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  1. Hi! On the manual side, the directory should be wherever your CKAN.exe file is, which is not necessarily the same folder as your steam or KSP (application support). How the isn't able to find CKAN.exe im not sure. Can you check that you have the most up to date CKAN and mono?
  2. Yeah it doesn't really seem odd, in fact I barely notice it before you mentioned
  3. The mod seems to have disappeared from CKAN?
  4. In the game data folder, it should have a file called environmentalvisualenhancement and one called boulderco
  5. Feel free to go to this thread to look for support there. edit: there
  6. Very interesting, wondering if there's Dmagic Orbital science and SCANsat support?
  7. You should read the 'how to get support' thread again
  8. It will be broken if you use stockalike config and RFstockalike config together Edit: did he just delete his post or sth? Edit2: nvm
  9. Just did some more patching with kerbalism and I feel that the two mods suits very well together. I really suggest you trying the mod out, different from many other life support mods it takes comfort of kerbal such as artificial gravity and exercise into account so the StationCore you made which includes centrifuge modules and entertainment modules really makes a difference here. It also has background simulation, models a simple space weather and takes radiation belt/ magnetic field into account and many more. I think SSTU and kerbalism will be a perfect combo (if I can get the patch done someday)
  10. 1. It's compatible with kerbalism. 2. Dunno what that is @Paul Kingtiger I've been using your newly updated 64k together with universal storage and dmagic, There are some issues since universal storage goo observation and orbital telescope observation keeps prompting that experiments a re not safe to be carried out although I'm already in space. Could you have a look and see if this happens to you too? If you need more info please ask! Thanks a lot for your work!
  11. Hi! @Shadowmage In the process of making patches for the class-E shuttle I realised that there aren't any decouplers especially made for the shuttle? I'm not sure if the booster decoupler was supposed to be used for the external tank, if so, I think it would be better if crossfeed can be allowed on it since a fuel duct would be needed otherwise. best regards
  12. I can only speak for the bumper function, for me it's quite useful since you can fine tune the roll orientation of your craft in regards to the station, and then retract the bumper.
  13. It really is a very interesting mod for game mechanics, in regards to the mass of supplies I'll tag @ShotgunNinja here and see what he says. I would strongly recommend you to try it, best with a new install and only install the mods that it currently supports as it changes very core modules such as electric charge, ModuleScience and ModuelDataTransmitter.
  14. @Shadowmage Hi! Just to let you know I've started working on a patch for Kerbalism, the github tracker is here. I'm quite new to cfg editing so please feel free to criticize!