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  1. thanks for the advice about autostruts, didnt know about it. Still its a very strange that usual struts cause such destruction, this never happend before in my play, even with a bigger Mk3 vehicles. Nevertheless, big thanks for you creating such a wonderful mod, this is what stock spaceplanes really needed. Just dont make it very complicated like netrea's mods or OPT) Ksp players need more imagination and skills, rather then loads of parts of all all kinds. Большое спасибо!
  2. I tried to reinforce craft with a struts, but that breaks the whole structure into pieces while in the air or even at runway. There is some kind of bug http://imgur.com/a/TPd5y
  3. There is a problem with mk3 side tanks and fuselages. They are cause a very high drag that wont let craft accelerate past 330m/s, because after reaching it drag(red arrows) increases very fast and craft doesnt accelerates anymore. Without side parts its quickly reaches 800-900m/s even with a less engines. I can provide some screenshots of it. P.s sorry for bad english. http://imgur.com/a/yUGQN screenshots update Problem solved by connecting sidetrunks to one another, not fuselage. But i have more serious problem now. joints between Big-S wings and
  4. You are right, comrade, LH2 is few times less denser than kerosene. Russian wikipedia says that LH2/OX tanks 2-3 times taller than one with K/OX mixture, at same diameter. But still there is some mistake in calculations(maybe a feature of a stock tanks). Here is NERVA spacecraft designs.
  5. Of course they're look awesome. Especially a liberator with big ronund tank. But in a middle of career i have a big problems delivering shiltoads of 2,5 m cryogenic tanks to orbit for LV-N propulsed interplanetary ship. Look at Constellation Mars vehicle - tanks are not THAT big. Pic - size comparison of the same amounts of LF and LH2
  6. IRL, of course. But in game it means you need 4X more tank volume, so that big atomic cruisers i build(150 tons and more) will look like a nonsense, because of enormous size of a tanks, and will be a very problematic to launch. So using LF is the only option for me.
  7. Thanks Netrea, another great mod. Youre really a king of modelling One thing. Density of LH2 and volume of tanks. I mean, upper stage should not be bigger than booster stage, right? P.s engines from RLA, Atomic Age, KSPX is working fine. P.s2 How to make those awesome tanks start using Liquid Fuel?
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