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  1. Hi Dutchy, not sure Exactly what you mean by play different games through CKAN? I'll guess at an answer tho. Ive set up various types of role-play games through picking select mods from ckan for e.g. Kis / Kas, this entire game i was only allowed to build 'out in the field' using the features of kis & kas. or people choose to play a 'life support' type game or even a 'warfare' type game with weapons etc The key is to decide what kind of playthrough youre looking for, then install mods that fit that scenario. if youre not sure and need ideas of the possibilities, then ask the community, these guys have done it all and love sharing what theyve done, plus they can guide you to the bestest mods Remember, you can have more than one KSP install on your PC, i have numerous KSP installs all with slightly differing mods to achieve differing types of games. i hope this helps and let us know what youre thinking and peeps will help. dont go mad with too many mods, i have around 20-30 what i call essential mods to me. anyhoo, gd luck
  2. Yer theres a setting to turn off 'ground crew' somewhere in the settings options.
  3. Thx for ur view, altho i disagree with last line.... GC cant cope with content as is, adding lots more probably isnt gonna help.( i know mods have their part to play in creating GC, not just squad) but hey ho, Squad will work on what they want, when they want, regardless of our desires and thats fair enough tbh, its their game i do agree game needs more content,( i cant play vanilla for eg) not doubting that at all, however i wont revisit ksp until i can get passed a mid-end game before it stutters to death. Lol then and only then would i even begin to consider Dlc etc but im not truly expecting an engine upgrade til next year, at least, as i know its alot of work and of course unity will probably introduce some new krakens then the wait for mods to catch up..... Sighs. it is what it is..... I respect that other peoples views maybe diff from my own, its testament to a game that can be played in so many ways, but for now i'll slip back into the shadows and watch from afar. fingers crossd.
  4. Hi Sal, thx for response fella, yer im sure it wont be straight forward ( nothing ever is ) altho the previous engine changes seemed to go ok-ish. i just wanted something positive to focus on, rather than the bickering about dlc etc, im sure y'all get upgrade done when you can. ( then the wait for mods to catch up ) ive not playd ksp since sept, i think, ive got alot of half finished games in various versions that i gave up on due to stutter etc , this isnt me moaning, just trying to explain what made me stop playing and why. im sure you guys are itching to get hold of the upgrade, hopefully itll make things bit easier in long run. leaves a bag o' luck for ya
  5. Hey squad, any ideas/ plan to upgrade ksp to the new unity engine any time soon? This year? Next year? Or not going to? cheers
  6. Not for me, until garbage collection gets sorted/ better optimised, its just gonna be more stutter heaven. (Keeps eye out for unity update) good luck tho squaddies
  7. Bet the garbage collection and stutter would be good on multi player
  8. I'll have a guess that youre running out of memory.....you running 32bit version with mods, try without the mods and attach logs again if problem persists.
  9. Attach ur ksp and output logs after summing happens mate or the devs chicken bones / crystal ball wont hav power to help
  10. Hi Padishar, thats interesting, all my mods 'claim to be for 1.2.1 except mk2 station parts expansion which is for 1.2. i need to remove IR surface sampler and IR struts as iirc theyre known not work atm, but i dont use them anyway so dont know why theyre throwing exceptions as theyre certainly not on any of my craft. im not surprised by IR spam as i was testing limits of docking ports attached to IR parts (kraken juice) i check for mod updates everytime before i play through ckan and avc. re-page file etc, ive never changed it, so itll be on default, i remember pressing lots of buttons on your meter tho. Lol could i have scaled it wrong which affected things maybe. shame indicator lights is causing issue, like those, ill look into that. but all in all, your mod seems to help mate and shows theres still some underlying issues to be ironed out. cheers
  11. thought you may find this info (Linkd) useful, i was mid stutter in flight, tried to Alt End to help then CTD, didnt get pics of your meter alas, but heres logs, hope they help. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ep926w29tdt32f8/KSP crash.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/318z03dnh523ipe/output_logcrash.txt?dl=0
  12. U say uve removed it, havu googled the virus i.d. ? What didu remove it with? Safe mode, virus scan, spybot scan, reboot? ifu dont mind losing all info, then sure fire way - Reinstall ur OS, itll wipe everything and start again, itll take while to re-update everything again tho. and keep away from them nawty sites edit - theres probably a Repair option somewhere?
  13. Not alot of support for the education sector product then..... Interesting, considering theyre trying to use squads system for purchasing more products. thought a tad more importance wouldve been put on a product purchased and used to teach others, not just played as a game as it were. Maybe thats just 'me' its all interesting viewing, watching how things get handled.... Or not hope u get ur answer Mr Teacher Sir
  14. An MP robot war Arena.....with some new destructive parts.... Could be gd
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