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  1. Off-Topic ? Discussing DECQ's Saturn V in a DECQ's Saturn V Thread ......................................OK
  2. So there is no docking port for the LEM in RO ? This makes it hard as the other docking port is hard coded to the CM cover. Is there an alternative? Thanks for the response Regards Punch
  3. Agree , looks fantastic. Have one slightly confusing little bug that's vexing me, I have 2 KSP installs (a 1.3.1 stock & 1.3.1 RSS RO) No probs in the stock but in RO not all the parts seem to load . I can get around this by using procedule or other mod parts but some items like the LM docking port cause abit of agro :( Regards , Punch
  4. Dont know if I'm in the right place to ask but the 20 inch X-ray detector keeps overheating,. It's in the red on the launch pad and explodes son after launch I'm trying to follow RP-0 Getting-Started tutorial but stuck at this point Regards , Punch