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  1. I understand.... I was wondering if I should pm the op of TURD in order to have the said parts be metal like
  2. i was wondering if bdarmory (either the original or Scott manly version), Prometheus industries parts (like that of the drop fuel tank) , mk2 expansion and eskandare industries parts (like the cockpit on this f14 variant) would be Compatible to texture unlimited? if not, is there a way i can make a file so that i can make said textures and colors?
  3. hello, i noticed that with texture unlimited only shows a slider option for stock and a few mods, but for this mod, in particular https://github.com/CarnationRED/B9-PWings-Fork/releases/tag/1.0.0B, (or similar) there was no slider like that of an option of bob ross paints.....is there a file i am missing? also, is there any chance that mods like mk2 expansion and eskandare industries parts would be combatable with Texture Unlimited mod?
  4. the M1 has 12 in guns, the surcouf has 8 in, and the type XI has 4-4.5in guns, i cant remember (ik it is based on the z type of destroyers, dual mounted)
  5. Sadly, I only know the main batteries size of them
  6. Basically improves the armor value of the armor section
  7. M1 and surcouf is the names, and type XI is the 2nd one..... np as for the links, I’ll provide them later on, as it is late where I am at
  8. thank you so much :3 may i add any suggestions for additional content?
  9. my apologies it has been a while since i was in the forums @Gargamel, since I am in discord, how would I change my username on the forums?
  10. i have a question for @flywlyx - it is about the fleet of fog mod.....i am wondering if there's a way to add different colors to them? currently, i am using the mod, and loved it, tho it has 1 color to it- it is reddish pink, iirc, and was hoping to add an input to add, lets say, blue, green, yellow, purple, white and black (and reverse pattern), etc....would it be possible? and if so, would it be a slider in which you can select from 0 to 255 for rgb on 2-3 different values , or just multiple versions, with different ones different color and patterns? im hoping to have a torpedo's colors to represent- i401/iona Takao (both fog's and human's side) i400/i402 kirashima/haruna kongo hyuuga yamato musashi hiei myoko and the entire 'school council of the fleet of fog' as well as the stock torpedoes with that being said, i enjoy the mod, and hoping that more people will enjoy it in the unforeseen future
  11. here’s my older battleship pic, if you were interested
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