. You can just use an SSTO and land back on the runway in one piece for even cheaper option, but this one is impressive.
  5. Turf


    Yay, another [null] mod! It's nice to see a mod that are incredibly optimized in file size, which is only 0 KB large! Although I can't seem to activate this mod, pls help.
  6. You still haven't addressed this one yet.
  7. Okay, players have been doing asteroids for years, this shouldn't be hard. But comets are just much larger than asteroids. One strategy is to mine the comet for the fuel to propel the comet, others use mods to move the comet (Project Orion anyone?). Also, moving asteroids to Kerbin orbit is pretty easy. Just pick an asteroid that is in it's way to Kerbin already, and then burn retrograde. Comets, on the other hand, have different orbits than those of asteroid, so I'm not sure if there are comets that are naturally encountering Kerbin. It's just a matter of waiting until one lucky one shows up. Dres is even easier: Asteroids naturally spawn there, so it's basically free points for those visiting Dres! As for the elliptical orbits, I believe that your idea of simply having the apoapsis of the orbit inside the SOI of the planet isn't enough. If so, please clarify.
  8. I have a copy of the demo from 2017. Am I allowed to share it here in this forum? It was fun to play. I used the demo version for participating in a challenge where you can only play in the demo version. Went to Minmus (the only farthest planet from Kerbin in the demo version) and back with the demo parts. I'm advising against playing the demo version. Previous versions of KSP were much unstable with more Deep Space Krakens™ the older the version you play. But if anyone's cheaping out... there are other space sim games out there, just without the little green men.
  9. I just came here to say that the attach contract also didn't complete when it was supposed to.... I made sure that I attached a Radiator Panel (edge) on the specified craft but it didn't complete. :( Oh well, at least I get a free satellite. I can still complete that. Brought Mun Stone back to Kerbin, my contract completed.
  10. Nah, you can't. It's simple, there's no surface on a gas giant. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. ... Okay, let's assume that you still want to go low anyway. You still can't. Air drag and physics range stuff. The arm couldn't extend that long without the physics breaking down, and even if you do, the arm would've burned in the atmosphere. Thank you for coming to my second TED Talk.
  11. Firstly, how do you even go lower than -250m altitude in Jool? Anything that goes lower than that is considered "inside" Jool and is instantly destroyed. That makes "Fry My Brain!!!" and "Impossible!!!" (although the latter already goes by its name) impossible to achieve.
  12. I... forgot the Ray ID, but it sure happened several minutes before this thread was posted. Also, I tried to edit wiki again, in the hopes of trying to replicate it again, but now it worked again for me. The site simply asked me to do a captcha thing again. I guess it was probably my browser turning off JavaScript by default on the captcha thing that triggers the ban.
  13. Whenever I decided to edit any parts of the wiki and submit my edit, this happens: Now I can't even access this forum! I used a VPN just to post this thread here.... What happened? Why?
  14. Damn, I like this mod so much I don't want it to die. If this mod dies, someone has to maintain it. Maybe I'll have to learn KSP modding just to keep this thing alive.
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