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  1. Nope. And there is almost no need for that. The lack of parts was almost always a selling point. Focus on the mod and not the parts.
  2. Thanks man, kinda rings a bell from a long time off. Oh well, I guess if someone actually DID cap the KSP time warp, I doubt I'd be asking about it. I wonder why the KSP devs didn't think that should be a controlled value with a controllable cap as well. <-- See I'm not a programmer, just a user.
  3. I know you mentioned raising a Github issue, but couldn't add some randomization to the repeatable contracts. Sort of like what BasesAndStations does with a Cooldown as well as a pure random number to determine if a contract even gets offered in the list. I'm working on my own modification now to fit it all into how Kerbal Construction Time will inflict a time cost to everything I do. Just looks odd to have ALL the contracts on the list ALL the time. They really should flip flop around.
  4. Drat. I wish I had gotten to this sooner... @ShotgunNinja, I saw where you have the Kerbals eating food twice a day in the realism profile. I might be wrong, but wouldn't the waste_ratio also need to be halved: waste_ratio = 0.179226873219374 Kerbals dump <- this much twice a day and not 0.358453746438747? As for degeneration, I dunno if that would need to be halved cuz I've never had nor have I tried to starve out my kerbals. I'd take a wild guess and say probably not. Also, that new 'small' oxygen tank wasn't properly included for the realism profile. Keeping inline with the realism profile, all I did was stuff the following right into the profile. I believe that works out to about 15 days oxygen (No scrub) for a single kerbal. Since it was rescaled 0.6, I'd assume the mass would drop to. @PART[kerbalism-oxygen-radial-small] { @mass = 0.27 @RESOURCE[Oxygen] { @name = Oxygen @amount = 2025.0 @maxAmount = 2025.0 } } I know this has nothing to do with kerbalism, but isn’t there a mod or a way to globally cap how fast KSP can time warp? And by that I mean no matter what the end user does or even another mod, KSP can never time warp at max speed. I'd prefer that max to be two little green arrows less then full speed. Just ask'in... Lastly, I guess it would suck if SN had to update again just because of the above, so I can store a realism profile on GitHub that has these changes included. You can get a config for KPBS as well as some custom parts for the realism profile. See the link on the first page of Kerbalism.
  5. Thanks man, as soon as I installed the update I had a tourism plus contract set to expire in 97 days. I'd guess that fits with the default 5-100 days. As far as I can tell, all of my contract modifications seem to work. So that leads me to ask if you might use (cooldownDuration = ) for tourism Plus? Doing that might also allow for maxSimultaneous = 2. What I meant was "cooldownDuration = Random(10d, 200d)" And so on...
  6. Well, I wasn't trying to be Bill Ni the science guy here. I was just hoping to re-spark a discussion on what a greehouse is supposed to do besides the obvious. Just strapping on scrubbers and recyclers is a bandage. SN is likely to have to code something for the greenhouse. For example, the gas exchange for Growth = 1% would be far less then Growth = 80%. I'd guess the same would go for the light and soil issues as well. In the case of the realism profile, you'd have water to deal with. <- 1% crop uses far less water then 80% --> I'd also assume a small amount of 'WasteWater' would likely show up at that. As it stands, the scrubber and recycler modules won't do the greenhouse any justice. Just say'n...
  7. So I've just started looking into Contract Configurator, contract packs, and of course the stock contract system. I've noticed a few kerbalism parts have contract patches added like the greenhouse. Since it seems you plan on updating soon, would you consider added the the gravity ring to the station contract part request? Maybe beef up the reward and add a touch of science? Something like that anyway... However, if I can manage, I might be able to come up with a separate set of contracts just for the gravity ring on my own (Back story and all that). I know the DMagic Orbital stuff does that kind of thing well enough. If I can figure it all out, might make the gravity ring a more important part of Kerbalism... Should I hold my breathe? Of course, I'm too dumb not to. Gotta agree with PieBue.... The greenhouse module is a little weak. I thought you said you'd try and fix that up a while back. Something along the lines the greenhouse would kinda act like a recycler by taking in other resources (x2?) and outputting the same. Or did I just dream that?. Other LS mods have a common Idea at least. The greenhouse, would suck in CO2 and spew O2... Right?
