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  1. Hey Sorry guys. Had health issues and somehow didn't got notifications about replies in the other thread thanks @linuxgurugamer for picking it up!
  2. So gar nothing. Currently loaded with stuff to do for exams. Once they are over I will look into implementing the navball in iva
  3. Cheers. Just was about to ask that when I saw the patch was released. Will try to get arround within the next day to propperly mark it in Spacedock and CKAN, that it is compatible with 1.1.3
  4. what you can also do.. Just simply add all the experiments on the same action group..takes a bit of setup time in the VAB but it's worth it
  5. Some updates (like the update from 1.0.5 to 1.1) implement heavy API changes. In this case the biggest change was the User Interface and the mods that interacted with the UI had to be changed.. The more they interacted with the UI the "harder" they broke.. Update 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 did not alter anything / much of the current AI and only added new stuff (if even that) and thus the existing mods worked fine
  6. you could add a docking port or something simliar on the tail and rightclick *controll from here*
  7. I'd say you're missing a font (unless it is redistributed with KSP itself) As you said you started again did you do a complete fresh install of KSP or rather just an update? If the latter, you might want to try to reinstall. And what built are you on? Edit: Thats how it is supposed to look
  8. The one that is labeled with 1.1 is mine.. I had no time yet looking at it and contribute to it (my plan was to do pull requests for EvilReeper) but simply didn't come arround to it yet
  9. This looks interessting.. However, given the fact, that I myself already fail at the part you call the easiest I will be only a bystander I guess
  10. Hey there, no problem at all^^ Yea I changed both version number scheme and name of it. to make it clear, that it's not the same one you provide so people don't come to you and say xyz is not working and vice versa
  11. Yea I agree with the OP on one side.. The Mobile Processing Lab seems to be unbalanced however fair points were made in the following posts. I started out in my first run of KSP.. Brought a Mobile Processing Lab to Minmus with 2 Star 3 Scientists (It is easier for me to get them to level three than dock vessels in Orbit / Hop from Biome to Biome :D) and realised after a bit.. Wait a minute.. This just sits there and generates a sh... ton of science? Okay.. I just left it there.. I still have the Lab sitting on Minmus.. full of science (not enough fuel to get back to Kerbin) and... thats it.. So whats my point that I try to do here? If you believe it to be "Overpowered" and don't like it.. Just simply don't use it.. I have nearly unlocked all the techtree yet I only visited two Biomes on Minmus and one Biome on the moon and only orbital science of Kerbin. So it looks like to me, that you can fill up the tech tree completely or at least quite far without interplanetary travels and without the Mobile Processing Lab so in the end.. All fair game again
  12. One mod at the time takes too long.. Use a modified version of the binary search.. Take half of the mods out.. if the issue persists.. its in the half existing.. if not in the other half.. and then so on
  13. Okay. I don't have KKS installed so it might be the root of the problems (in conjunction with another mod)
  14. What version of KIS and KAS are you running? I have it installed via CKAN and have it there up to date (KAS 0.5.7 and KIS 1.2.9) and I do not have said issue. So either its a clash with another mod you install or you might be behind? (Or CKAN is behind then its a bug in newer version of those)
  15. Could it be that heat distribution / radiators work differently if you are in physic/time warp? *scratch* Was perfectly fine at a 150 000 000 meter periapsis.. tried to warp to AP to get closer and blew up on my way up *scratch*