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  1. Nice work! I'm definitely going to use the knowledge used here to make my own, harder version of the "Gilly and back with 3 parts" challenge.
  2. Oh dang, I was dead for a bit(school work got to me), I did not notice this got so popular. Thank you very much. Took a while to make it so I'm glad people like it. I tried that, it seems to ignore that logic too, although given the circumstances I may have just incorrectly done it. It confounds me why it does that. Yeah, I might set that up or participate in one when the FAM(free addon market) catches up eventually , but in the meantime, schoolwork is a major focus since school's wrapping up. This fills my heart up with pride. Thank you for putting me there,
  3. Usually based on a generation of technology or what they use for most of their thrust, followed by a shortened version of the body they're visiting, and sometimes I even throw that out just for something like "Translunar." For example on my first set, "SRB 13 KN-M", which would be Solid Rocket Boosters (rocket) 13, KerbiN (moon) Mun.
  4. I thought it was an interesting video, but too bad there was no game audio and what audio was there was really quiet. Also, hey that's my post! Feels weird... Anyways, I've been working on a massive scenario and have been rigorously testing things for it. Edit:Pic related to the scenario I'm referring to. It's an easteregg so don't click the spoiler if you don't want to get spoiled on an easteregg of the scenario.
  5. Speaking as a poor guy, I don't actually own Making History(I even made a bit of a comment about this(although it appears I was a dirty liar way back then and am still a very rambly person today) way back during the announcements when I asked about early access Steam users getting the expansion pack), which means that no, it's not even remotely a part of that since you can do this entirely within the base game with some manual save file fiddling. On the note of someone not making a scenario for KSP up until now, it's not exactly the same thing but I believe Kethane used to have a tutorial, or
  6. I just noticed the entire premise is screwed because I can't seem to disable SAS for all probes... with scenarios. Squad, why do you do this to me? I guess pretend the SAS isn't there? I'll have to think of a new way to make this scenario more challenging later. How this got past me is beyond me...
  7. I actually have no clue where this goes, so please move it if it's in the wrong spot. What a wonderful day it is, on the really old outdated and frankly nostalgic at this point launchpad, where a mission is about to take a place. A mission that will Make History and... Actually I'm pretty sure noone's going to jump at this. You can see the moon-Alright you know what, that's enough of that. If you wanna skip everything and just download the file, click here. This post is an absolute mess and I do not blame you for just wanting to skip most of it. If you want to read my ramblings, plea
  8. Yeah, it's completely unrelated. I don't play KSP in fullscreen(a habit picked up thanks to games like ROBLOX and GMod where if your computer is not good enough and the program freezes, you're SoL), so that bug wouldn't have been it. Although it is a very similar result. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I had no plans to share my account, but thank you! This is the exact guide I needed for him!
  10. Thanks, sorry about that. It's not working. I can install Codename Gordon just fine but I cannot install the KSP demo for some reason.
  11. I wanted to get my friend into KSP, and so I thought I'd direct him to download the demo, only to find that the demo is mysteriously missing from my searches. I know it exists, I just don't know where to get it, so where can I get it?
  12. Reminds me of the time you could see the Millennium Falcon outside of the cockpit of said ship. Sorry for the poor image stole it off of a Youtube video
  13. Yeah, I thought something similar had happened, although I originally thought it was from Danny2462(which explains why I couldn't find the example I was looking for.) Thanks for bringing up that video, I'm now going to edit my original post so I can more accurately describe the orbits.
  14. I actually looked there first in order to figure out if it had been discovered already, which was why I posted it here hoping to get someone else who might've known what had happened with my description(it's also how I determined the glitch to be a kraken), but thank you for the effort anyways.
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