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  1. Look up Boring Crew Services. The author is making one after he puts the finishing touches on his Starliner.
  2. @DirtyFace83 Might I make a suggestion? A Grey KASA worm on the shuttle wing decal sheet would be more historically accurate. That being said, a grey KASA can easily be made with the custom text decal, so It's not a major thing. (Just a slight nitpick.) Amazing job on all this, by the way. It makes things much more realistic and interesting. Another suggestion: The shark eyes and teeth from the Delta II GPS rockets. I took my family to the Kennedy Space Center last month and my 2 and 3-year-olds decided their favorite rocket was the "Shark Rocket." (New Delta II display in the rocket garden has the shark markings.) That lasted until they got to see the Space Shuttle.
  3. Wow... This is amazing @benjee10!!! My wife is now telling me to play KSP so she can see the cool base parts.
  4. So, dumb question. How exactly do I use this? I saw an example usage thing in the readme. Do I have to make a program to use the scripts and run that, or can I just run them on their own?
  5. I will test this over the weekend. Sounds like it'll work quite well. Been too busy at work to respond. Is there a specific weight configuration the shuttle needs to be in for this to work?
  6. Holy [DELETED]!!! These are amazing! @benjee10 You continue to outdo yourself. Amazing job. Keep up the good work. I will be downloading these when I get home from work Friday.
  7. The math is extremely complex. I tried mapping out what equations were needed but my brain exploded.
  8. At one time I looked into KOS for a good reentry script, but I couldn't find the time to focus on how to make it do S-turns and AoA calculations on the fly. Somebody had a shuttle reentry script for Stock scale, but I was going to try to make it work for JNSQ and FAR. I may try to crack that open again, but my time is limited as work is extra demanding as of late. If you need a tester for a reentry script I'd be happy to assist.
  9. @VaderExMachina You could always do what I did and build your own. I actually found it enjoyable to make them exactly how I wanted them based off pictures and diagrams. That way you can throw in any special modifications you like to have.
  10. I think white should be the choice. As stated, it gives many more options for spacecraft and station building. I do believe tan should exist as an option for the parts that are used in Mir/ISS builds, but white gives the most options.
  11. The N1 haas been completely redone. Any craft you have with the N1 would have to be rebuilt.
  12. How might I go about cloning a part while only using a specific variant? I am trying to change the MM patch for the reDIRECT SSME. By default, it uses the stock SSME model, but when I change it to use Restock's model, I get all the variants at once and a shroud that won't go away. Is there an easy way to fix that?
  13. This looks amazing @Beale!!! I'm looking forward to the various SAF parts for spacecraft.
  14. This looks absolutely amazing. I can see myself using SigDim to jack this up to match JNSQ.
  15. I believe there is a reason there are not MIRV holders in this mod. I think it is somewhat quietly frowned upon to talk about using the ICBM-derived parts for their military purpose. However, you can do whatever you want in your game, and feel free to use the ICBMs as you see fit.
  16. Anyone have a good rescale factor for the CA shuttle payload bay equipment to get it to work with SOCK's Shuttle? I know said equipment is being worked on for SOCK, but I'd like to rescale CA's stuff in the mean time. If nobody has a number, I may play with it this weekend to figure it out.
  17. It would be pretty cool to see MM patches made to integrate the functionality of this mod into the telescopes in mods like SCANSat and Space Dust. I can have a look at trying to do it this weekend, if nobody more MM-savvy wants to try it.
  18. I once wrote a Sigma Dimensions config to rescale everything while ignoring JNSQ, and then put the Nova Kirbani system in the game. It actually worked, but I think there were some bugs. With a little refinement, such a config could allow other planet packs to work with JNSQ with a "Warranty Void" warning.
  19. @Beale Also, It may be worth adjusting the heat tolerance of parts that are meant for hot-staging. Since I started using hot-staging with Mechjeb, my Proton rocket stages are getting blown up before they decouple. Maybe a higher max temp or a little ablator will do the trick.
  20. @Beale It seems the black variant of the Hamal Avionics Ring will not show up. It uses the default texture.
  21. @cineboxandrew What font do you use for your CKCP decal? I want to use that style for putting names on my Soviet spacecraft.
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