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  1. hey @Sin_Phi, how would you launch the large one? it is kind of an odd shape when it is retracted and there is a part on the bottom that looks like it is an attachment point or will it be one of the center of the part points? Good luck with the mod, it looks great already. though I would put this in the add-on development section instead of here.
  2. @FreeThinker, I have some thoughts and question about the KSP-I extended. First and most recently, about the Tokamak engine. A way you could make it have it's own niche in game-play is to have both the functions of a magnetic nozzle and the plasma nozzle with it by toggling between two modes. That way it wouldn't be replaced by a combination of parts already in the game, this may make it an overpowered part in game and would by nessesity make it higher up on the tech tree than both parts. Another, less intellectual reason is that the model and texture is just so attractive. It is one of the pretties engines in the game. Another point is the addition of two possible engines to mod. One is a Vapor core NTR engine, which is a simply a solid core nuclear rocket engine with the fuel being a uranium fluoride being heated to a vapor inside the engine. This is not a powerful engine in terms of performance the real reason to build one is as a stepping stone to designing a gas core NTR. It would have an upgraded ISP of 1,200 and a thrust of about 330 Kn at 1.25 m diameter and a mass of 7 tons. Another engine that would go well with the upgraded beamed power network is the inclusion of the Lightcraft engine, The main difference between the lightcraft and laser ablative nozzle is that in the atmosphere the lightcraft engine uses atmosphere as the propellant and maybe after an upgrade then it could use any gas as a propellant in space. A balance point is that the lightcraft would have a lower thrust than the laser ablative nozzle but the lightcraft would have a larger collection size that the node size. For example the 1.25 m would have a collection diameter of 1.875 m and so on. May have too large of a game play overlap with the laser ablative nozzle but just an idea. (Would do all this myself but I literally have no idea how to model or texture) A Question I have is that over the time I have used the amazing KSP-I extended the thermal turbojet has consistently reduced in power over time. I have rebuilt over the game versions and over time the thrust from one thermal turbojet has dropped badly. When I first constructed it it had a TWR of 3:1, now after having reduced the mass by quite a bit the TWR has dropped to less than one and I want to know what has happened and why. Also I have a problem with how the Plasma wake-field engine works. My problem is that it shouldn't have a variable ISP. When I was (trying to) calculate the true ISP I found an equation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_acceleration) that would told how to calculate the strength of the electric field. The two variables that could conceivably be changed were the plasma density and the mass of the electron. The mass has interesting connotations for the engine because as the mass of individual particles increases it would increase the strength of the electric field and thus the ISP. If it was a negative interaction as the mass increased it would be more in line with the performance in KSP-I extended as it is now. So for now a high, constant ISP would reflect real physics. If the Variable ISP is a game play element then I apologize if it seems like I am being critical. I will get back to you on the Realistic ISP when I can figure out how much each particle is accelerated in a 20 GV accelerator. (lots of weird conversions)
  3. Um @FreeThinker, I am still having problems with the laser ablative nozzle. I choose long infrared as the frequency on a stellarator beamed power station. I put two of them out and have a ship with a laser ablative nozzle on the bottom launched up. The nozzle says it is receiving 13 MW of power (near future is installed) yet the nozzle does not produce thrust, nor consume propellant and has an ISP of 14. I have checked to see if there is anything that I am missing but I really don't know what could be wrong.
  4. I messed up again, I compared the size of the largest KW rocketry SRB to the Moore and it is about the same size with just over 10,000 units of solid fuel. oops!
  5. ok, @FreeThinker, how should I start up the launch nozzle then, there is an option to activate the receiver on it and also the option to activate the engine? What transmitter should I use for it?
  6. Hey can anyone tell me how to use the laser ablative nozzle with beamed power? is it supposed to be able to be used as a surface to orbit ability and what frequency of beamed power should I use and how much does it need. I am playing with Near future mods installed. HELP!
  7. Hey @-ctn-, I am back again, with another idea of balance for the Moore booster this time in the amount of fuel it in. I did some VERY rough volumetric calculations on the Moore in comparison to the largest stock SRB and I got for the fuel volume of the Moore booster a whopping 26,000 units of solid fuel! Now this was really, really rough, so don't take it as how much it really has but i does give the idea that the Moore should have more that the 6,000 that it currently has. referring back to KW, the largest 2.5m SRB there has over 10,000 units of fuel and is shorter than the Moore. A good balance for fuel amount cold be 20,000 units of solid fuel. IF you decide to increase the fuel amount then it would also be necessary to increase the Thrust yet again. No idea how much but with such a large booster maybe a lower TWR of about 2 on Kerbin would be ideal. I noticed that the larger the booster in stock, the smaller the TWR. Only a suggestion, Thanks for such a clever small mod pack.
  8. Hey @Rejected Spawn, KSPInterstellar extended has the microwave drive that is making so much waves right now. This is called the bussard ramjet, here is the wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bussard_ramjet. As for this is limited in many ways because of the drag created in the large magnetic limits the maximum speed. Also the density and make up of gasses limit the maximum speed and what it takes in. Most of what is in the interplanetary and interstellar medium is hydrogen (anyone smarter than me please correct me) and that is why the Bussard ramjet is a fusion powered propulsion. The idea of the 2.5m Nuclear chemical rocket is also available in KSPInterstellar as well. It sounds like you really should try it out. It has a bit of a learning curve but lots of people are trying to create tutorials for you.
  9. Hey @Tokamak, could you update this mod I find it a very simple and useful part in reducing part count in the Mk 1-2 command pod craft. I don't know if you can still get the files for it but I still have the folder in my KSP gamedata.
  10. Hey @-ctn-, just a balance note the thrust for the 2.5 m radially attached SRB isn't nearly high enough. When I put it on a launch vehicle the TWR goes down in contrast to the 2.5 m SRB from KW redux increases. You really should increase the thrust until it has a TWR by itself of more than 3 like the rest of the SRBs in stock.
  11. Thanks for providing a fix for this mod @Kerbas_ad_astra, I just barely downloaded it and am enjoying the parts. A bug I am experiencing is that the solar panels don't produce electricity when deployed even when they are facing the sun. This was with the anntena activated. They also cannot retract for any of the options even in the VAB. They just stay deployed. Also some of the parts need to be relocated to more appropriate tabs. Like the heat shield going in heat tab, service modules to fuel tanks and the decouplers to the decoupling tab. Other than that this is a fantastic fix for a very cool mod.
  12. If anyone is really looking for a mod that adds really good 2.5m plane parts the praska aeroworks mod does just that with plenty of really cool other parts.
  13. That sounds awsome, and with @SuicidalInsanity's Iva and modding skills this will be very good addition to the already really cool mod. You are really good at making the labs have unique IVA's. Good luck!
  14. The files I listed were nested the way I wrote them with TokamakRefurbishedParts-0.1.3 being the folder from the zip file with GameData inside of it and Tokamakindusties as the one inside of GameData. Tokamakindustries was the one with all of the other files in there. It seems from your pic that the one I want to move into KSP gamedata folder is the Tokamakindustries folder. Thanks