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  1. Inigma really wants to win this.... and my plane can barely win vs the vulcaraptors. Maybe time to scrap this design and start over.
  2. In testing my new plane can win vs the vulcaraptor 2/3 times in a 1v1 but dang..... that thing (vulcaraptor) can TURN! Moving on to 3v3 testing now.
  3. Probably a dumb question, but where do I download the big engines and stuff not included in the regular folder?
  4. EXCELLENT! *spams download in hopes of getting craft faster*
  5. I feel like a dork. Just figured out how to have more than 1 missile on a rail. Is 2 aims and 1 amraam on a single rail okay?
  6. So I have a new fighter in development......wow, that BD part restriction is getting to be a real pain. A learning curve for sure! Having to figure out if I want more missiles or more countermeasures......it's a pain.
  7. He's got some clipped together as a cluster, completely ripped mine apart. I did have time to shoot a missile off, though.
  8. Maybe a limit on lasers? That's the only thing I see missing here. Lasers seem OP to me, but maybe that was just plane design.