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  1. @Flupster, my PR contains a bunch of performance fixes as well. I strongly recommend you to make a merge.
  2. This can happen in case your craft have some acceleration/deceleration, or it is just moving through atmosphere and wind tries to blow your kerbal off. I did not used these mods KJR and WorldStabilizer. Obviously you can try to remove these mods temporary and see if problem gone.
  3. Hi @Flupster, i answered to you on github. You can merge my PR "Science threshold feature for Here and Now window"
  4. It would be good to have something like unit test to check whether all patches are formatted properly and stock parts names match the names from patches.
  5. @Lisias I think I found the root cause: I remembered that in addition I tried to compare the part name with name from file GameData\Squad\Parts\Structural\Size3To2Adapter_v2\Size2to3_v2.cfg. Just in case. Notepad++ was saying that the name is the same (because NP++ is case insensitive by default). I didn't noticed this and left the name Size3To2Adapter_v2 like in the file Size2to3_v2.cfg
  6. @Lisias logs and updated cfg: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16to6UZ7irp4Fy49I195PmR1I2pb5HmDt/view?usp=sharing When I deleted the ModuleManager.ConfigCache and ModuleManager.ConfigSHA I was unable to get Size3To2Adapter_v2 resizable even with Squad_Tanks.cfg modified. But eventually I managed to get this part resizable. If I remember correctly my steps were: 1. Remove TweakScale and __LOCAL folders from GameData. 2. Remove ModuleManager.ConfigCache and ModuleManager.ConfigSHA. Clear KSP log files. 3. Download latest TweakScale and unpack GameData and Extras to KSP folder. Remove old MM dll. 4. Modify GameData\TweakScale\patches\Squad\Squad_Tanks.cfg - replace tabs with 4 spaces, remove 1 empty extra line (line 390). 5. Run game. Result is: KSP 1.7.3 with no DLCs GameData content: __LOCAL\ 000_ClickThroughBlocker\ 000_TexturesUnlimited\ 000_Toolbar\ 001_ToolbarControl\ Squad\ TweakScale\ ModuleManager.ConfigCache ModuleManager.ConfigSHA ModuleManager.Physics ModuleManager.TechTree ModuleManager.4.0.2.dll toolbar-settings.dat unBlur.0.5.0.dll
  7. Wow! Such a deep investigation! The situation is really strange. Ok, i can send you this in 3 hours or so.
  8. @Lisias thank you for supporting this mod. But I'm here to report a bug. Some parts are not scalable because of this: I have checked this and replaced tabs with spaces. Part became scalable.
  9. Okay here is my save. Player profile name is 'default'. You can load 'quicksave' or 'On Eve' saved game and try to ascend. And make sure you have TweakScale mod installed! This is ascending with MechJeb's autopilot for reference (same craft) : https://youtu.be/AbyhI9kEnVs?t=544
  10. No. I thought so too. And I wasted more than 1 hour changing parameters and trying to ascend. Nothing helped.
  11. This mod is perfect for ascending from Kerbin, and useless for Eve sea level. Anyway thank you @AndyMt! Will use MechJeb's ascending autopilot for Eve for the time being. (KSP 1.7.3)
  12. You can set the intention to board (B) or to grab a ladder (F) as usual, for example for Jeb, and then switch to another kerbal or vessel near to Jeb and do whatever you want. Jeb will remember what to do. The intention will only be reset when you reload the game scene (e.g. load saved game, or switch to another distant vessel on map).
  13. @linuxgurugamer, @taniwha, New version 1.8.1 is released. Updates: 1. Implemented non resettable independent kerbal intentions. 2. Fixed camera jump-away-effect when boarding vessel (it would be good to zoom out camera a little for large vessels, but i don't know how to do it). 3. Implemented the "herd instinct" (mass kerbals intentions). Hotkeys: RightCtrl+B and RightCtrl+F. This update allows you to collect kerbals like this: