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  1. This has brought to my attention that my dad is planning on deleting or soft-deleting his old email address (which I used to buy KSP with) very soon. After this happens I will no longer have the ability to reset my password, so if something like this happens again, I'm screwed. Is there a way to change what email address my KSP store account is associated with?
  2. Back in 2013, when I bought the game, I did not have an email address so I used my father's. However, he is now in the process of phasing out that address and will likely delete it or soft-delete it at some point in the near future. Looking at the KSP store website I do not see a way to change the email address over. Edit profile just goes to the password reset page. Is there any way to do this? Or perhaps migrate it to a Steam account? Or enable an alternate access route? I know that was a thing for old accounts many years back and IDK if it is still an option. I don't want to have to re-buy the game/DLCs for like what, $100 now? when I originally got the game for $23, although to be fair I have gotten far more than $100 worth of enjoyment out of this game. The recent password reset fiasco brought this to my attention. If it happens again after the email address is gone I will have no way to reset my password.
  3. Do you think, if they ever do Mars missions, that they will ship complete spare Raptors there in advance in case they have issues? Edit: Now that I think about it they could probably also swap with the cargo ships if stuff goes wrong, disregard.
  4. I believe it's a term for companies doing a highly publicized "green" stunt to make the public think they are a green company while not actually being a green company. It is a term with negative connotations.
  5. First HTV-X mission is scheduled for 2022 I believe. As far as I know its still being worked on, IDK why they would cancel it this late into development.
  6. This is my new goal. I don't care how difficult is lol, or how much it makes my computer cry, I will do my best to do this!
  7. Four things happened today. First off, I had my second ever FTL hard mode run that got to Sector 8, this run being a boarding build (and a fairly poor one at that) of Mantis B, the boarding part of which crumbled in the last few sectors as my 3 mantis 1 rock boarding crew died and I had to jankily patch together a new boarding crew last minute, at times even resorting to using Engi boarders. I immediately failed the flagship fight. I had a plan but it relied on me being able to disable shields with ion bombs. However I forgot to account for cloaking disrupting both my teleporter and my weapons, and I got shredded in fairly short order. Second, I procrastinated studying for my Calc II final (a very bad idea) by going for a walk. Turns out, campus is absurdly beautiful in the spring. I walked around for far longer than I should have, getting near the band room. I wanted to use a practice room to play piano because I was in a good mood, but couldn't find out how to sign up, but did find on the website that the college has a few organs and such, although you practically have to be enrolled in music classes to get anywhere close to them... Maybe I can pull some strings... And then I ended up at the library. I thought I'd walk around and just see what's there. I walked around the lobby looking at art for a few minutes and then decided to take the building floor by floor. Floor 0 contained a room full of microfilm, newspapers, dvds, cds, and videos, and also a long room of shelves containing various fictional and philosophical works, including poetry and 1-3 whole shelves dedicated to the works of Herman Melville (Moby Dick guy I think) and analysis thereof. However, then I went down a long hallway, trying various doors. They were all locked save one. I found an industrial looking room of various pipes and electrics, and briefly wondered if I had strayed into somewhere I shouldn't. However at the end of the hallway I spied regular study desks and bookshelves. I had just stumbled into the science room. Shelf after shelf of mathematics journals, crammed together very closely, row after row, each with a more varied topic than the last, dating back decades and centuries, copies of stuff the Royal Society had made, shelves dedicated to the works of people with names as prestigious as Newton, Einstein, Fermi, etc. most of it too complex for me to begin to comprehend. In awe I worked my way through the bookcases, just skimming the titles, occasionally pulling out a book to skim over and then put back after I inevitably could not understand a single thing. I kept going through the room, wondering when I'd reach physics. I got halfway through the room when I saw the staircase. I was like "Oh, this part is two floors, physics is probably up there." I finished the room, which was mostly math and some physics, and then headed up the stairs. I cannot recall if I saw the second staircase now or later, I will assume it was later because it makes a better story, but I skimmed it all, it was science, of all kinds, nuclear, solid body, cryogenic, quantum, high temperature, and with shelves upon shelves of nuclear fusion journals, and that's just scratching the surface! At the end of that half of the room were the meteorology records, including daily records of rainfall across the whole state and country dating back to the 20s or 30s. I went to the other half of the room on the other side of the staircase, and I finally found something I could make sense of - The beginning of the space section. I pulled out a book marked "Space exploration through the year 2000" or something expecting it to be a history, but no, it was plans from the 1980s for up to the year 2000 detailing pre-challenger plans involving preparations for a Mars sample return mission and a comet sample return mission. I also looked at a book with all of the Gemini III IV and V pictures. And all of the books I saw were just part of the science section, which was two floors tall, with several books marked for transport to the library storage building - so there must be more. But then I realized that it was 7:00 and I was late for movie night! So I went back to the staircase to find the exit - and there were stairs to a third floor. So I went up. There were more stairs. So I went up. Passing incomprehensible amounts of knowledge. I lost count, but probably 6-7 floors in the science section alone, assuming it is all science - and the stuff from the most recent 20 years or so is mostly not there. It may not be in the collections, or it may be in another place... But, wow. So you know, I was already feeling overwhelmed in the first poetry section with how much information - how many people's life's works - were right there. But I understood a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what I saw. What I saw is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the knowledge contained in that building. The knowledge contained in that building is the important highlights, but that is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what is known by humanity. And what is known by humanity is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what remains to be known. It was a very eye opening experience and left my head spinning for a while. It made me feel very, very, very small, like I will never truly understand anything. Change of pace, but the third thing to happen today was I saw a cloud shaped like a fidget spinner. And fourth, at movie night we watched John Carter. And. I. LOVED IT. Not necessarily because it was good in all aspects (It did bomb at the box office and had largely mixed reviews) but because it seemed like the exact kind of story I would write, with just how all over the place the plot is. I'm half convinced I invent time travel in the future and went back in time to write the story myself. So yeah today was very eventful. I will now proceed to cram for the Calc II final and hope I start understanding Taylor series soon.
