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  1. Am I out of my mind, or is the science package for the top of Priroda missing? (The one in the Mir Picture on the first page.)
  2. @pTrevTrevs Any chance you have the rescale values you used for the payload equipment from Cormorant? I noticed there are new rescale options for (i'm assuming) x, y, and z axes.
  3. What would be great is a single .psd file with the appropriate layers to apply to the various variations of the shuttle textures. I understand that may be a bit of work to do, but it would be fantastic.
  4. Go into the config and look for the variant names. Replace any spaces (or underscores) with question marks (?). I'd paste the code, but I'm at work in a hurricane.
  5. @benjee10The craft file indicates there is a missing SRB decoupler. EDIT: Based on the part cfg, it appears there should be a decoupler in Photon Corp, but there is not. I'm assuming some sort of update is incoming.
  6. @benjee10I have noticed an odd artifact when building the shuttle. It depends on the camera angle, but I can see a flipped ghost of the orbiter wings in the VAB. It's like a shadow of the wing, but flipped. I won't be able to get you a screenshot until the weekend, so I apologize if my info is a little limited.
  7. Minimal or no payload. I use PVG and set a 350x80 initial orbit. I use Orbital Decay, so my ET eventually falls back into the atmosphere. (In the old JNSQ, 80km was still in the atmosphere.) I set the turn for 0.6 deg/sec, 100m start, and everything else is set at the defaults except for the lag time between burnout and staging, which is set to 0.
  8. @Invaderchaos This looks amazing! I was just looking at where to get a spacehab mod the other day. Do you or anyone else know of any plans to make other payload bay items like what's in Cormorant Aeronology, just sized for SOCK?
  9. So, since the RMM SSME is meant to be weaker than the patched Vector from redirect, how do we get a shuttle into orbit with it? I have yet to be able to. I use MechJeb with PVG and I generally use the settings in the SOCK manual. This is insufficient to get to orbit with the RMM SSME. Do I need to change settings on the ascent guidance, or is the shuttle too heavy since it's balanced for the Vector?
  10. Any plans for STS ET variations such as the different orange colors and the unique orange-with-white-pipes version? https://axmpaperspacescalemodels.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ET-SRB-External-Markings.pdf
  11. For those who have various control issues, might I recommend Dynamic Deflection. I installed it and it actually makes it so my shuttle can roll heads up with the SSMEs. The description explains what this mod is meant to do better than I could. Keep in mind that I do not know how well this will behave with FAR, as SOCK doesn't like FAR at the moment, so I don't use it.
  12. @Beale This looks amazing! Definitely gives a feel comparable to SOCK and BDB. I'm Looking forward to doing an ISS build and sending these up.
  13. @EStreetRocketsI have noticed that the SSME in this pack seems a bit anemic compared to the Vector copy that reDirect uses. My SOCK Shuttle can't make orbit in JNSQ if I drop the RMM SSMEs in as a replacement for the Rainstorm.
  14. Read the manual. It has descriptions of all the parts and instructions for some of them. Read everything. Seriously, read it, and pay particular attention to the shuttle nose and tail RCS instructions, as well as the flight information. The tank and SRBs are from reDIRECT. The SSMEs can be substituted with the ones from Rocket Motor Menagerie and the SRBs can be substituted with Photon Corp SRBs if you so desire. Both of those substitutions will afford you extra options that aren't available otherwise.
  15. Are there any plans for some of the Real-Life tank variations, such as the orange-with-white, the darker orange or the lighter orange colors?
  16. I believe it would. It would allow mods like ACES to automate disabling/enabling of both rudders and also allow configs to be made for the Shuttle to behave better with FAR.
  17. Dumb question: Would it be possible to simply split the current tail part into the vertical stabilizer and individual split rudders?
  18. I am aware of what the parts are. What I probably should have asked is what rescale factor is best?
  19. Dumb question: Where might I find Kuiper Belt's decals?
  20. @Arthurism & @AmateurAstronaut1969 Where did you get those small yellow shuttle decals?
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