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  1. A list of mods might help. I'm having the same problem too so having something to cross check would be nice.
  2. Pretty useful stuff, though I already knew the GEP part. Sincerely, thanks for the rest of the information. While I appreciate the suggestion, this thread was specifically for mods that completely change or outright remove the Kerbolar system in favor of another, since those are on average rarer than a planet addition or modification mod. The other two will get on the list though, when I get around to updating the thread.
  3. FUDGE YEAH! That's the one! "And a moon with an incredibly thin atmosphere" is Lua! Thank you so much!
  4. Good to know. Interesting knowledge, and I'll take GEP into consideration. GEP seems familiar, I wonder if it's the pack I used in the past.
  5. Oh, I actually found an image of the planet pack I'm referring to! Unfortunately I don't have a name or anything, it's only a picture of me doing career mode and checking out the planet from the SC overview. I've added it to the original post.
  6. IIRC the moon wasn't brown, but all l'm certain about is that it had an atmosphere that cut off at around 2-5km from sea level. It was a really thin atmosphere. The planet, on the other hand, was mostly brown. Interesting. I prefer 1x planets, so I'll likely take GPP, but JNSQ is interesting too even if it isn't quite a traditional kerbolar replacement.
  7. Oh for the love of... I'm so sorry! I thought I scrolled all of the way down! I must've not done that. Thank you so much for moving it for me.
  8. I don't think this is the right section but I couldn't find a more appropriate section. Sorry moderators. Anyhow, pretty simple, all I'm looking for are planet mod packs that completely replace the Kerbolar system. It could be for any version. Current list of conversion mods in this thread: JNSQ (1.12.1, 2.5x and 1x, augment of Kerbolar system) KRSS (1.12.1?, 2.5x, total replacement) Galileo's Planet Pack (1.12.1, 2.5x and 1x, total replacement) Grannus Expansion Pack (1.12.2, 10x? 2.5x? and 1x?, total replacement or augment of Galileo's Planet Pack) Beyond Home (1.10.x, 1x, total replacement) Whirligig World(1.12.x, ?x, total replacement) I'm not entirely sure about Beyond Home's scale. I'm not sure if the rescaler means that GEP is by default 1x, or if it's rescaling 2.5x by 2.5(meaning it's actually 6.25x.) I'm not sure scale can even be applied to Whirligig World. The entire point of that planetpack is that it's INSANELY different to anything. JNSQ is a lot like Snarkiverse, however the main reason why JNSQ is here and Snarkiverse isn't is because JNSQ redoes all of the planets on top of reshuffling the planet order, while Snarkiverse only reshuffles the planet order. There is one in particular I have in mind, it was an obscure one that had a brown planet you started on, and a moon with an incredibly thin atmosphere, but I couldn't find it. If anyone knows which one that is, that one's on the top of my list to see again. All other suggestions are welcome. Below is a picture of the starting planet. UPDATE:It is Beyond Home! Thank you so much jimmymcgoochie!
  9. [snip] That's the beauty of classical online games, if you don't like that person, just go find a different person to play with. [snip]
  10. The achievement name really should be "No Time for Caution", given what that is even referencing. Also, "Interstellar music" is 100% grammatically correct, although it's clunky.
  11. It's literally 8:22 here in Washington. Give them a break, their shifts probably haven't even started yet.
  12. Only in the modern era. They're a relic of when distinctly different architectures actually existed(Z80 vs 6502 vs 2A03 which was a variant of the 6502 but hush, or SH2 vs RISC-V vs MIPS, or the Wii technically PowerPC VS PowerPC vs Cell, and this isn't even going into the WILD history of graphical architectures that every console had.) And even then, there's the problem of the frameworks these companies hand out being distinctly different.
  13. So many people were talking about not understanding the reason for this being a platform exclusive. Although I don't support it, I will justify it. Media Molecule is only allowed to produce games for the Sony Playstation, and Sony has been keen on keeping LBP on their platform, even if it's only a shell of its former self. They would never tolerate putting ANYTHING related to LBP on any other platform other than their own. We already saw how much they disliked cross platform multiplayer on their own system(Fortnite, Minecraft,) to put the PS3's mascot onto anything else would be effectively sacrilege to them.
  14. Not to be rude, but pretty sure it's intentional. I don't think your ship's OCD will like being painted unequal shades of hot pink and red.
  15. So, assuming things continue to go like this, we're looking at anywhere between April 1st to December 31st. I'm hoping it's some time in April, but there's been no announcement yet, so it's likely going to be closer to November, from my personal experience.
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