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  1. New version 1.10 is released. Fixed boarding seats approach to be compatible with LadderWarp mod.
  2. I am trying to be consistent with key binding provided by the game. F - grab, B - board. I don't want to use other keys that can be set by Squad for new commands in future, or conflict with some other mods. Sorry.
  3. Hi @DarthPointer I am going to release this EB version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IYmjYnKRqZYwsh-ujIw5ir1Fh0A1fE0E/view?usp=sharing Please check how it works with your ladder. The board distance is decreased dramatically for all KerbalSeat derived parts. I tested this, i think it is perfect now.
  4. Just changed the boarding approach for seats with invoking part event, thank you @DarthPointer. Can someone please check if the original issue gone before releasing new EB version? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_7V8u6jh84zSjH2b9MN_TQ99kJm2D7z3/view?usp=sharing
  5. It was so long ago. As far as i remember i did not tried to invoke board event, or there was some another problem appeared with this. Will check. And i think a cannot provide separate button for boarding unknown parts))
  6. I had to use reflections to operate with command seats. I still don't know the public method or property to set occupant for the seat. By some reason allowed method Kerbal.BoardSeat(seat) does not set the occupant. When i find some public functionality to board seat correctly i will remove reflections approach. It looks like i'm doing something wrong even with reflections. Any suggestions?
  7. @Flupster, my PR contains a bunch of performance fixes as well. I strongly recommend you to make a merge.
  8. This can happen in case your craft have some acceleration/deceleration, or it is just moving through atmosphere and wind tries to blow your kerbal off. I did not used these mods KJR and WorldStabilizer. Obviously you can try to remove these mods temporary and see if problem gone.
  9. Hi @Flupster, i answered to you on github. You can merge my PR "Science threshold feature for Here and Now window"
  10. It would be good to have something like unit test to check whether all patches are formatted properly and stock parts names match the names from patches.
  11. @Lisias I think I found the root cause: I remembered that in addition I tried to compare the part name with name from file GameData\Squad\Parts\Structural\Size3To2Adapter_v2\Size2to3_v2.cfg. Just in case. Notepad++ was saying that the name is the same (because NP++ is case insensitive by default). I didn't noticed this and left the name Size3To2Adapter_v2 like in the file Size2to3_v2.cfg
  12. @Lisias logs and updated cfg: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16to6UZ7irp4Fy49I195PmR1I2pb5HmDt/view?usp=sharing When I deleted the ModuleManager.ConfigCache and ModuleManager.ConfigSHA I was unable to get Size3To2Adapter_v2 resizable even with Squad_Tanks.cfg modified. But eventually I managed to get this part resizable. If I remember correctly my steps were: 1. Remove TweakScale and __LOCAL folders from GameData. 2. Remove ModuleManager.ConfigCache and ModuleManager.ConfigSHA. Clear KSP log files. 3. Download latest TweakScale and unpack GameData and Extras to KSP fo
  13. Wow! Such a deep investigation! The situation is really strange. Ok, i can send you this in 3 hours or so.
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