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  1. Yes, you should. Using "nobody pays me for this" is a jar filled crutch in this argument. If you are going to criticize them like this, then you should be ready to offer an analysis OR solutions to these problems too, and if you can't, then keep your fingers away from your keyboard and let someone else do it. Just saying you don't like "X" means literally nothing if you aren't willing to try to identify the exact problem, or to offer potential solutions to resolve the problem. All you've done is waste everyone's time.
  2. Early Access is an open beta that you can opt in for a price, but it also gives you the game on release. Early Access games are also typically cheaper than their actual release counterparts. The downside is that it is an open beta of a game which may change in a way that won't make you happy at the released product. Kerbal Space Program 2 should be mostly exempt from this potential caveat, as everything is basically getting fine tuned rather than making huge changes during development.
  3. Hey, do we have a list of things that has been added to the scope since the original announcement of "interstellar, colonies, and multiplayer?"
  4. Looks like an SAS module or maybe a lens cap. It'd be awesome to have space telescopes, perhaps as the way to discover the neighboring solar systems? Or, maybe you already know of the neighboring solar systems, but you use the telescope to get more information if you'd rather know what planets are there and their orbits before arriving. Hmm... suggestions material.
  5. Goddard also fell for the pendulum theory so there may be gaps yet to be solved before any such mission can be undertaken. This all makes me wonder if a turboprop or a jet engine could properly function on Mars, presuming that you're able to feed it oxygen somehow, either by stripping the carbon from the air or just coming with your own tank of oxidizer.
  6. Yes, there's a whole thing of letting the player explore these new features as they come out, rather than just dumping them onto the player. Go ask the Minecraft playerbase, a sizable part of it will complain about snapshots ruining the intrigue and mystique of the new features coming out, leading to a lesser experience. Do you have a way to show sub-millimeter precision travel throughout the interstellar travel? Do you have a way of showing off the colony system without completely spoiling it?
  7. Someone's gotta take the bullet and review it for you.
  8. You seem to be avoiding the fact that they showed some big things in the past, such as all of the engineering of the game itself, or the various overhauls. What? It was talked about even as early as the first expo it showed up, and then, barring multiplayer, we've been seeing all sorts of things from the game since then showing that these features DO exist. If this is bait, this is some high quality bait.
  9. Welcome to the forums man! Anyways, thanks for the confirmation. Puts me more at ease knowing this.
  10. Seems like we're second banana to the Discord, at least for now. That's fun. Oh well, as long as the forum remains with some daily activity I don't mind it too much. It's when the forums outright collapse that I become embittered over Discord.
  11. Everything, eh? Well, you guys can have fun having a whinge about no anti-aliasing, this is my game!
  12. Yeah, probably. A show and tell all about them? We already discussed that possibility, it's unlikely given how close the last one is. Plus, it seems like they wrapped up the feature video series(in my opinion.)
  13. I think he was suggesting that they SHOULD break off thanks to aerodynamic stresses, not that they do.
  14. Looks like a feedback channel among some other content that wasn't supposed to be public showed up and then was quickly corrected. I think Stephensan is complaining about their apparent inability to properly set up the Discord server.
  15. To be fair I did write the original forum post and its "heads up" edit in under 4 minutes as class was about to begin.
  16. Monitors like that make me appreciate the fixed 3.2:1 and 4:3 resolutions of a CGA card. Anyways, likelihood is that we will probably get resolution support, but there's a chance it won't be particularly good. There's only so much our eyes can perceive in the corners, so at a certain point the UI elements will have to be locked in place, which could get messy code wise, or they just won't code for that at all. Mods will hopefully fill that support gap if it doesn't support it on launch.
  17. What is left to cover? They've covered practically everything they could without spoiling things. Even if you could come up with something(something on colonies, for example,) it seems like they've done their best to wrap things up. Again, there's no mystery, that's been finished, and they haven't started a new mystery either for the videos(just the arch in game.) They've also set up the first announcement of a behind the scenes documentary, which isn't something I'd expect something expecting a sequel to end with(I would've expected setup for another episode, like the previous ones.) To top it all off, we have EA approaching, which will cover most, if not nearly ALL of what they could cover in a feature video. At this point, doing feature videos about something that we'll have our hands on in T-4 weeks seems redundant, and doing feature videos on things that won't be there on launch will risk destroying a strong sense of exploration of new features. Now there is still a chance that we'll still get them, as they may use them as a way to do marketing for 1.0 release, but I just find it generally slim odds they will for the reasons above. I hope I'm wrong about that being the last one, these videos have been a blast to watch and I'd honestly like more myself.
  18. Just throwing my two cents in before my class starts, but I'm pretty sure the feature episodes are done with as of recording rockets. They ended the "something more" mystery with that video, AND they set up the making KSP2's soundtrack documentary at the end of that episode.
  19. Apparently you do because I did NOT get that context of "movement of the part in the micro" and neither did the guy you were arguing with until the third post. The only reference we had was that traveling was being done with sub-millimeter precision. Nothing about why sub-millimeter shouldn't be applied to crafts. Actually I probably should be reversing my use of micro and macro, shouldn't I? Well, too late to fix that right this second.
  20. This is placement and object size. This is also the first time movement is mentioned on the macro scale, and it's pretty vague. I'm extrapolating that part. This is also object size. This is the literal first time you even remotely mention movement in your entire argument that doesn't pertain to space precision. Look, I agree with you, sub-mm precision for building crafts is pretty absurd, but you need to take a moment away from the computer to really rethink your argument here so that you don't trap yourself like that.
  21. It's literally the perception of sub-millimeter. What you've just done is move the goalpost by saying "well you can't tell if something's moved under a millimeter," because the original goal was "you can't see sub-millimeter sized objects."
  22. Things are heating up in the "little green men go to space in lego rockets" fandom...
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