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  1. @sal_vager Thx for the help XD
  2. x64 log
  3. Hi @sal_vager, I took all the mods, reset all settings and the bug still persist as you can see. (I use the mk1 cockpit because the camera is the worst in him) I was kind of expecting this cause i already re-installed the game and the bug hasn't go away ;-;
  4. I have a Problem with my IVA Camera, as you can see the normal camera in IVA must look like this: But mine camera is looking like this : I Already tried everything, adjust the FOG, reistall the game, in the screen shots i used mods but this bug still occur in KSP Stock, my current version is 1.2.2 and this bug appeared only after 1.1 Help-me guys it may seem not a big problem but i play a lot in IVA and this occur in every cockpit, the camera looks like is stupid high in some and this is freaking me out i can't even see the flight instruments in some. Sorry for my poor English :v
  5. One of the best KSP mods, Glad that you still updating