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  1. MaianTrey

    FTX-2 External Fuel Duct (stock). Flexible?

    If you're moving the engine separate from the rest of the craft, it will have to be 2 separate craft. You can build them as one and then decouple them, but for any movement to happen it has to be separate. When you separate them, any fuel lines and struts that you have connected will disconnect. Fuel lines and struts don't stay connected to separate crafts.
  2. MaianTrey

    Maian's Stock ISS Replica (Currently WIP)

    Yea I'm using it in space, but no - it's completely stock to work. It is made of 3 separate elements that use hinge assemblies to stay together. If you have it undocked (so that you can move it) you cannot timewarp until you 'stow' it again or it floats apart. I made an imgur album a little while back that shows how the different hinges go together: Each of the three parts has a RTG so it doesn't run out of power, the smallest probe core for control, and reaction wheels for movement. In the first exploded view in the album, the RCS part is attached to the shuttle itself, while the antennas around it are on the arm, so it creates a ball joint for it to move freely. The second hinge is a 2-way hinge, so it rotates around the reaction wheel part. The third hinge is another ball-joint hinge like the first one.
  3. This is a completely vanilla KSP replica of the International Space Station. All craft files, once hosted to KerbalX, will be posted here. Image albums and videos (if I record) of each mission will be posted as well. I will do my best to get through this entire build. This replica currently sits at 2,146 total parts, not including attached Soyuz, Dragon, or Shuttle crafts. I have just the ELC and ESP parts to finish building, and then everything will be ready to load up and launched. I have created a stock Shuttle, stock Proton-K, stock Soyuz, and stock Falcon 9 (with landable first stage without mods). My shuttle has a working Canadarm, as does my ISS with the Canadarm 2 (shoutout to @sgt_flyer and @selfish_meme on their shuttle/ISS build for a few ideas and tips). The robotic arm for the Japanese Exposed Facility, though, is static. Everything is designed to be launched with the real world launch vehicle. I may use Dock Rotate as the only mod to ensure that everything is straight during the build, since I'll be using the Canadarm and not RCS Tugs (besides solar arrays on the trusses). A few WIP images ISS Mission Status Table
  4. MaianTrey

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Don't have a picture on-hand, but I fine-tuned my shuttle orbiter (STS replica) and got it looking pretty spiffy. Switched to using actual OMS engines that run on Monoprop rather than using the Terrier I was using before, and fixed the OMS pods to look more to-scale. Also using the Mk3 monoprop instead of the Mk3 LFO tank makes the length of the orbiter match up. Also fixed up my egress hatch (previously was blocked based on order of attachments). All-in-all, I think it's finalized for my ISS build to start. Just need to put the payloads together again. I had the first 10 STS ISS missions set-up, but with the orbiter re-design, I'll need to set them up again.
  5. MaianTrey

    Post your LANDERS here!

    Only lander I've created so far worth sharing is my lunar lander replica in stock ksp. Full mission album with more shots of the lander.
  6. MaianTrey

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    And I thought my nearly 800 part replica was heavy...
  7. Is it just me, or can anyone not use fuel lines? When I place the first end of it, it's fine. When I place the second end of it, it double clicks and basically makes me pick the part back up. It only does it on fuel lines, not any other part. And it has been (so far) 100% of the time in the VAB. This is on a fresh, no mods install of 1.4.4.
  8. They are still there so that old crafts made with these parts aren't broken. They're not intended to still be used in new craft going forward, and Squad said they were considering removing them from the game at a later date (might not though for people with long-standing saves). The reason they are separate is because of mesh changes; they didn't want to break crafts by changing meshes and attachment nodes to parts that are currently in use, so this was their compromise.
  9. If you mean where are the craft files on your hard drive, go to your KSP folder > Saves > (Save game folder) > Ships
  10. MaianTrey

    How do I build a Space shuttle

    If you just post the image link, after a second, the forum turns it into an image, like this: Then you can highlight your images and put them into a spoiler box (which is what I did) if you have more than a few.
  11. MaianTrey

