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  1. i apologize if i ask this, but i am curious if someone can make weapons of the 5 in-12 in types for submarines in this mod? or would it be too complex?
  2. i was curious- when i made the different aa components as a renamed ui (millennium cannon and an external weapon mod that is a cwis with missile attachments) it wont move like a turret should be behaving.... same as the artillery batteries for secondaries (both from NAS and its resized 18.1 in guns and the 6 in usn guns as secondaries) and even the laser systems (both the airborne and the laws systems).....is there a way i can fix it manually, or would there need an update to fix it? my apologies if i asked..... edit: it was a launchsite selection that ruined it, so plez don't worry about this reply
  3. Ty for the fix, I just was wondering, cuz I wasn't sure about the link.....is it in github as well?
  4. Thank you for the info! and that's an amazing battleship u have there! I wasn’t sure if I have to find a different configuration file for the dual purpose aa .....I tried that, but I feel that I was doing it wrong edit-I done it right
  5. i was curious...is there a way i can make the 8in american heavy cruiser main battery be dual purpose? i was also wondering if i can somehow make both that and the 6in usn light cruiser mains turn at 360°?
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2253229671614538&set=gm.933913126797643&type=3&theater&ifg=1 heres my ship (the craft to the right of the sea plane) an example of a futuristic BB on the seas
  7. Yea, I think that an update would be required, tho it works well in the current version, idk if the shells are updated along with it.....I would either re-update it, or wait for the newest update also, my apologies for the confusion, but I didn’t know that the turrets shoots cake or sandwiches
  8. i was wondering if i can add an idea, since i already asked about it on NAS, but sadly, they wont take it, so i was wondering if i can ask here: can the main turret on the submarine M1 and a dual/triple versions be possible to make, and would a surcouf turret also can be made? ty!
  9. https://imgur.com/irw47pW https://imgur.com/lKmWCds what parts are the ones that cover the torpedo area? it is B9 procedural wings part?