  8. Thanks for mentioning that. I can see some of the differences in the 'KerbinSpaceStation' pack. But I'm still not sure Contract Configurator is doing what it's supposed to. Either that or I've totally missed something. I currently have the above mentioned contract pack as well as 'Kerbin Academy' and 'Tourism Plus'. Why is it each and every contract in these packs ALWAYS starts with an offer expiration set at 5 days?. No matter what I try, everything from mucking around with ALT+F12 to starting a new game, the contracts always appear with 5 days exactly. All of them. Wouldn't either of the following have had an effect by now? minExpiry = 1.0 --> minExpiry = 10.0 maxExpiry = 7.0 --> maxExpiry = 17.0 Why is it always 5 days? Odd because I saw in the wiki that these two values default to 5 and 100 respectively. And I can't find anywhere else that five days is specified. According to whats in ALT+F10, the above values are there, but the offer expiration still says 5 days. What the heck am I missing? BTW - Can the CooldownDuration be bet set as a random number, or does it need to be exactly specified. @severedsolo - Since I do like both Kerbalism and the KerbinSpaceStations pack, why not support Kerbalism? I could see a contract to attach the Gravity Ring to a station as a good one.
  9. Actually, I've got my patches using 2 days as a marker. Without any other mods to make use of CO2, I couldn't see a reason for going higher (Unless I just stick with the standard 3 days like with food and water). Another thing you could consider is having the kerbals eat twice a day (Breakfast/Dinner) instead of the single meal per day the realism profile has set up. This is easy to do (Half rate and interval) and changes nothing in how the realism profile behaves. I'm considering doing this with my patches. Again, I've no idea what Barrin was attempting with the realism profile, I just figured kerbals would be grumpy without at least breakfast and dinner. Oh well...
  10. Maybe it's dorky to do this, but I'd like to give a big fat Salute to KPBS. Sits well within my top 5 mods. It looks good, behaves well, and seems as close to solid as you can get. Thanks for doing this dude(s). I appreciate it!
  11. @Kerbos Nope. Didn't do a thing. When you mentioned about the NV cache it rang a bell. Can't remember why. @ShotgunNinja I know Barrin hasn't been around, but would you mind changing the 'waste_buffer' in the Oxygen rule for the realism profile. It's set at 45.0 and that means 45 days worth of CO2 waste. Really? That's actually 4.5 times the default value of 10. And I can't imagine even the dumbest kerbals would store 45 days of CO2 for a single man command pod. 101.25x45 = Too much!
  12. So I tried to find an older post from someone else to quote from, but I couldn't. How come all the CC contracts are always available? No matter what I complete, another contract always takes its place (Immediately). Does not CC have some sort of randomization for how long a contract stays in limbo before it shows up again? Shouldn't it? It sure seemed like stock KSP had that kind of effect. Just wondering...
  13. WIN7 64B KSP 113 64B CLS 1221 I just recently decided CLS needs to be part of my default mods setup and installed into all my various KSP games. It makes sense. For the most part, everything seemed fine. Save for the fact I didn't build my stations with CLS in mind. But recently (on occasion) I'd see the CLS GUI do something odd esp. in the VAB. Its where the part name gets displayed up where the green title message is in the CLS GUI window. Of course closing said window and re-displaying it fixed the problem. I eventually took a look at my log files and found this: [KSP.log] [EXC 18:21:04.117] ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ConnectedLivingSpace.ICLSSpace].get_Item (Int32 index) ConnectedLivingSpace.CLSAddon.DisplayCLSWindow () UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) ConnectedLivingSpace.CLSAddon:DisplayCLSWindow() ConnectedLivingSpace.CLSAddon:OnWindow(Int32) UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate(WindowFunction, Int32, GUISkin, Int32, Single, Single, GUIStyle) [output_log.txt] ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ConnectedLivingSpace.ICLSSpace].get_Item (Int32 index) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ConnectedLivingSpace.CLSAddon.DisplayCLSWindow () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 UnityEngine.Debug:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) ConnectedLivingSpace.CLSAddon:DisplayCLSWindow() ConnectedLivingSpace.CLSAddon:OnWindow(Int32) UnityEngine.LayoutedWindow:DoWindow(Int32) UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate(WindowFunction, Int32, GUISkin, Int32, Single, Single, GUIStyle) (Filename: Line: -1) Thing is, I can't reproduce this consistently except to say that if I muck around long enough with the CLS GUI, I'll notice it. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Here is another one for you SN, Win7 64bit, Dx9, NVidia Gefoce GT 610, Driver version Doesn't work with directX. Works fine with OpenGL. Good call Kerbos, I forgot about that cache thing. I think you can delete said files from the HD too. So off I go to test all the newer shaders. I'm not really expecting much here though.
  15. Reveal exactly what hardware you use to develop Kerbalism? I'd Guess the Win side of things you could care less about... Yup. Don't blame that at all.