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  1. It's the lifting body components (Mk2 and Mk3 body parts) that have their lifting vector messed up. Wings work fine. If you have an SSTO that has the bare mininum on wings because it has enough lifting body parts to compensate, you'll have issues in 1.5.0. If you just use a ton of wings instead, then you'll have a little less effectiveness (due to any body parts) but it will still fly.
  2. I have this issue when using about 3 or more fairings on the same vessel in the VAB (my shuttle craft, for instance). My super easy, no fuss work-around is to hold ALT when clicking the second part of the strut/fuel line. What happens (for reasons I don't know) is that the second part is automatically double-clicked, so it places the fuel duct/strut and immediately picks it up. Holding ALT instead places, and then COPIES it, so the original stays. Then you just hit Delete or click in the catalog area to get rid of the extra part.
  3. I've added 3 new videos to the OP: STS-98 - installation of the Destiny Lab module Progress M-44 - Resupply mission with Progress spacecraft STS-102 - installation of ESP-1, resupply with Leonardo, and crew rotation All craft files showcased are uploaded and can be found in the KerbalX hangar (link in signature and in spoiler of OP).
  4. MaianTrey

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    So, it looks like the 1.25m part revamp is coming with 4 schemes (2 of which match existing schemes). Will the 2 new schemes (Dark and White) be available for the 1.875m and/or 2.5m parts?
  5. MaianTrey

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    I believe that last stack is just all the variants of the paint schemes stacked on another. FL-T800+400+200+100.
  6. I've only tried to use it twice (haven't played much KSP the last few days). The first time, it wouldn't connect - the map view stayed blank. The second time, I made sure both were up before loading my save, and it worked just fine. I assumed that was the issue, but if you're saying it's not, then I may have been unlucky. The port in the settings was listed as 'localhost' and I changed it to between my two attempts. That may have also been unnecessary, but at the time I figured I'd try it just in case.
  7. I had the same issue on Windows with the strip-down. I ended up putting it all back until I have more time to mess with it. Make sure you don't load your save in the main instance before you start the secondary instance. Start both games, leave the main one at the main menu. AFTER the map view loads on the second one, load your save.
  8. Thanks a ton for this mod! I'm making videos for my ISS construction and it's been a little annoying having to go Map View so much since it kinda takes away from the video if you're staring at the map the whole time. Problem solved with the mod! I'm running on Windows 10 and it's working wonderfully. 2 things (for me): I couldn't figure out how to remove all parts except the Mk1-3 Pod and still have it load, so I'm leaving all parts there for now. No big deal. And for anyone wondering how to get both instances at the same time without running in windowed mode: You need to make two changes for both your main instance (samv-serv) and your secondary instance (samv-client). If running through steam, set KSP's launch options to -popupwindow. If running outside of steam, you have to create a shortcut of the .exe (I suggest the KSP_x64.exe). Then right-click that, go to Properties, and in the field that says 'Target', add a space outside of the quotations, and add -popupwindow. In the settings menu, uncheck 'Fullscreen' in the graphics settings. If changing it in the settings.cfg, change the line FULLSCREEN = True to FULLSCREEN = False, and save.
  9. Two more videos added: TM-31 (First ISS Long-duration crew) and STS-97 (P6 Truss and Solar Array).
  10. MaianTrey

    Threads of the Month: September!

    Oh dang, I'm in here? Thank you very much for the mention! I've had a busy week, but the ISS is still progressing, so more videos to come soon.
  11. The shuttle itself is pretty straightforward with 3 or 4 hidden exceptions. The shuttle is built for looks first, and function second. As a result, it doesn't glide as efficiently as a previous design, but it still works as well as it should otherwise. 1. The OMS Pods and all the RCS thrusters and shape in the back are all anchored on a short I-Beam, so that I can move it at once (which was helpful when I was tweaking the positioning). The OMS Pod is made of the in-line Mk1 Docking Ports, and the Advanced Grabbing Unit because of the rounded shape that I felt was most similar to the front of the OMS pods on the real shuttle. I tried using nose cones and things and couldn't get it looking good enough. There are a few radiator panels there just to even out the shape. The OMS pods are built off of one piece that connects to the I-Beam, so you can adjust the pod itself without it falling apart. 2. The RCS Thrusters are all the LF/O types. The only LF/O on the craft is anchored on a 2.5m Decoupler that is clipped into the back Monoprop fuel tank. I have crossfeed disabled, but the toggle for crossfeed tied to the RCS action group. This opens the fuel only when RCS is active (and keeps you from accidentally draining it if you go too long on the external tank in the beginning). I used monoprop as the main fuel source because the Shuttle OMS engines in-game are the O-10 Puff engines. The RCS on the nose are all oriented and positioned as they are on the real shuttle, and clipped into the nose in order to keep the nice shape of the nose (RCS clipped inside the craft it's anchored to still works just fine). As such, it's not quite centered, but the reaction wheels in the craft are enough to make for it mostly - translating left/right introduces a bit of a roll if you don't have SAS or hold the key down, but tapping it works well enough. 3. The tail fin of the shuttle is two tails clipped nearly on top of each other, so that you get the double-sided air brake that the shuttle has. 4. For the launch stack, I use 7 SRBs on each side, and add extra pieces to get the length better proportioned (existing Kickbacks are too short and small - real Shuttle SRBs are closer in proportion to the 2.5m size in-game). Now, in real life, there was a thrust profile applied to the SRBs that gradually lowered the thrust as the fuel was drained to keep a certain TWR. That doesn't exist in-game, so I took the 7 SRBs (6 around 1 center one) and adjusted fuel and thrust on each one so that they burn out one at a time. At 1:17 of the launch, the 6 outer SRBs are done, leaving just the center that has another 8 seconds of fuel to disconnect the SRBs to mimic the still slightly burning SRBs on the real shuttle at SRB Separation. This also keeps them flying with the orbiter enough for the ejection motors to push them away. The orbiter also has two of the Fuel Cell Arrays clipped into the bottom of the cockpit, so if you remove the Canadarm (which has RTGs), it has a battery source. Fuel for them may be an issue depending on length of stay, though - it currently only has LFO onboard for the RCS.
  12. I've uploaded Zarya, Zvezda, and STS-92 to KerbalX. I've also added the first four mission videos (STS-88 and 92 show the Canadarm in action).
  13. I've uploaded STS-88 to KerbalX. Zarya, Zvezda, STS-92, 97, and 98 to follow the rest of this week.
  14. MaianTrey

    FTX-2 External Fuel Duct (stock). Flexible?

    If you're moving the engine separate from the rest of the craft, it will have to be 2 separate craft. You can build them as one and then decouple them, but for any movement to happen it has to be separate. When you separate them, any fuel lines and struts that you have connected will disconnect. Fuel lines and struts don't stay connected to separate crafts.
  15. Yea I'm using it in space, but no - it's completely stock to work. It is made of 3 separate elements that use hinge assemblies to stay together. If you have it undocked (so that you can move it) you cannot timewarp until you 'stow' it again or it floats apart. I made an imgur album a little while back that shows how the different hinges go together: Each of the three parts has a RTG so it doesn't run out of power, the smallest probe core for control, and reaction wheels for movement. In the first exploded view in the album, the RCS part is attached to the shuttle itself, while the antennas around it are on the arm, so it creates a ball joint for it to move freely. The second hinge is a 2-way hinge, so it rotates around the reaction wheel part. The third hinge is another ball-joint hinge like the first one.