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  1. Uhh.. I believed I was using about 4, but it turns out they are: Kerbal Alarm Clock, KIS, KAS, kOS, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Surface Mounted Stock-Alike Lights, Community Category Kit, Module Manager. ..all declared the most recent versions by CKAN. And the status of the contract in the archives is "cancelled". Oh, and also I haven't been switching to the station for quite long time. I was jumping between the "extension" ship, and a Mun orbiter, which was hunting the last biome to get EVA report from. (they GOT it! ) Maybe that also had some impact?
  2. I had a contract "expand station X around Kerbin". Oh, men.. what an action it was! 135 ton rocket full of fuel, space for 5 more kerbals, solar panels (there is always not enough power for the lab), 8 monoprop tanks, newly discovered gravioli detector, all controlled by a probe core (Kerbals need rescue missions). The start was a great test for my "launch2" kOS program. In mere 3 orbits the "extension" was 2 km from the station, 60m/s relative speed.The docking was a masterpiece! Two Clampotron-Juniors (the tech was too low for bigger ones) clicked on the first attempt! (Thanks Docking-Port-Alignment mod!). And then... Then... Nothing. Just a brief note from Kerbin Word-First - "Congratulations, you have just started constructing your station on orbit". I call Gene Kerman - "Where is my money for the contract?" And he was like - "What money? The contract got just cancelled." - "Whaat??" Has it happened to you, guys? Is that all because of that fine-print "Be in command of Kerbin Station 1"? Shall I be moving The Station instead of the "extension"? (It had no RCS, so no way..) Or what?
  3. ksp + NoMansSky

    Yes, definitely, YES, please
  4. I have the feeling that managing the reentry heat is now much, much more difficult than it was in 1.0.5. In 1.0.5 I've been playing with a normal difficulty, for the 1.1 I've started a new career (because I *knew* there would be bugs, I wanted to see all the new stuff, and - just a very, very little - I hoped for the "barn-style" level 1 base), but this time with "moderate" difficulty. Where previously I would just make sure that I have enough parachutes, and I'm not diving down from the LKO at 90 deg angle, now I seem to need to consider adding a heat shield even for the Mk1 Command Pod, and really stress my fingers managing the ship orientation so none of the stuff attached to it (like that flat thermometer) burns in the atmosphere. I see that the difficulty setting for the heat is the same as it is for a "normal" difficulty game, so it should not matter. Is there so much changes in 1.1, is that some bug or imbalance, or my pilot skills got rusty sending yet another Kerbal with a rescue-to-a-rescue-of-a-rescue mission, and not really having time to bring them back?
  5. I was able to create something that did not explode when moving (not even a plane - a kind of a rover - 10m/s max) over the level 2 runway by reducing the friction tweakable to around 0,5, and doing what I've suggested in another topic (however using smaller values of 8000 for stress and 4000 for impact - the originals were 2000 and 1000): I'm not really sure what did the trick, but you may want to try both (friction+editing the config), possibly adjusting the numbers up to your taste. I really hope the problem lies in the gear parts, not in my constructions
  6. [a big, loud facepalm] I can only hope that I'm much better in constructing stuff than in making business.
  7. Definitely Kerbal Alarm Clock, I would say. Actually that one is the only one I use (or used before 1.1 ). And from the list, maybe, maybe Docking Port Alignment, but I haven't yet tried that one (and docked a few times).
  8. Low level landing gear

    There is a bug reported (and confirmed): You may want to try the workaround suggested by dwilliam16: edit the files "GearFixed.cfg" and "GearFree.cfg" from "Squad/Parts/Wheel/Landing Gear", and change the values "stressTolerance" and "impactTolerance" from 1,000 to 12,000. (Do a backup of these files and your game save - just in case)
  9. Wouldn't 1.1 alone be that new gameplay? (at least for a while)
  10. Wohooo! Already 15% downloaded. Sorry my bed, I won't see you tonight!
  11. Yes, it does not work at all. you can build a rover (or anything with wheels), put the Junior on it, drive off the runway, and try to engage the drill. You will see the message about something being too low. (I do not remember it exactly). I have read (somewhere, *I do not remember* where exactly) that the ore resources do not get "depleted" on planets (and moons and dwarf planets) currently, but that might possibly be changed in future releases. (Actually, if you drive slightly more south of the KSC, about 1km, or so, you should find a spot with 5% ore concentration - I've put a harvesting behemoth there, and I'm waiting a month until it gets its tanks filled with precious ore which I will then convert to monopropellant and liquid fuel, and then drive back, and recover it on the runway, and BE RICH! )
  12. Looking for Advice on Mun Base Location

    I have set my one in the East Farside Crater, and so far I'm quite happy with that. I believe that in any of the big craters you will find plenty of relatively flat area (if you avoid these smaller kid-craters), so both landing and connecting (docking) modules should be easy (relatively, of course). The ore concentration also seems to be quite good in these craters, but I recall from the last scan that that other crater, slightly on the southern part (of course, I do not remember its name ;)) has the biggest on the globe. About connecting modules, if you use docking ports, you need precision. But you might want to experiment with the Claw instead - the slope or angle does not matter in that case. You could connect the modules with your eyes closed.
  13. Hello, friendly people! The Junior Drill-O-Matic is supposed to work only on more than 2.5% ore concentration. if I employ this part on an asteroid, then I assume that at some point the ore concentration will fall below this threshold, and the Junior will refuse to work any more. Is that right? Do you use Junior on asteroids, or do you always haul the big one?
  14. Alternitive to the Outer Space Treaty

    Alive astronauts or dead? You could cheat by dropping dead bodies on all the planets. And if an alive astronaut is necessary, then when your last astronaut dies, would the land be free again? If it would not be freed, then you could cheat by sending still-alive expendables to quickly arrive and die on the surface. If the land would be free, then you could just kill the last astronaut of some other party, and then claim the land. This would mean that you would always have to send your colonists guarded by armies. So, nothing changes.