  8. I can strongly relate to this. This comic and Kuzzter's comics inspired me to start writing my stuff, it's a shame that both projects have stagnated... Although to be fair, both of my main projects have also stagnated.
  9. There's a lot of speculation that this award is because the SpaceX option was the only one they could afford, and even then they had to talk SpaceX down in price a bit. There is further speculation that, because Congress probably won't be happy with this choice, that this also serves as a play to say "We'll have two landers, we'll give you what you want, if you properly fund us."
  10. Excellent drone shots on this one!
  11. So we are looking at 15-20k tiles for the whole starship? That's a lot of tiles.
  12. If the third party's options are lower cost than the in house options, it makes perfect sense.
  13. March 31, 2021 - Launch of Reacher 1 Picture taken a few minutes after the save was created. Reacher 1 launched at around 10:15 AM CST on March 31 2021 and touched down a few minutes later. The rocket carried Jebediah Kerman, and managed to recover 23 science points! I even managed to land it on the VAB roof! We have now recovered it, and we may refuel it and relaunch it from the runway to get even more science. We must wait roughly 18 hours to research the first 2 tech nodes, so we must wait at least that long before building Reacher 2, which aims to fly up into suborbital space. I don't know when it will be ready yet.
  14. S.P.I.R.I.T. - Space Program In Real Ish Time You read that right, I will be attempting to play through lightly modded KSP career mode in real (ish) time, with the end goal being a mission to Duna, assuming I manage to become Duna-capable before the transfer window. This means no time warp. Note, depending on how my laptop reacts to running KSP for long periods of time, I might change to waiting the necessary amount of time in real life and then time warping to that point in game when I get there. If the fan noise prevents me from sleeping, this will be the likely route. The reason I'm doing this is because I've noticed something, I never really play a KSP save to completion, I always burn out on it and drop it after a few weeks or months. I also don't bother planning stuff any more because I've gotten good enough at the game that the stakes are very low. For saves I come back to every now and then, I often see that ingame time has actually progressed slower than real time, and I've been wondering about the feasibility of a real time save for a while now. It may also feel a bit more like being part of an actual space agency. This is my first year in college, and I got a shiny new laptop just for it, but due to everything being online, I don't use it at all, I just use my desktop. So, since it's sitting around doing nothing, I thought, let's give it a try! I will be playing with Kerbal Construction Time installed to give craft construction a weight in the real world and physically prevent me from playing too much to burn out. I am also playing with no revert/quickload, although we'll see if that lasts... I will post updates here whenever stuff happens in real life and I might also make it into a YouTube series. Of course the most likely turn of events is that I'll grow bored of this after a week like all my other projects, but maybe not. Game time to real time will not be 1:1 due to lag, real world commitments, game restarts, computer restarts, computer transports, trips, vacations, etc. So dates may slip. Difficulty is hard mode, but with a few settings tweaked. Timeline (All times in CST): 3:00 PM March 29, 2021 - Start of save 10:15 AM March 31, 2021 - Launch of Reacher 1, a normal Flea powered starting rocket, piloted by Jebediah Kerman. Gathered 23 science points and was a success! (Scheduled) - May 26, 2021 - Approximate timeframe of Duna Transfer Window Here goes nothing!
  15. I am not asking for a delay, but if it does get delayed to Monday and goes off without a hitch that would be an amazing birthday present!
  16. I got no such email, so it looks like I didn't get through, unless they aren't sending them out all at once. I'd imagine the video would be about introducing yourself and explaining why you would be a good candidate for the mission, but they definitely should have elaborated on that.
  17. Assuming I'll have time, I'll probably participate. No idea what I'll add yet though.
  18. Has a two-cycle rocket engine been done before?
  19. I've seen this a few other times (not sure if it's been posted here or not) but the LOX tank is at the base right? People are guessing that the hard landing ruptured the methane downcomer leading to methane and LOX contacting in the bottom tank.
  20. Today, I flew the Ascender Mk8 for the first time, and it flew! The line I have between "successful flight" and "unsuccessful flight" is very blurred, but this is indisputably my first successful, no asterisks, hot air balloon flight! It rose about 2-3 feet from its starting position and hovered for roughly 30 seconds. Also I got an A on my physics exam!
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