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  1. Does that figure include development work/restarting/modifying production of an existing design? It would be more understandable but 75m still seems high for such a small engine even including dev cost. 75m can get you a whole medium LV these days.
  2. No, I don't think I will. @KerballingSmasher
  3. In an emergency, the IVA suits might suffice for a short transit to the airlock, but there are probably a number of other hurdles that make that impractical if not impossible.
  4. Plot twist: Starlink v2 is a cover for a revised strategic defense initiative.
  5. Unfortunately I probably won't participate. Ping me right before sign up ends just in case I change my mind, but when I first showed interest I thought it would be a fun way to kill time over the summer, but now I'm in college and participating in a different KSP multiplayer thing. Good luck to you all!
  6. And I usually do worse! I time it so on ascent I'll get a super close suborbital approach, and the relative velocity sometimes gets over 500m/s.
  7. My sarcasm/humor detector is not working today. If you are being funny than that is actually really funny. But if you are being serious, my understanding is that this tunnel will not be for starship transportation, it will be for general road traffic, so there is an alternate route during road closures that doesn't take way too long to bypass Starbase.
  8. Another advantage of a non embedded nozzle is that you can radiatively cool your nozzle in some cases without it affecting your hull.
  9. I'm going to bump this just in case someone relevant hasn't seen it, but if this garners no attention I'll drop the idea for now.
  10. @BuranAce If you are being proper, 185. If not, 236. A nuclear cruise missile has been launched. You have managed to hack into it and can control it somewhat. It's too late do ditch it in the ocean. Where do you blow it up?
  11. @Stormpilot Yes, but keep in mind that it is 6 AM for me, so I'm obviously not taking my own advice. Can someone explain this whole "Delta-V" thing to me?
  12. @Stormpilot Definitely not Boss Baby. You have been tasked with finding a more ethical method of execution. What do you decide on using?
  13. Way back in 2014, HOCGaming, Chickenkeeper, and EnterElysium created an entertaining series using Dark Multiplayer, where they did many things, ranging from building a Mun base to racing different craft to the island airport. It was quite entertaining, however they stopped the series because multiplayer technology of the time was not very stable. Now I haven't exactly checked, but now that it is seven years later, I'm guessing the multiplayer mods have improved somewhat. I'm looking to make something similar to that series, having 3-5 KSP YouTubers hang out and complete KSP challenges, with each episode being under an hour. If you are a small YouTuber and want to participate, please let me know! The goal is to make this a weekly thing, maybe with a varying cast depending on who can make it that week if there is enough interest. I'm not going to put hard upper or lower bounds on what a "small" YouTuber is, but basically as long as you have a decent mic, KSP experience, and a YouTube channel, you are probably good to participate (for comparison I'm at about 300 subs). I don't know when this will start, but there will be a test session first to make sure everything is feasible. The only other big things I can think of are sorting out who will do the hosting, how to do the hosting, and which of the two existing multiplayer mods we should use (DMP vs LMP). I might not be able to host depending on the restrictions of my college's internet. If you have any insight as to the pros and cons of each mod, please let me know as it has been a while since I have tried them out!
  14. @Dman979 $36.26 not counting gift cards. You need a wedding gift for your best friend, but you are broke. What do you get them?
  15. @Stormpilot Very often. I'm actually doing that right now. Do ship your Kerbals?
  16. Here is how this works: Answer the question of the post above, pinging the question's author in the process (do not quote them).Your answer may not contain a trace of the original question. If you quote them, the original post is preserved, which negates the point. Your answer may not contain a trace of the original question, that negates the point. Try to make your answer non specific, as it allows greater humor flexibility. Short answers will probably do better. In the same post, ask a new question. Wait for the next person who posts to ping you. Read their answer and think of a question that would make that answer funny/silly. Edit your post and switch the original question for that question. Example: Dave: (insert answer to previous question, insert ping) What is your favorite part in KSP? Randal: @Dave without a doubt, the terrier engine. What was the cause of your last mission failure? (Dave then proceeds to edit his post so it asks, instead "Which part is the most useless part in the game?") Cheryl: @Randal The parachutes didn't work. (Insert next question). (Randal then proceeds to edit his post so it asks, instead "What is your greatest regret about that time you sent Kerbals into Jool?" So now it reads: Which part is the most useless part in the game? Without a doubt, the terrier engine. What is your greatest regret about that time you sent Kerbals into Jool? The parachutes didn't work. The goal is to make a long string of funny questions and answers you can binge and chuckle at. Try to make the questions/answers KSP related, but if that was a strict rule we would run out of content fairly quickly. I'll start. Do you feel any remorse for stranding your Kerbals on Eve?
  17. Please tell me more about this, and if possible show more.
  18. What gives that impression? I was under the impression that this was the plan, that they are sending it back to finish it.
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