    How do I build a Space shuttle

    Come on guys, if someone wants to build a shuttle, let's help him build a shuttle! What others have said is correct, though. Shuttles are tough to build well, and often less efficient than easier means of getting things to orbit. The best thing to do, which is how I built my shuttle that gets to orbit very easily, is to angle the 3 engines on the shuttle to move through the center of mass with only the external tank attached. With the booster(s), I found using 4 kickback solid thrusters on each side had enough thrust to offset the added weight. I've posted a couple of screenshot examples below. That purple line at the bottom is the 'Center of Thrust'. As long as that points through your 'Center of Mass', it will fly without flipping (for example, I have to hold a 15° angle above prograde to actually be vectoring through prograde). I don't have it shown with screenshots, but the little sidepod engines (Orbital Maneuvering System - OMS) angle through the shuttle's Center of Mass without the External Tank and Boosters. You may have to adjust how high or low the external tank and/or boosters sit to get the thrust correct. If possible, I'd recommend a mod used in the editor, called RCS Build Aid. It adds extra markers along with the Center of Thrust, Mass, and Lift markers already there so you can see rotation that your engines will cause. It also allows you to see both CoM with full tanks and with dry tanks, and tells you where the average is so you can base it on that. RCS Build Aid
  12. Switch to 'Absolute' mode when rotating (as opposed to 'Local'), and if you have angled-snap turned on, it should snap it to 15° increments. I haven't been in the Stock VAB in a while (I use Editor Extensions Redux), so it may be the mod that snaps it that way if this doesn't work for you.
  13. MaianTrey

    Apollo 11 Lander Replica

    You can either upload your craft file to a dropbox or google drive account, OR you can upload it to and add pictures and your description for all to see.
  14. Alright, gents! (and ladies!) I've finished my replica of the Apollo 11 mission and published it to KerbalX for release! It is a fully stock, fully vanilla-KSP replica of the Apollo 11, and I've taken heavy inspiration from the legendary Munbug series. I've included as many features of the Saturn V and Apollo 11 launch as I feel I reasonably can. The craft already sits on the pad at a sturdy 788 parts, standing 49.7m tall and weighing over 850 tons. I have a full mission album of its use at the link below, and some nifty facts and spiffy slides at the KerbalX page. MISSION SCREENSHOT ALBUM KERBALX CRAFT PAGE Features Fixed center engines on the S-IC and S-II Stages Retrorockets on the engine shrouds of the S-IC stage 8 ullage motors and 4 retrorockets on S-II 2 ullage motors and 2 APS motors on S-IVB Physical interstage fairing between S-IC and S-II Deployable Launch Escape System that is staged during the course of a nominal launch (with the correct motors - not the LES itself) Boost protective cover over the Command Module that is staged off with the LES Nose fairing on the C/SM to protect the parachutes Umbilical connection from Service Module to Command Module Munar Module with basically all of the antennas as on the real thing Descent Stage with 4 storage quadrants that mimic the real thing Plume shields under the RCS thrusters of the ascent stage Flight Instructions Before launch, set control to precision mode (Caps Lock), and point straight up until 100m/s (2,000m). Turn off SAS and maintain small movements to begin pointing East. You want to be at 45° right around the end of the first stage (S-IC). Once you climb above 40,000m, you can be more aggressive with the turn. Ideally, the second stage (S-II) will be depleted while you’re still sub-orbital. Stage 3 (S-IVB) can circularize an orbit around Kerbin, and perform the Transmunar Injection burn (TMI). Apollo 11 and 12 put the S-IVB in a Solar orbit after the CSM and lander were decoupled, while Apollo 13-17 were steered into a collision course with the Moon. The CSM can circularize an orbit around the Mun at any altitude you want. The Lander can make it safely to the surface and back to the CSM in orbit, tested so far up to 60,000m above the munar surface. When transferring Kerbals to the lander, there is a Mk1 Lander Can and a Mk1 Command Pod as the two seats the Command Pod is sticking up through the top on the back part of the Lander for you to click on. At certain angles you can click on that hatch to transfer back to the CSM (or use the portraits if you can’t get it).
  15. MaianTrey

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    DasValdez (KSP Streamer on Twitch) had that issue (explosion on load-in) with a massive SSTO he built crashing on load in. He got around it by activating the debug menu (Alt+F12) in the SPH and checking 'visualize autostruts'. Then after his SSTO had safely loaded in, he unchecked it and flew the rest of the mission normally without issue. That or using Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (which has a side-effect of easing the physics load-in slower than normal KSP) would probably help.