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  1. Same here. It's giving the null ref: "Exception: MissingFieldException: Field '-MapView.MapIsEnabled' not found," while on the runway. Ver. 1564. Apparently, this is a stock issue. Sorry.
  2. I love using this in 1.1.3. It doesn't show color in 1.2, but they work as white lights still. Thanks.
  3. When assigning Action Groups, it would be very useful if we could use a Delay within the group so we could program a series of events just with 1 button press. We could get some really neat and creative things going on with just adding this one thing. I'm sure there are countless things we can come up with, but the great thing about it is it would add so much play value to the game, for such an easy thing to insert. You'd probably want to be able to assign a value to the Delay, and all the actions would need to flow top down for it to work. Just an idea.
  4. Thanks for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to trying it.
  5. The part Probodobodyne RoveMate has circular mounting points, while the model is square. This makes it difficult to mount wheels, or other parts, as the more you stray from the center, the more of an angle the part is placed at. Sorry if I don't use the right terminology. I am not a programmer/modeler/developer. I just play the game. However, the picture illustrates the bug fairly well. Edit: I noticed that if Snap is off, it mounts properly. This seems to be an issue only with Toggle Snap set to On. KSP v. 1.1.2 Steam PC. Win 8.1.
  6. When I get a predicted SOI change and I can no longer place a maneuver node, which makes any mid-course corrections impossible. I'm still not sure why it happens, but it just makes me want to turn the game off after all the work I did to get a good trajectory.
  7. This mod adds a black outline to text on maneuvers. This should make text much more readable when it overlaps bright spots like the sun, and it should especially help when using mods that add clouds to Kerbin like EVE, SVE and lighting mods like Scatterer, or if you just have bad eyes, like me. It works fine in 1.1.3 Code was supplied by xEvilReeperx on the KSP forum upon request, edits, compilation and uploading was done by me. Read nodes easily while using EVE, SVE and/or Scatterer (or when KSP implements clouds): Objects are easy to read, even at bad angles while using Scatterer: It even works in the tracking station: Download at CurseForge Download at SpaceDock Dlownload and check out the coding at GitHub
  8. I submitted it as a suggestion for the stock game. However, the thread was deleted. I guess a mod is the only way. I managed to make a build that works and looks great. I'll upload it soon. I wanted to thank you all for the help. I'm not much of a programmer, but with all your help, I managed to make this work. Especially xEvilReeperx, you're code worked perfectly. Thanks.
  9. It would be really cool to be able to sort our contracts by expiration date. That way, I don't have to check every contract before a long flight. I could just look at the closest one. Right now, the list seems completely random, and far off contracts muddle up the list for more immediate things.
  10. I'm thinking about it. I'm concerned it's only needed because of mods. Although, stock game would look better with it.
  11. I've found reading nodes incredibly hard, if not impossible when using Scatterer, or other visual enhancement mods like EVE or SVE. It would help very much to have a font outline in game to add contrast between the font color and a planet's surface. Here is an image of Kerbin using Scatterer and SVE. The font is virtually unreadable. I simply can't use Scatterer anymore because of this issue. And a mock-up of what it would look like if an outline was applied to the font: I looked into this for several weeks, but I am no programmer, so I can't execute this myself. Heck, I don't even know if it's possible in the Unity 5 engine. I just thought I would post a request here as a last ditch effort to work towards getting something that I think everyone would use, though no one has realized the need yet. Thanks for reading.