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  1. I don't think a planet that close to the sun could support an atmoshphere (Please correct me if I'm wrong). I say that becuase the mod creator likes to keep the mod at least somewhat realistic. As for the goldilocks zone problem, some planets are close to hot planets/gas giants. This might not be super realistic, but it's fun to think that it might work. Now, a planet like Venus would be awesome, but there are limitations within KSP that prevents planets like this. Also, In my opinion there are already a lot of outer planets that I would assume are very hard to get to with life support mods. Have you tried to get to one with life support yet? Plus the mod author would like to keep the mod as stock friendly as possible, as in no super far away planets that would need something like "advanced nuclear engnes" or something like that to get to.
  2. That forum engine doesn't look very good. It sent me to a spam site that said I needed to update flash player when I clicked on one of the Sub-Forums. ._.
  3. I need a better computer to look at pretty things like that ;P
  4. I thought the rules said we couldn't have companies to prevent role-play...
  5. Try looking at Niebos' stats in the tracking center and compare them to Gaia/Kerbin. That might help a little bit if you try guessing delta-v.
  6. Astrogator makes delta-v estimates in-game if you get the mod. That requires ckan though so I can look tommorow if you need me too.
  7. Oh I could have sworn I saw one on Olei Also I think I have a challenge for me now... I am going on an easter egg hunt! >:D I want to find at least 10 easter eggs. Are there at least that many?