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  1. Not exactly the best vacation a Kerbal's ever had... Two Kerbals bail out after their craft sank. Re-entry after a successful mission Winner of the Ugliest Probe I've Ever Seen Award en route to Minmus.
  2. "WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CLOWNS!?" -Last recorded words of Gus Grissom
  3. Whenever I have GPP installed, the game takes an extremely long time to load. Is there anything I can do?
  4. Halo? Isn't that basically CoD in space before CoD in space?
  5. Shamed for making me remember my horrible memory- oh, this is a new website...
  6. Shame for lack of shaming. How shameful.
  7. "Our budget is large enough- phht yeah, right. Heh. Uh, we can explode Diemos before the Chinese?"
  8. Having some kind of owl as your logo? Shame. Owls are rather dumb birds, their eyes are larger than their brain. Corvids all the way, sucker.
  9. A giant spoon lands upon you, crushing you into a fine red pulp. I wish for a potato to appear three feet to my left.
  10. After an "unfortunate accident", all of the liquid fuel tanks at the KSC were ruptured by angry gophers. While, inexplicably capable of functioning in atmosphere, these tanks will violently explode once they reach orbit. Sadly, however, a Mun mission is scheduled, and the tourists don't want to wait for things like "supplies". However, an intern found that the helium supply for the balloons was actually xenon. With no other option, the mission must go on. THE RULES: Once you reach LKO, you cannot use any liquid fuel or solid fuel engines. Monopropellant is only allowed for RCS sys
  11. Alright, first things first. Start small. Try getting into orbit first. To get into orbit, fly up until you reach about 20 kilometers (20,000 meters). Then tilt your spacecraft at a 45* angle, and gradually tilt further as you ascend. You should be parallel to the ground at about 70 km. For getting to the Mun, remember this. Try flybys first, so you can familiarize yourself with SOI changes. Then try and crash a space probe. Continue doing this until you safely land one. Then do that with a Kerbal. (The safe landing, not the crashing part). For getting to the Mun, it's
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