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  1. Haven't been active on the discord or forums for a long time and just getting back into KSP. Seeing this made my eyes water a little bit. For a while i thought the project was dead, this just made my day! So proud of you guys!
  2. You're saying what you THINK, not what's TRUE. The EU Data Protection Reform Art. 4 (1) dictates that people have the right to have their information, INCLUDING my email address erased if I wanted to, unless you are legally required to store them. Which people currently cannot do. If TakeTwo expect to bind players and forum users with their EULA and forum rules maybe you're expected to comply with the law?
  3. Hmm, say if i request my account to be deleted, would you fulfil that? Or can I sue TakeTwo and use the money to pay for my college fee? I think 20mil is probably enough. BTW EU here
  4. Yes, after some intense uni stuff I'm back to KSP! Edit: By the way, I tried the patch Gordon mentioned and it seems to work reasonably well so far with the current version of PF and BDB!
  5. Was just wondering if there's any patches out there that converts the BDB fairing bases to use procedural fairings? Sorry if this has already been asked!
  6. Just to let you know, I think in CKAN the new version of Mechjeb is shown to also be compatible with KSP 1.3, which it seems to not be the case.
  7. Hi! great patch! Just wondering if this will also work with a scaled system? Or does it check if RSS is installed?
  8. Yes but I don't think the max particle count in the control affect launch trench plume since even if i turn it down to zero the plume still exists.
  9. Hi! A quick question. I’m playing KSP on a low end Mac and the plume from the trench on the launchpad is really causing some lag. How can I adjust the amount of particle from there?
  10. Hi! On the manual side, the directory should be wherever your CKAN.exe file is, which is not necessarily the same folder as your steam or KSP (application support). How the CKAN.app isn't able to find CKAN.exe im not sure. Can you check that you have the most up to date CKAN and mono?
  11. Yeah it doesn't really seem odd, in fact I barely notice it before you mentioned
  12. In the game data folder, it should have a file called environmentalvisualenhancement and one called boulderco
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