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  1. @ShotgunNinja Would it be possible to make it so that the GUI you have on the tracking station screen(that gives options to show radiation), remembers whether it's been closed or not. When I was playing 1.1.3 with Kerbalism I remember I would forever be closing it. I play with radiation off because it was a huge FPS hit for me when the radiation was visible. Great mod you have and I hope you don't mind my small suggestion. Thanks
  2. What I do (I run a custom edit of ETT) is perform the following replaces in Notepad++ (or replace function that handles regex). Doing it this way avoids replacing underscores in part ids. "_$" to "." "___" to "..." "_ " to ". " Thanks for the quick update
  3. Thanks for taking the time to do this Probus. BTW, what are "part upgrades"? Sorry if it's obvious, bit of a KSP noob. Also, one thing that always confused me, why do you use underscores in place of periods in tech descriptions?
  4. Every frame seems excessive! Since this is background processing something closer to every in game hr would be fine, no?
  5. @TriggerAu has merged the forked version into the main repository now and a official 1.1 version released. Couldn't see any explicit confirmation any bugs had been fixed, just giving you a heads up things might be OK with KAC now.
  6. That's intentional https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism/wiki/Science-Tweaks
  7. You mentioned recently that there is a conflict with CRP, what did you do about that? Is there a fix you know of?
  8. Thanks for fixing that. I tired to download but only see v which says "linuxgurugamer released this on Mar 17".