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  1. This game is super photogenic. Thanks to Squad for allowing us to aim the camera away from crafts and change the FOV while in flight! Minmus Landing: First Visit to Eve: First visit to Duna: Rocket launch through launchpad: Minmus Space Station:
  2. New Comic! Page 2 from https://www.sprocketcreations.com/read?/moments/2 Mission control messes up the staging on their latest rocket, leading to a short bout of depression.
  3. Page 1, from https://www.sprocketcreations.com/read?/moments/1. Bob Kerman finds himself stranded on Minmus after Mission Control underestimates how much fuel he will need to return. I'm unsure whether I like the speech bubbles and boxes on this one. I tried to give them color based on who was talking. What do you think?
  4. Here are some pictures I have drawn for practice.
  5. Well, you clearly know what your doing, and if you say its better, it probably actually is better! Cool! I'll have a poke around to see what i can find!
  6. While that looks super awesome, i'm worried that with the custom rocket it wont feel like KSP anymore. I'm super Jealy of your texturing skilz though! Can you make a tutorial?
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