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  1. Windows XP service pack 3 That being said I do run it on a modern pc with an i7 cpu (3.38GHz), 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB ssd.
  2. I saw this Markiplier video on kerbal space program, liked it, did some research (I typed in the youtube search bar "kerbal space program") and came across a video by the one and only Scott Manley called "Your Physics Have No Power Over Me!", I was hooked. The next day I thought I'd try the demo and the rest is history.
  3. I can't say how many times this has happened to me, especially when trying to complete a land speed record.
  4. Something tells me that Danny2462 will be using this idea soon......
  5. No longer will I have to spend hours on end lining up struts perfectly (I have OCD so this is an actual issue). Thank you Squad, my OCD is pleased.
  6. While I probably won't be doing this challenge any time soon, I guess I can give some advice...
  7. Never used mechjeb, or kerbal engineer, I prefer to eyeball it.
  8. I'd like to see a multiplayer where the point is a space race. One person could be the KSSR (Kerbin Soviet Socialist Republic), the other could be the USK (United States of Kerbin). The point would be to acquire the most colonies and land by planting flags and starting new colonies, as well as collecting resources to make money. Each side would also have different yet equal abilities/traits. It would kinda be like a multiplayer story mode.
  9. I think that kerbals are very similar to people except they have a very thick and flexible exoskeleton and are also photosynthetic, but can still eat normal stuff, just less than humans. This explains how they can survive falls from orbit and be fine as well as being able to survive for a long time in space. All in all I think they can be classified as extremeophiles.
  10. You know you play too much ksp when you half to buy RAM expansion units because ksp now take up 10GB of RAM. also, because I'm that guy, FIRST!!! (comment that is)
  11. "90% of the time is spent in lag while running on windows xp, the other half is spent goofing off" *did I get away with the old meme reference?*
  12. *sending idea to Danny for all the $$$*
  13. If you want to convert that tape to digital form, use windows audio recorder, an aux cable, and the mic input. Then just move the .mp3 to a cd. Also I still have the same album on cassette and it works great on my Sony Walkman.
  14. How the !@#$%^&*()))))))))_+-={[}]\|":?><,./;' is this possible?