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  1. Hi @steuben, Thanks for answering! What do you mean by your last sentence? Do you mean that it's forbidden to tell me to download the game somewhere else? If so, I understand perfectly, I was not asking for such. Just for a legal way to do so, since I'm a long time buyer of the game, but everything seems to be frozen right now. Thanks again for your time!
  2. Hi everyone, I first bought the game quite soon after the very first release. I wanted to get my hands on KSP again, since I have a bit more time now, but it seems I can't connect to the store (in maintenance, has been for at least two weeks) or to my account (error 1020 by Cloudfare). Is there another way to download the game that I bought? Convert it to a steam key for example? Or something? I don't want to resort to illegal ways to download what I actually bought. Thanks, Gromain
  3. I do have the exact same problem. This problem arose after I tried to change the KSP window to my second screen. The window got instantly really tiny. I had to close KSP and when I tried to launch it again, I would have the exact same problem. The file ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/prefs shows screen size at 0. I had to delete the file and start it again. I also have to use -force-glcore so I can have text displayed in in-game screen (installing ttf-ms-fonts or ttf-freefonts makes the game crash on startup, but this is another matter entirely that wi
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